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Monday, November 28, 2005

My Adsense Click Revenue Shot Up 12 Times When I Used Free legal Bulk Email Marketing

I stumbled on this Adsense money-making tip almost by accident from a great affiliate program I joined that has the best online marketing training program I have ever come across.

One of the key aspects of the very effective online marketing program they were talking about at this affiliate program, was the use of safe lists to email ad messages out. Well, I decided I could do better and join safelists that allowed the posting of articles (and not just email ads). These are basically online ezines that publish content and distribute it to the list. By simply joining a few safe lists with a couple thousand of members, your promotional Adsense article will be reaching millions of email boxes, every time you send it out.

There is nothing online that is as effective as email. Even SPAM that gets through works. Why else would those SPAM pests keep on making everybody’s life so miserable at the risk of getting arrested? The big advantage here is that this bulk email marketing strategy of joining article announcement lists is perfectly legal and you will not be upsetting anybody. In fact in many cases some of the folk will be eagerly accessing and reading your articles.

There are of course other factors that come into play like the kind of headlines to use and the importance of ensuring that you target the right article announcement groups (more on that later). Still all the skills required can be learned. I learnt them myself by trial and error and constant testing.

Two days after spending a couple of hours setting up my safe list bulk email marketing program, I opened my Adsense account one morning and almost fell off the chair in excitement. My earnings had shot up almost 9 times above my previous average. But there was something else even more interesting, I was getting more clicks on my Adsense ads from fewer visitors. This is a puzzle that I am yet to solve because to date articles distributed through my safe lists do much better for me in terms of clicks than articles I post at high traffic sites. Still I do both activities regularly.

There was one more delightful aspect about this method of increasing Adsense clicks, that I noticed. After sending out about three or four articles via my safelists, I got so busy that I did not have the time to write good content to distribute via my safelists. So you would have expected my Adsense earnings to drop like a stone right back to where they were. Surprise, surprise, it did not happen. It stayed up there over one week after I had sent out my last article. That was when I was totally convinced that I had a winner in my hands.


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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Keep Yourself Inspired, Keep Yourself Focused On Making Maximum Cash From Google Adsense

How do you do this? It’s simple really, all you need is this amazing Adsense ezine it’s a sister ezine to our paid subscription version and has very valuable and useful information and yet it’s still free (not for much longer I can assure you).

This free ezine is published every two days or so and contains very useful content that will keep you inspired, informed and focused on maximizing on your Adsense revenue.

Sneak Preview of Contents

- What leading Adsense earners are doing to keep those big checks coming.
- Tools and tips to help you build up traffic, clicks and valuable keywords.
- Practical answers to nagging problems that keep most click affiliates earning only a couple of miserable cents from their Adsense program.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Get Quality Traffic And More Clicks At Your Google Adsense Site

Keen Google Adsense affiliates will quickly notice that not all traffic they receive at their Adsense site is click-happy traffic.

There will be times when a very high percentage of the traffic received at the Google affiliate site will end up clicking on the Adsense ads displayed. There will be other times when hardly a soul will click on any of the ads.

Closer examination will usually reveal a fascinating and yet obvious fact. And that is the more tightly targeted the traffic, the more clicks you will tend to receive.

This simply means that it is very possible to receive a fraction of the traffic that another site receives, but simply because of how tightly targeted your traffic is, you could easily end up receiving many more clicks and much higher Adsense earnings. There are even cases where the other site may have three or four times the kind of traffic that your site has and yet you will enjoy more clicks and much higher Adsense earnings.

This clearly illustrates the fact that many webmasters and blog owners quite often end up receiving a large percentage of curious rather than interested visitors. In a way this cannot be avoided because most search terms will hardly produce results that are anywhere near 100 per cent accurate. In fact search results and the improvement of search results is at the center of the current fierce and ongoing battle between leading search engines.

While curiosity is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to get visitors to click more at your Google affiliate Adsense ads ads (see other article by this author- direct to webcontent blog) this strategy will hardly work when a vast majority of the visitors you attract to your site are not really interested in the subject at hand. Yet many webmasters keen on receiving high traffic for the sake of high traffic have often used tactics that tend to trick people to make their way to their sites. This strategy hardly makes sense and the Google affiliate Adsense program illustrates this fact rather brutally.

So how does a Google affiliate site attract highly targeted traffic? It is important that before even embarking on the mission of attracting targeted traffic, that you ensure that your site or blog is tightly targeted at a certain audience and that your content clearly reflects this. This is the only way that you will be able to attract the sort of Adsense ads that will be of interest to your visitors. A common mistake with many is to have a site that is just too general which also attracts Adsense ads that are too general.

One of the most effective ways of ensuring or guaranteeing targeted traffic to your site or blog is to give your visitors a sneak preview of your contents. Let them read sample articles of what they will find at your site. The way to do this is to distribute your articles to high traffic article directories and sites. These sites will publish your articles free and will also include your resource box at the bottom which will give details about you complete with the url to your site or blog.

Some folks will read your article and not visit your site. Which is okay because what should really matter to you is receiving targeted traffic. Actually only a small fraction of the people who read your article will end up at your site, but the good news is that the people who do end up at your site will be very interested in what you have to offer and will tend to spend a long time at your site. This is the sort of traffic that any webmaster or blog owner would easily kill for.

Of course there are other factors that are important for you to achieve success here. For example your content will have to be very well written. This need not be expensive if you are hiring an online writer as we have various low cost options that will give you quality content.

Whatever you need to do will be well worth the effort because using this method, the visitors whom you end up with at your site will tend to continually and perpetually click at your Adsense ads. Cuasing your Adsense earnings to rise steeply. Which is exactly what you want to happen. But then there is plenty more you can do to increase your volume of visitors and ultimately the clicks at your sites and your Adsense revenue.


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Friday, November 18, 2005

How A Google Affiliate Can Use Curiosity To Get More Clicks And More Dollars

Most Google affiliates do not know that curiosity is one of the strongest of human incentives. It has been used to sell countless products and services for centuries. This is the reason why you should ask yourself he question, is there enough curiosity at my Google affiliate site?

Curiosity will get you sales and it will certainly get you plenty of clicks on your Google affiliate sites. But how do you generate curiosity without making visitors to your site feel cheated? Or feel that you have not provided enough information? Actually there is nothing that can kill the popularity of a site faster than most visitors to a site getting either of these two sentiments towards a site.

Use Headlines To Generate Curiosity At Your Google Affiliate Sites

Do your Google affiliate headlines create enough curiosity? Or do they simply tell the whole story so that nobody bothers to click on them to read more? Headlines are critical to the amount of clicks that a person is able to achieve at their Google affiliate site. Firstly enough curiosity in a headline will get visitors in droves flocking at your site. Once they are there, chances of them clicking on any of your ads will heavily depend on how long they stick around. And how long they stick around will lean heavily on how much content they get to read while they are there.

Whether your Google affiliate site is a blog or website, it will have several headlines to your articles displayed on your home page. Most people are terribly busy and hurried when they are online. The truth is that there is too much to see and too little time available to see it. What this means is that visitors to your site will be extremely selective on what they end up clicking on.

The more curiosity you create in your headlines, the longer they will stay, and the more questions that will be created on their minds. The result of this will be many more clicks at your Google affiliate site.

Answer Questions Adequately but Ask Others To Generate Curiosity At Your Google Affiliate Sites

Give valuable useful information in your Google affiliate site content but make sure that in doing so, you create other questions and thus more curiosity in your readers and hunger for more information. Have you ever noticed that when you find some really valuable information on a subject, it encourages you to look for even more information? This puts visitors to a site in just the right mood to click on one or two interesting Adsense ads that they see.

Use Links To Other Sites To Generate Curiosity At Your Google Affiliate Sites

I have found that my Google affiliate sites, which have plenty of links leading to other sites, tend to achieve many more clicks, than those that are packed with only content and few or no links to other sites. It all comes down to the curiosity levels created by giving your content in the form of brief text and links rather than detailed content with no links.

Use text Links Within The Content To Generate Curiosity At Your Google Affiliate Sites

Text links buried deep inside interesting content work like a dream. The main reason is probably the fact that they do look like ads. But one of the reasons has to be the curiosity most of these text links tend to create in a reader. You can use these effective text links to get more traffic to your Google affiliate sites. More traffic to your content-packed but curiosity-filled Google affiliate sites will mean many more clicks at your Adsense ads displayed and much more cash generated for you.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Sort of Headlines That Will Double Your Pay Per Click Affiliate Earnings

Most people don’t know it, but headlines are the most important factor in any pay per click affiliate site. Headlines impact directly on how many clicks you will end up getting and what your earnings will be at the end of the day.

Pay Per Click Affiliates will spend hours adjusting their ads and researching the most valuable Adsense or Overture keywords. Then they will spend hours of the remaining time ensuring that they maximize on the traffic heading to their pay per click affiliate site. They will then proceed to take a few hurried seconds to decide on their headlines.

Big mistake. A change of headline can multiply the readership of an article, post or web page by a staggering 100 per cent or more. What this means is that it hardly matters what content you’ve had written or how good it is, if the headline does not do its’ job. The first job of a headline is to ensure that as many people as possible read your article. They will hardly have an opportunity to click on your ads if they never make it to the page. Once your visitors are at your pay per click affiliate site, your headlines are also what will decide whether you’ll hardly get any clicks or if you’ll get people clicking feverishly at your ads.

In fact the power of your headlines starts right from the search engine results page. It is fairly common to see sites that for example, rank 10th on a page receive many more visits than sites that ranks first on the same page, simply because of a more attractive headline. It’s all in the headline. Your pay per click affiliate earnings depends more on headlines than you could ever imagine.

Your Headline Should Only Pick Out People You Can Interest In Your Pay Per Click Affiliate Subject

Headlines that hardly get clicks, let alone enough readers are the general ones. There is little doubt that this is one of the most common mistakes made by pay per click affiliates when it comes to writing headlines. The tendency most people have is to write the sort of headline that will attract as many people as possible across as wide a spectrum as possible. Usually this effort to attract everybody ends up attracting nobody.

Instead your headlines should tightly focus on exactly the kind of people you know will be interested in the content provided. Pay per click affiliate programs makes this easier because of the importance of using keyword-rich articles. Still a great effort should be made to interest the target group you have in mind, as much as possible with your headline. Every effort should be made to narrow the focus of your headline as much as possible.

A clear sign that your headlines are too general is when you find that most of your visitors tend to spend only a few seconds at your pay per click affiliate site. This is a clear sign that they get there only to find that the content is not what they were looking for, the headline was somewhat misleading.

Your Content Provider Needs To Spend Lots of Time On His Pay Per Click Affiliate Headlines, Your Earnings Depend On Them

This is the reason why you or your low cost content provider should spend a lot of time on your pay per click affiliate site headlines. This writer usually writes out several headlines to the same article, before and after writing out the content. I will then go back and spend time adjusting and changing the headlines until I decided on the one headline that I feel will be the most effective. I usually do the same for my clients and also for my own pay per click affiliate articles.

Headlines Should Create More Hunger And More Pain Than The Pay Per Click Affiliate Article Can Satisfy

This is the most important pay per click affiliate headline secret. Just analyze for a minute the reason why somebody would want to click at your pay per click affiliate ad. It is the same reason that folks click on the same pay per click ads when they appear next to search engine results. They are usually seeking even more information than has been provided by the search engine.

So an effective strategy to use with articles is to create such a deep hunger for even more information on the part of your readers that they will feverishly click on your pay per click affiliate ads in search of it. All this starts with the headline of course.

I am not saying that you should provide only sketchy and inadequate information. If you do this, nobody will spend time at your site. Instead you should provide such valuable articles that have such precious insights that you create a hunger for more knowledge in your readers.

Your pay per click affiliate headlines should make readers aware of their “pain” or “headache” in the form of inadequate information. The more “pain” in which visitors to your site are in, the more clicks they will execute on the pay per click affiliate ads.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Special Text Links That Will Increase Traffic And Profits To Your Google Affiliate Sites

Most Google affiliates know that the real secret for success for any site is hidden it it’s ability to attract targeted traffic. Targeted traffic will tend to stay much longer at a site and everybody knows that the longer a visitor stays at your site, the higher the chances that they’ll end up buying something from you or at least clicking on one of your Google affiliate ads.

This is one of the reasons why traffic from search engines is especially valuable to many Google affiliate sites. Because a keyword that is closely linked to the subject matter of your site has been used, a vast majority of the traffic that finds its’ way to your site via a search engine will be highly targeted.

But there is one more underutilized tool that is very effective at both generating traffic and also improving your search engine positioning dramatically. I am talking about those links within the text of articles. Apart from being one way links that search engines place great value on, these text links are also very effective at generating even more targeted traffic to your Google affiliate sites.

Use Text Links In Your Google Affiliate Articles

If you usually distribute articles to article directories and ezines as a way of generating traffic to you Google affiliate sites, then just make sure that you use the right keywords within them as live links leading to your site.

The secret behind why links are so effective can be traced to the fact that folks hate and greatly despise being advertised to online. That is why banner ads don’t work too well. It is also the reason why the tiny textual Google affiliate ads have been so effective. They don’t look like ads, especially when they are made to look like the other text and content on the site. They are even more irresistible when they are highly relevant to the content of the site.

Text links within articles look even less like ads. Their effectiveness can be maximized by getting a good low cost online writer to write your content for you. The keywords that are made live are usually part and parcel of the article and will also be very relevant to the subject matter at hand. Most people who read the article are bound to click on the text links. In fact they are much more likely to click on the text links within the Google affiliate article than on any links that they will find in your resource box at the end of the article. Everybody knows that the resource box is the writers of the article advertising themselves and this quite often causes most readers to get defensive when they get to the resource box. In sharp contrast your Google affiliate site readers will come across a text link with an open mind.

Remember That Your Google affiliate Keyword Is Very Important

The keywords used in links pointing at your Google affiliate site are given a lot of weight by search engines. This means that you should select the keywords to use very carefully indeed. In this way, you will ensure that these links not only drive traffic to your Google affiliate site, but they also have an impact on your search engine positioning for those keywords which should drive more search engine traffic your way.

Text links within articles distributed to high traffic article sites and blogs, are a very powerful yet underutilized way of increasing traffic and profits in your Google affiliate sites.

How My Google Adsense Earnings Dramatically Shot Up With The Help Of Free Information and Free Tools

Most seasoned Google Adsense Internet users and entrepreneurs do not believe that free information is of any real value. How can information in the public domain actually have an impact on their Adsense earnings?

They are of course very wrong because many Google Adsense affiliates, including the writer of this article have dramatically increased their Adsense revenue with the help of free information available on the net to everybody. I have even been able to get valuable Adsense keywords for free (but that is another story for another article).

However the secret of being able to turn free information into pure gold, lies in being able to know how to process this information from common dirt into gold.

Using Free Information As It Is Will Not Grow Your Google Adsense Earnings

The legendary Wright brothers in inventing mechanized flight displayed an uncanny ability for processing information. This was actually their strongest point. The brothers, who never finished high school approached their highly scientific task by gathering and analyzing all the information they could lay their hands on concerning flying and developments in aviation up to that point. There was no Internet in those days, so they had to gather magazines, books, papers and write for information through snail mail.

In analyzing the information they received, they discovered that not all of it was correct. One critical bit of widely accepted calculation was wrong and this led them to the creation and invention of sophisticated wind tunnels, which gave them a much more accurate calculation. This was no trial and error exercise and by the time the Wright brothers did their famous test flight at Kitty Hawk, they already knew, even before they started, that the crude machine they had put together would fly.

Free information as it is will not have a major impact on your Google Adsense earnings. However you can use the Wright brothers’ methods and analyze all the free information you can lay your hands on. I have done just that and discovered that lots of the free Adsense info available tends to hint without giving full details or critical fine points, which you will have to discover on your own.

How To Generate New Google Adsense Earning Ideas

The whole idea is that you should be able to use the free information to generate your own ideas to help you increase your Google Adsense earnings.

For instance, some basic free information I came across suggested that people tended to click more on the Google Adsense ads in subjects where there wasn’t enough free information available online. This led me to research on how best to ensure that there is just enough information available at my blogs to create an even bigger hunger for more information on the side of the reader. This additional information I then offer for sale at a very reasonable price, but there is also the option of visitors to my blog clicking on the Google Adsense ads for more information. It has taken me sometime to perfect this technique, but I am now getting it right and my Google Adsense earnings have shot up dramatically because of this single technique that I developed as a result of processing free information.

Carefully analyze every bit of free Google Adsense info you come across and find a way of applying it to your sites. The more you do this, the more you’ll increase your earnings.

Being A Writer Or Having Access To A Low Cost Writer Is A Clear Google Adsense Advantage

In other words what we are saying here is that to be able to benefit fully from the free information you come across, you will have to do a lot of research and development. The only way to do effective R&D (research and development) is by constantly testing and trying out new things. In the Google Adsense world, this will mostly involve the content at your sites.

Those Google Adsense affiliates who are good writers in their own right or those who have access to a low cost writer able to generate quality content for them have a definite advantage. Always remember that whatever you do, the more pages of useful content you have out there, the higher the number of clicks you will end up receiving. So for starters just generating loads of good content is a powerful strategy for earning more from your Google Adsense ads.

There are some smart Google Adsense affiliates who have found a way of maximizing on the revenue they generate from a single article or piece of content. There is actually a valuable special report (5 Ways To Earn Endless Streams Of Income For Years To Come From A Single Article) that deals with this subject at length. Basically there are several ways you can re-package the same information online to ensure a steady continuos flow of revenue and income from a single article. This can help a Google Adsense affiliate to always have a budget to constantly generate new content for their sites or blogs all the time.

Friday, November 11, 2005

5 Google Affiliate Secrets To Help You Earn Thousands of Dollars Monthly

There is no doubt that Google affiliates rank as some of the most successful affiliates anywhere on the web.

Yet few understand the reason behind this success. Even the majority of Google affiliates who are yet to start making huge five figure checks do not quite understand why the Google Adsense program has flourished so much within such a short time.

Anybody who understands the real secrets behind the phenomenal rise of Google affiliates will be in a much better position to benefit and profit from it, whether or not they are current Adsense affiliates.

1. Google Affiliates Are Riding On The Most Dramatic Shift In The Advertising Industry In History

A few webmasters think that this Adsense and pay per click affiliate mania is a passing fad. All indications are that this is not the case. If anything mounting evidence points to one of the most dramatic and rapid shifts in advertising industry history. You can’t beat the deal to advertisers where they pay only for actual traffic to their website and more so when they can easily calculate their conversion rate on that traffic and predict their profit margin on the deal. This arrangement cannot be duplicated on TV or in any other offline media with so much precision and accuracy.

This means that advertising revenue will continue to shift away from other media and will move online at an even more rapid rate than is the case currently. And not just any online mediums like banner ads for example. The revenue will specifically shift to pay per click text ads. If you need some proof just look at the Google numbers in recent months, and most of it is being generated by PPC ad revenue.

What does that mean to a blogger or webmaster? It means huge and increasing profits as the number of advertisers grows and the competition between them for clicks grows fiercer.

It means that any expert in any tiny little niche will find it increasingly easier to make a good regular income from a low traffic targeted site with higher paying, more valuable Adsense keywords.

2. Google Affiliates Recognize That Content Is Not King, It’s Everything

Writers, or rather good writers are already enjoying a huge advantage as Google affiliates. Only well written content will attract quality traffic and only interesting engrossing content will keep that traffic coming back again and again. Only high-quality keyword rich content will keep a site high in search engine rankings and thus guarantee enough traffic to keep Google affiliate adsense earnings high.

3. Top Google Affiliates Are All Using The Blog Secret

Blogs were created for linking and everybody knows that links are closely related to traffic in two ways, firstly they generate traffic but more importantly, they help a site achieve high search engine rankings with usually opens the floodgates of traffic. Top Google affiliates are using this secret to keep those big fat Google affiliate Adsense checks arriving by special courier every month.

Most top Google affiliates have dozens of blogs loaded with the right keywords and engaging content. With just a little SEO (search engine optimization) skills, these new breed of high flying online professionals are able to get their sites to the top of search engine rankings. It is then minimal maintenance as they sit back and watch the traffic volumes flow to their blogs already loaded with Adsense ads. The result of all this is that the clicks happening at their sites shoots up and with it their Google affiliate Adsense earnings.

4. Google Affiliates Are Using The Secret of The Hook

In advertising it is called the hook. Journalists call it the angle or slant of the story. Both mean the same thing. It is all about picking up a subject and asking yourself, what aspect of it most interests your audience? If you answer that question accurately then your ad or your article will attract maximum interest.

Online this is becoming more critical by the day. Content that is not slanted to fit the interests and needs of you audience will not attract enough interest and this impacts on the traffic of your blog or site and ultimately on your Google affiliate adsense earnings.

Top Google affiliates recognize this fact and they take great care to get their hook right. It is usually reflected in the headlines they use in their content. It takes ages to write because it has to include the right valuable adsense keywords. But then the results clearly show in the number of figures in their monthly Adsense checks.

5. Google Affiliates Are Always Looking To Supply Scarce Information

Have you noticed that the more scarce the information, the higher paying the Google affiliate adsense keywords related to that particular subject? If you haven’t I’ll bet that you’re not one of the top Google Affiliates. You can’t be.

Top Google affiliates use this as one of their most valuable keys in opening the doors to their fat check monthly income. That’s why before they even find the right "hook," they usually ensure that they are dealing with the right subject and the right keyword. It means that even with a low traffic site, a Google affiliate can enjoy a very high monthly income.