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Monday, November 09, 2009

Ghostwriting Services: Two Secrets That Will Make A Huge Traffic Difference

Here are two secrets that many folks offering ghostwriting services are not aware of which can make a huge difference in the kind of traffic that a site attracts as a result of ghostwritten content.

Follow these two huge secrets and watch your hit counter react immediately. And what is more you will be getting targeted traffic based on the relevant keyword phrases you have chosen and used in your article.

a) The Right Keyword Phrases To Target: I constantly get amazed at the huge fortunes people pay to find the most popular keyword phrases. Actually what they should be looking for are keyword phrase opportunities. In other words a keyword should first and foremost have as little competition as possible and yet be as popular as possible under these circumstances. The best way to find these keyword phrases is NOT at the top but at the bottom of the keyword popularity list. I am talking about keyword phrases that get two or three hits a day. The huge advantage here is that you will soon start seeing traffic from a number of other similar keyword phrases. Those few hits per keyword phrase tend to add up very quickly. You may be shaking your head as you read this and vowing never to abandon those high traffic keyword phrases. But what usually happens when you use them? Be honest. The result is zero traffic. So do you want to continue doing the same things you have been doing and yet expecting different results?

b) It is all about links: Your mind must remain focused on generating links pointed at your site all the time. Search engines don’t stand still so if you are in the top ten today, you can be sure that it is not permanent. Everything you do as a generator of content should focus on generating valuable links pointed to your site constantly. There are several “legal” ways of doing this. The first is to create valuable content. Good content will always get re-posted complete with your links pointing back to your target site. Then you should also look for opportunities to answer questions on your field of expertise and link back to some of your valuable content that is relevant. One way to do this is to use the Google blog search to regularly search for content in blogs related to the subject you have written about.

If you are offering ghostwriting services just try out these two powerful tips and see the difference it makes as your ghostwriting clients enthusiastically flock back to give you more work all the time.

How much would it cost to hire a ghostwriter who has mastered these secrets?