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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Search Engine Optimization Articles: What Anchor Text Keywords Should You Use For Links?

As you start writing search engine optimization articles and posting them at the leading article directories that I recommended in my special report, there is one more very important component which you will need to get right if your campaign is to be a success. And that is the anchor text you use to link back to your target site. The anchor text is the term used to refer to the word or words that are clickable and when you do click on them you end up on another site or web page.

Remember that for all leading search engines, the most important single factor that will affect your ranking is the number of quality links pointing to your site. The keywords used in those links are also very important.

For your main keywords used for the search engine optimization articles you write, I suggested that you should be careful NOT to choose keywords that are beyond your reach because they are too competitive. In fact the best thing to do if you are just starting out is to start right at the bottom of the list and work your way up. For your anchor text use the same keywords you have used in your search engine optimized articles, only ensure that you vary them as much as possible. Endeavor to use different keywords in each article. This is very important and there is a good reason for it.

Consider the following fact. With a little luck each article that you post at an article directory will be re-posted many times complete with the links you have used. Leading search engines will not like it if out of thousands of links; the exact same keyword is used every time. That’s not natural and you want to make it as natural as possible and therefore it is important that every link is different so that even if each one gets duplicated a few hundred times, it still looks natural.

There are a number of ways to vary your anchor text keywords. You can add a word or two, change the order of the words as well as find synonyms and phrases that mean the same thing.

This is a very crucial part of generating traffic using search engine optimization articles.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Free Online SEO Articles: The Stunt Behind Those High Traffic Generators

What is the magic behind those amazing free online search engine optimized (SEO) articles that generate tens of thousands of links virtually overnight and the kind of traffic that would turn every long suffering webmaster green with envy?

The good news is that virtually anybody who is interested enough can be the proud owner of one of those articles that stretch hit counters to the limit and cause bandwidth chaos.

The really important thing to remember is the harsh reality that there is just too much to read online and nobody is going to waste their time with a boring article that hardly has any useful information. This means that part of the process of optimizing your article is to make it as interesting and useful as possible. If your free online seo article is NOT interesting then nothing else matters and you will never generate much in terms of hits or traffic from it.

The other golden rule is that the tinier the niche you target with your free online SEO article, the better and the more interesting it will be. It is just plain suicide writing an article that is too general aimed at everybody. That will get you nowhere on the web.

Just to give an example. If you are writing an article on how to find a good reliable web host, you will dramatically increase the power of your article by targeting a specific niche. For instance your article can be about how dating sites can find a good reliable web host. Rather than lose readership by narrowing down your target niche, you will gain because other webmasters who are well aware of the fact that dating sites tend to get very busy will also be attracted to read your article.

Finally never forget that a key part of SEO is attracting back links pointed at your site. The more interesting your article is the more the people who will link to it. So it is true to say that the most important aspect of optimizing an article for search engines is to ensure that it is as interesting and useful as possible.

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