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Thursday, March 30, 2006

SEO Services Using Link Baiting Articles

The secret behind effective SEO services using link-baiting articles rests on ideas and creativity.

The more creative you are, the better SEO services you will be able to provide through link baiting articles.

One blogger who was making a lot of money from Adsense, briefly consulted with the people at Google Adsense and then wrote a simple post about his current and projected Adsense earnings. The post was well thought out and designed to work magic as the perfect single-handed SEO service provider for this blogger. In the article he estimated that based on his current steadily increasing earnings, he was on track to making a million dollars a year from Adsense.

This simple little post has to rank amongst the most effective SEO services you can think of. Within a few hours dozens of other sites were talking about the article. They were naturally also linking to it like crazy. Within a few days this smart blogger had hundreds of quality, relevant links pointed at his controversial article. What would ordinarily have taken a webmaster many months and mountains of begging emails, took this blogger a single 300 word article to achieve. As you read this, this little SEO gem is still rendering services to this blog site owner and links are still steadily increasing by the day, many months after the post was first created.

Not every article idea will achieve this kind of result, but imagine a situation where just one link baiting article idea is being executed every week. Most of the articles will generate a few links at the most, but sooner or later the site owner or his content provider will stumble on a home-run-link-baiting-idea that will generate hundreds of links regularly for the next few years.

You can't beat that for being one of the best, cost-effective SEO services anywhere.

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A Good SEO Content Provider Can Rapidly Generate Hundreds of Links For Your Site

Apart from organizing and supervising a content provider for their site (even if it is themselves), the other major SEO task that usually takes up a lot of a webmasters' time has to do with chores related to generating backwards links pointed at their site.

Everybody knows that links are very important for SEO purposes, actually as important as finding a provider for good content, if not more so, and yet it is a real headache. Quite often it will involve lots of email communication with many webmasters or bloggers.

Very few site owners realize that a good SEO content provider can be used to help generate lots of quality links for any site. And in fact they can accomplish this task very quickly. Much more rapidly than the traditional method of reciprocal linking. Even fewer webmasters realize that it is actually not too difficult to acquire the SEO content provider skills that can help them use the same methods to generate links pointed at their sites.

The most valuable SEO skill that a content provider needs to create links for a site is that of generating link-baiting article ideas. As the name suggests these are articles that provoke others to almost automatically link to it and your site in large numbers.

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Interested in a content provider to write link-baiting articles that will generate lots of valuable links pointing to your site?
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Monday, March 27, 2006

You Only Need To Observe One Rule To Be Your Own Good Ghost Writer Wanted For Hire

It is difficult to find a serious online entrepreneur who has never at any time wanted to hire a good ghost writer for their site. However there are a number of barriers to achieving this objective.

A few lucky webmasters manage to find their good ghost writer and life online for them, is never the same again. However the vast majority usually fail in their efforts to overcome the numerous obstacles to securing the good ghost writer for hire that they have always wanted. The webmasters and blog site owners who fall into this category are the majority.

Still the good news is that it is very possible to be your own good ghost writer wanted for hire by observing a few simple rules.

To be your own good ghost writer for hire, always remember that it is much more important to have the skills that will enable you to select the best keyword phrases for your site, rather than writing skills. In other words being a good writer is not the most important thing here. After all you can always write simple list articles where you simply list your tips and then ensure that you sprinkle your keyword phrase generously in your listed tips.

Many bloggers are able to create useful sites without any writing skills by simply summarizing and reviewing other people's articles and then linking to them. They are again careful to use certain keyword phrases that help them to generate massive traffic via leading search engines.

It is actually much simpler than you think to be your own successful good ghost writer for hire and achieving all the traffic you have always wanted and craved for.
Interested in a content provider to write link-baiting articles that will generate lots of valuable links pointing to your site?
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Best Ghost Writer Wanted To Help Make Affiliate Millions

More and more, the best ghost writers are wanted to work for super affiliates to help them sustain and even increase the hundreds of thousands (and in some cases millions) of dollars that they regularly rake in.

Make no mistake about it, affiliate programs is where the money is on the net and there is a growing number of super affiliates making significant income every month from various popular affiliate programs. Some of the best affiliates have always wanted ghost writers to help them sustain and even increase their super-high incomes.

It is not at all surprising that affiliates are raking in such high incomes. Business for most of them is very easy. They do not need any selling skills and neither do they need to get involved in the intricacies and aggression of following up on clients. These critical things are all done for them. All they have to focus their minds on doing is driving traffic to their affiliate sites.

And that is exactly where the best ghost writer's skills are wanted. They are required to help generate significant and increasing traffic in the direction of the client's affiliate sites.

There is one more very important fact that smart affiliates have discovered which has made the demand for good ghost writers rise steeply. And that is the discovery that ghost writer articles are able to generate the best and most targeted traffic to an affiliate site which is wanted so as to ensure that there is a higher rate of conversion to sales at the site.
Interested in a content provider to write link-baiting articles that will generate lots of valuable links pointing to your site?
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Friday, March 24, 2006

Why A Good SEO Ghost Writer Must First Understand What Is Wanted In The Market

The best keyword phrases are not enough and a good SEO ghost writer must understand exactly what is wanted by prospects who visit the site they are writing articles for.

What will the most popular keyword phrases do for a site if they are attracting the wrong people? The answer is absolutely nothing. Huge useless hits will be achieved with the good SEO content written by a ghost writer but the wanted results will continue to be elusive.

It is therefore extremely important that the keyword phrases selected reflect the content at the site so that a vast majority of the search engine traffic that arrives at the site will find that it is exactly what they are looking for. In other words a good SEO ghost writer must have a knack for generating wanted content. They can only do this after carefully studying the target audience of the site they are writing content for.

Actually it is very easy to go wrong. For instance this article you are reading is about content providers. However it would be a mistake if it were targeted at content providers. The actual target market is webmasters seeking good SEO ghost writers to generate content that will help them win the huge traffic they have always wanted.
See the 9 most SEO-ed content providers on the net.
Interested in hiring a ghost writer?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Affordable Online Writer Should Produce Evidence Of Successful SEO Work

Talk is cheap, they say and that is why it is very important for an online writer who claims to be effective and affordable to produce evidence of successful SEO work.

It could be work previously undertaken on behalf of a client, or best of all it could be SEO work in one of the affordable online writer's own sites. The latter would prove one important thing, that you cannot do for others what you have not been able to do for yourself. So in marketing their own services as an online writer how effective have they been in using their own keyword-rich articles to get such good search engine rankings that they can constantly drive traffic to their own site and thus generate plenty of sales leads to make their business successful?

This is something that many people looking to hire an affordable SEO online writer do not usually check. Yet it is important and critical to get proof that the person you are working with can do what they say they can do.

The net is filled with content providers who have no problem generating well-written articles, but when it comes to SEO skills and the choice of the best keyword phrases to use for a specific site, they do not have the slightest clue.

Any online writer who does not possess SEO skills cannot possibly cliam to be affordable or even viable.
See the 9 most SEO-ed content providers on the net.

An Affordable Online Writer Is One Who Helps You Make Money

Hiring an affordable online writer does not mean getting the cheapest one available. It actually means getting one who will make you money. It is as simple as that.

The online writer who does not help you increase traffic and thus revenue is not affordable, no matter how low their rates are. It really does not matter if they are charging you a few cents for each article they generate for your site; they are just not affordable. What makes this sort of online writer even more expensive is the fact that they will often take up a lot of your time. Many site owners forget that their time is amongst the most valuable assets in their possession.

It is for this reason that an affordable online writer will have to be one who understands SEO (search engine optimization). SEO skills will enable them to select the best keyword phrases for your site that will attract serious traffic via leading search engines for you. Keyword skills have often helped some webmasters and affordable online writers find keyword phrases that are non- competitive and yet generate a colossal number of hits on a daily basis. The result has been an unbelievable volume of traffic being generated.
See the 9 most SEO-ed content providers on the net.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Top SEO Online Writer You Hire: How They Can Help You Build Up An Opt-in Email List

The top SEO online writer you hire can help you a great deal in quickly building up your own opt-in email list. The many benefits of having an opt-in email list are not in dispute, although most folks find it very hard going indeed, just trying to steadily build up such an effective and yet personal online marketing asset.

An opt-in email list will help you sell much more. You can advertise directly to your list or you can refer members of your lit back to your site to take in a new article or interesting feature. In fact an opt-in email list is such a valuable asset that some online entrepreneurs make some serious cash from their lists and nothing else.

To Rapidly Build A List, Top SEO online writers You Hire Should Focus On Traffic Numbers
There is one critical factor that you and your top SEO online writer for hire must be aware of. People generally do not like signing up to receive email. They will only do it when they feel absolutely sure that they are going to benefit from some excellent and useful information they are not otherwise able to get. The fact is only a small percentage of the total traffic to your web site will end up on your opt-in email list.

So a simple fact is that the higher your traffic, the quicker your opt-in email list will grow. Which means that the top SEO online writer you hire must focus on generating as high a traffic as possible through their keyword phrases.

Top SEO Online Writer You Hire Must Create Hunger For More In Readers
This is a special skill that is vital to the success of any top SEO Online Writer for Hire. Their content must be so informative that it opens up new unexplored frontiers for the reader, thus creating even more hunger for information. This will put visitors to your site in the ideal mood to sign up for your email newsletter in large numbers.
See the 9 most SEO-ed content providers on the net.

Why Most Top Online Writers For Hire Don't Know What They Are Doing

Many so called top online writers for hire actually don't know what they are doing. In other words they will generate very well written articles for a client which will greatly help to enhance the image of any web site. Some of the content may even be keyword rich based on randomly selected keyword phrases. Most clients will be happy and satisfied, but is that all that can be achieved for them?

A client who is only happy with this, is being short-changed, even if they don't know it.

Writing for the web is very different from writing offline and many a top online writer for hire does not seem to be aware of this distinct fact. Here are certain distinct differences that both the client and the top online writer for hire should be aware of;

* In the print world all a writer has to do is produce entertaining and well written copy, other people take over from there. Editors will give the article a nice headline and format it into the available space and there is a well-oiled distribution system to circulate the publication where the article appears, far and wide.

The top online writer for hire has to wear many different hats. They not only have to edit and write headlines themselves but more importantly they will have to think of the distribution system to circulate the article online so that it gets as wide a readership as possible. Two effective ways to do this is by using non-competitive keywords that will enable them to attract substantial traffic from search engines and by using email opt-in lists. Both methods call for some extremely technical skills from a top online writer on hire.

* The main marketing a print writer has to do is to decide how to sell their article idea to an all-powerful editor. A top online writer for hire has to be an expert marketer as well for their article to get as wide a readership as possible.

* Writers are artists and people with a creative slant who usually hardly have the knack for such technicalities as search engine optimization and studying the top search engines algorithm rules that are constantly changing these days.

Actually a top online writer for hire is closest to a self-publisher from the offline print world. Little wonder that some of the best online writers on the web that I know were self-publishers in their offline days.

Now you understand why it is difficult for most top online writers for hire to know what they are doing online. They're simply not built like that.
See the 9 most SEO-ed content providers on the net.

The Top 9 Most SEO-ed Content Providers

To be very honest when I started doing this research, I did not even expect to be in the top 5. I reasoned to myself that surely there are all those sites out there who’ve been around for a longer time.

Then after staring at my findings in disbelief for a few moments I realized the following truths;

1. Not every content provider would want to make an effort on their own site’s SEO after all a writer can only write so many articles.

2. Many experienced writers have other ways of proving their SEO skills.

3. Because of the huge and growing demand for content online, many content providers have much more business than they can handle.

Still I think that a content provider has to show what they can do before a client commits their hard-earned funds to hiring them.

Here's the list of the top 9 best seo-ed writers and writer’s sites.

1. Christopher Kyalo

2. Marcia Yudkin

3. Katelyn Thomas

4. Alyice Edrich


7) Bill Platt is the owner of



These writers being able to do such a good SEO job with their own sites will no doubt be able to do the same for many others belonging to their clients.

Check our findings for yourself. The search terms used in order of popularity are;
-Content provider for hire
-Online Ghost writer for hire
-Freelance online writer for hire

Search engines used are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Remember that in some cases some of the smart writers in this top 9 list have used article directories that point straight at their sites.

Interested in hiring a ghost writer who appears in the top 9 list above?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Where Is The Best Place To Hire An Affordable Online Writer?

While many webmasters will acknowledge that they need to hire an online writer, their biggest problem is where to find an affordable one who will also be effective. So where does somebody find an affordable online writer to hire?

Many webmasters have gone straight to one of those popular work for hire sites and ended up being very disappointed. There seems to be a psychological belief that the web site has sanctioned affordable online writers who advertise at these sites. Actually any pretender-to-be-a-writer can advertise at most of these sites. Some of the more popular ones usually charge a small fee.

Actually the best way to find a good affordable online writer for hire is through recommendations from people you know and trust. This will usually be persons who have worked with the writer and ended up as satisfied clients.

However this is not always easy to do. More so because good online writers who are affordable are in very short supply. Actually the best place to look for an affordable online writer will shock you. It is at your favorite search engine.

What are you looking for in a writer? Is it not seo skills that ill help your site generate traffic via search engines? And surely that writer cannot do for you what they can't do for themselves. Meaning that any affordable online writer for hire with enough skill to get you to find them through a search engine will most probably also be able to do the same for you. That is by generating the sort of key-word-rich content that will help your clients find you through leading search engines.
See the 9 most SEO-ed content providers on the net.

How Top SEO Online Writer Worked Magic On My Site Traffic

It is a real joy to watch a top seo online writer go to work on a site where there was previously little activity. In fact it also gives the online writer great satisfaction and pride to see their seo magic taking a site from oblivion to the top ranks of search engines.

But 'magic' is really the wrong word because it suggests that it is just a matter of touching something here and another little thing there and suddenly things begin to work. Nothing can be further from the truth as any top seo online writer will tell you. The process in fact involves a lot of very hard work.

The first major obstacle is usually being able to find the best keyword phrases for a particular site. This is one task that is similar to the work of a forensic detective. One tiny detail can change everything. One little word being included in some harmless looking keyword phrase is capable of throwing open the floodgates of traffic for a site and making the top seo online writer look like a true magician.

Then the writing of the content is equally important. Try sprinkling the right keywords in some dull unattractive prose with a headline that is dead in the water and the results can be very different. Most people often forget that surfers don't click through to sites in the order they appear in search engine results. They in fact click on the most interesting and relevant headline they see. How long they spend at your site is even more important and that will be determined by how good your content is.

All this means lots of hard work for the top seo online writer. Then they usually have to wait with baited breadth to see what actually happens at the search engines battlefront when the articles with the necessary keywords are finally indexed. Because despite their best efforts, there are really no guarantees in this business.

Magic indeed, I can hear that top seo online writer mutter in disgust under their breadth as they read this excuse of an article.

SEO Link Generation: Get Hundreds Of Free Links Quickly

The generation of hundreds of SEO links pointing at your site is actually much easier than you think. And you can do it all legally using search engine approved methods.

Like everything else in life, all you have to do is develop a system that works and then work the system. Here is an extremely creative SEO link generation system that I use myself. I've not revealed all my secrets (for that I'm afraid you will have to subscribe to my newsletter) but I've given enough here for you to get some excellent ideas that can help you develop your own SEO link generation system that works.

Use This Kind of SEO Link Baiting Article As A Generation Tool
All you have to do to get this fascinating SEO link generation tool working for you is get involved in the current main conversation in your particular industry or the one that is most closely related to your topic and target market clientele. There are several ways you can do this, one of them is by visiting the site that monitors blogs. Then you have to present a convincing argument totally disagreeing with what they are saying.

Post this article at your blog and if you've done your homework correctly, watch the link activity that follows.

Use These Lists As Your Secret SEO Link Generation Tool
Lists are very useful things in SEO link generation. And what's more they are very easy to make. Just go through you recent content and you are bound to find plenty of opportunities for lists. For instance in a recent post you may have talked about the availability of software to carry out a certain task. You can easily make a list of the top ten sources for the software you are talking about. Do not link to their sites, simply mention them.

Then do a polite brief email to the 10 software people you have mentioned informing them that you've mentioned them in a recent post, asking them to check it out. You can then suggest to them how linking to the post can enhance greatly enhance their image in the eyes of persons visiting their site.

Don't worry if most of the people do not reply to your email or refuse to link to you. Always remain polite and professional. Thank webmasters who decline to link to you and wish them the best. And most of all keep your lists as they are. Remember that well compiled lists are valuable resources that easily attract links from others over time.

Making lists is a powerful SEO link generation strategy. Just make sure that you are thinking lists and making lists all the time and you'll accumulate links at a blinding speed. Do ensure that your lists are as interesting and valuable as possible.

To get the other valuable SEO link generation methods used by the author you will need to subscribe to his ezine. To subscribe send a blank email now to
Do you need to hire a link-baiting article specialist to write articles for you that will attract links?

Is it possible for a single article to generate hundreds of links pointed at your site?

I'm a terribly busy person but when time allows, I occasionally accept a new client and do two unique link-baiting articles for them. Naturally all the follow up emails and related work is up to them, but my articles are usually based on ideas designed to make the rest of the work of acquiring links, very simple for them.

I usually use the principles and methods discussed in my newsletter (You can subscribe to it now by sending a blank email to which are serving me and most of my clients well and I see no reason why they should not do the same for you.

My fee is $60 per article (with a little luck this can work out to a fraction of a cent per link. Bear in mind that most folks usually pay a double digit dollar figure for a single link). Looking at it another way, this is an investment that can earn you tens of thousands of dollars in returns for a long time to come (links last more or less, forever). I usually attempt two articles at a time designed to help you generate lots of valuable links pointed at your site.

Email me Now to see if I'm currently able to attempt those two articles for you that could attract a flood of links pointed at your site.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Good Headline Is Always Needed For Your SEO Content Provider To Succeed

A good headline is so badly needed that without it your SEO content provider is doomed to fail. It matters little how good their writing is or even how good they are in finding the best keyword phrases.

Good keyword phrases will give you a good position in search engine results, but if you have a poor headline, readers will ignore your site listed at number one on the page. Instead they will eagerly click on the site listed at number ten and right at the bottom of the page, simply because it has a more catchy interesting headline.

You do this yourself all the time. Just try and remember the times you have clicked on the site that is listed right at the top of the results from your search? Not many I can assure you. This is precisely why without a needed catchy headline, a lot of the other good wok from your SEO content provider will be wasted.

There is something else that is very important once you’ve gotten somebody to your site. Everybody knows that the longer you can keep them there, the higher a chance you have of making some money from them. The only way to keep them there is with good content packaged in the sort of headlines that grab them by the scruff of their necks and drag them to read your content. That’s what is needed from a SEO content provider to succeed at your site.
Interested in hiring a ghost writer?

Top Content Provider Needed To Produce Best Selling Resource Box

No top content provider will be able to achieve the needed results without understanding the proper use and impact of the resource box. Skill at compiling the resource box can make a substantial difference in the traffic generated at the end of the day.

What are resource boxes and why are they so important these days? Resource boxes usually appear at the bottom of articles posted in article directories and usually contain author information. Quite often you will find information like the author’s qualifications to write the article that has just been read, how to reach them and a link to their web site. Any Top content provider will quickly realize that an effective resource box is needed to get as many people as possible to visit the web site.

An effective resource box is important in these days of stiff competition at search engines. Many times you will find that articles posted at article directories will get a better ranking than the same articles posted at your web site. This means that your article will enjoy much higher traffic at somebody else’s site. It is therefore very important that you are your top content provider includes what is needed in your article resource box to get as many readers as possible to click on the link to your site.

Some of the most effective techniques in getting people to click on your site’s link in the resource box is to offer some special free software or free item of value like a special report for instance. Other times, depending on the content of your article, simply promising more badly needed information will get you lots of traffic via a good resource box put together by an excellent top content provider.
Interested in hiring a ghost writer?

To Generate Wanted Traffic, Affordable SEO Content Provider Needs To Churn Out Articles That Will Inspire

The most lucrative affiliate programs usually allow for sub-affiliates and will be two or three tier. Meaning that an affiliate earns money from the sales of people who join under them at the first and second level. Second level are those who join under an affiliates sub affiliates.

The idea is that if you have a sizeable amount of these people, each selling a small amount, it will quickly add up in affiliate commissions for you to a very sizeable amount. Affordable SEO content providers need to understand this and more importantly, what is wanted to help an affiliate generate high volumes of sub affiliates. For starters the articles will need to be very inspirational.

Articles Can Sell Products Too
But articles can also sell plenty of product. The affordable SEO content provider does not need to sell the product directly, only generate the sort of content that will help drive the wanted traffic in the direction of the affiliate web site. The content must create a hunger for the product in readers so that by the time they arrive on the affiliate site sales page, they are in the mood to take in the sales copy and are already reaching for their credit cards.

There’s a lot wanted by affiliates from affordable SEO content providers and the experienced ones can deliver and help any affiliate make substantial sums from their affiliate programs.
Interested in hiring a ghost writer?

Affordable SEO Content Provider Wanted For Affiliate Prosperity

An affordable SEO content provider can easily help an affiliate make all the cash they have ever wanted.

Whether you want to believe it or not, it is a fact that even as you read this there are folks out there getting very rich on affiliate programs. The key to success in any affiliate program is the volume of traffic that an affiliate is able to generate and send to their affiliate web site. An experienced affordable SEO content provider is capable of helping an affiliate to generate the sort of traffic that will yield them all the revenue they have always wanted and dreamed about from their affiliate program.

To Generate Wanted Traffic Affordable SEO Content Provider Needs To Churn Out Key-word-rich But Interesting Articles

Many content providers take great pains to research the best keywords for a site and then write some dull stiff article that rigidly implements the keywords. This is a very costly mistake. Keywords are critical and for the search engines, but the articles are equally important and if they are not readable, it really matters little how many hits they are able to attract. Articles must be interesting and must contain valuable and useful information wanted by readers if the affordable SEO content provider is to succeed in their objective with an affiliate client.
Interested in hiring a ghost writer?

Why The Affordable Content Provider You Never Wanted Is Now Critical To Your Survival And Success

It is true that you never needed nor wanted a content provider before, affordable or otherwise. You probably possess some excellent writing skills or enough for you to generate some excellent content on your own.

You have probably even been able to gradually build up traffic to your blogs to a respectable number, all on your own. Things are going okay and you certainly do not need that wanted affordable content provider. It really does not matter whether they charge a dollar or nothing.

Well, unknown to you, a number of things have changed and continue to change at such blinding speed that if you do not sit up and take notice right now, you’ll soon go the way of the dinosaurs and those magnificent air ships. In other words you’ll suddenly find that you’re history.

Let’s start where it hurts you the most. Major search engines have recently been making the most drastic changes to their algorithms in history. Do you know what these changes mean to you and how they will impact traffic to your site in the months to come?

In essence the days of tricking search engines for high rankings are rapidly coming to a close. You can be sure that all those webmasters who have been using trickery to bring in those fat checks are going to do everything within their powers to maintain their incomes. One of the things some webmasters who have never wanted any help with their content previously, are doing now is hiring affordable content providers in large numbers.

What this means is that more than before you’ll be competing head on with professional SEO-competent content providers who are very much aware and familiar with a lot of what’s going in within major search engines like Google and that’s just for starters. If you have recently noticed that your site seems to be slipping in search engine rankings for your most important keyword phrases, then that is reason enough for you to get very worried. You will have to start thinking about what this new competition from the affordable content providers you never wanted will do to you.

What will the impact be on search engine traffic to your online business in the next six months or so?

And what complicates issues further is that there are hardly enough of these badly wanted affordable SEO-competent content providers to go around in 50 years.
Interested in hiring a ghost writer?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SEO Content Provider Wanted To Drown Me In Traffic

So you wanted a SEO content provider to help you liven up things a little at your site. But instead you ended up with serious problems caused by a rather sudden surge in traffic headed to your site. Suddenly you start having totally different worries, like worrying about your site crashing due to heavy traffic. I kid you not, this is no pipe dream.

Well, life is really about moving from one problem to another. From no-traffic to too much traffic, is a typical example which some webmasters have had the privilege of experiencing. But many people reading this would much rather be in that situation where they have to deal with the problems caused by a SEO content provider helping them generate the traffic they’ve always wanted but did not believe was possible to achieve.

And what’s more, it is not as difficult as you think getting that huge traffic you have always wanted with a little help from an experienced SEO content provider. They just need to be able to do the following rather simple things;

a) They should have a knack for coming up with keyword phrases that are capable of opening the floodgates of traffic for your site.
b) For your SEO content provider to deliver the traffic you have badly wanted all this time, they must also know a leading article directory site where they can also post the keyword-rich articles they write for you. Apart from the immediate traffic you enjoy, the leading directory site should be able to rank better with your articles, resulting in heavy traffic to their site to read your article. But don’t worry, you’ll benefit because most readers will use the link in the resource box at the bottom of the article to get to your site and take a look around.

Then there is the third and most important attribute your SEO content provider must have.

c) Your SEO content provider should also be able to help you generate links to your site, by attempting an occasional link-baiting article. This is an article designed to provoke numerous one way links pointed in the direction of your site. It could be something controversial or a resource other bloggers and webmasters will want to link to. It really depends on the skills of your SEO content provider.

There you are. 3 simple things that will enable a SEO content provider to help you generate loads more traffic than you ever bargained for or wanted.
Interested in hiring a ghost writer?

Internet Content Provider Wanted: To Make Adsense Web Site Visitors Go Click Crazy

In your low Adsense moments have you ever badly wanted an Internet content provider who would somehow magically make your web site visitors go click crazy? If you have, maybe you ended up dismissing the whole thing as some pipe dream. Actually it isn’t.

Internet Content providers who actually possess this badly wanted skill exist. In fact it is not too difficult for any web site or blog site owner to develop this skill, once they understand what it is all about.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what makes people click on ads. Remember that folks are often in a terrible hurry when they come online with too many things to do and see and not enough time to do even half of what they want done. So you can be sure that they will not click on the Adsense ads on your site for fun or idly.

The answer to the question is that it is only visitors who are hungry for information who will click at the relevant Adsense ads displayed at your site. Smart Internet content providers have quickly realized that this is what is really wanted. So they’ve gone out of their way to create hunger for information through the content they produce. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that hunger for information is created by supplying shoddy limited information that is designed to leave readers asking more questions than are answered.

Actually the wanted result is created by doing the very opposite and many Internet content providers have realized this. What you need to do is to supply such valuable unique information that opens the minds of the readers to new possibilities they did not think of before. If you are successful, then they will be hungry for more information and will start to feel very excited. Excited persons tend to be hungry for more information and persons hungry for more information at an Adsense site, tend to go click crazy. Simple and it works.

If you can develop this Internet content provider’s skill in your writing, then you can be sure of getting all those high volume Adsense clicks you’ve always badly wanted.
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Internet Content Provider Needed To Create Hunger

One of the key skills needed in a good Internet content provider that makes all the difference is ability to supply plenty of valuable information in an article and yet create hunger in the reader for even more information.

This skill is very important and is not only badly needed but can also make all the difference between success and failure in any marketing campaign carried out with the help of an Internet content provider.

How do you give out so much information and end up creating a hunger for more? It is actually simpler to achieve than you may think. It is all about giving useful unique information that opens up countless new possibilities in the mind of the reader. The sort of needed information that an Internet content provider can offer in their article that ends up creating a lot of excitement in the reader. Actually excitement never fails to create hunger for more information.

For instance if you meet a new person and the initial information you get about them creates excitement in you, you will be hungry for much more information about them. If you see a new product that gets you excited, you will be hungry for all sorts of information about it.

Excitement is badly needed in many web sites and any Internet content provider that a webmaster can find, who can successfully create it will always end up with a bigger impact and more sales.
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Affordable Freelance Writer’s Work Wanted: How One Article Can Make A Webmaster Rich

More often than not, those who have wanted the work of an affordable freelance writer have failed to take full advantage of the potential benefits in terms of huge increased traffic and profitability.

The truth of the matter is that a single article can make a webmaster very rich. Wanted work from your affordable freelance writer can dramatically change your fortunes.

Here’s how.

We all know that people hate to be advertised to online and will not hesitate to spend money to block ads. We also know that many people who come online are hungry for certain information. Work from your affordable freelance writer that produces an article containing valuable information badly wanted by a certain audience will tend to get a very high attentive audience. Especially if they use the sort of keyword phrases that will attract huge traffic via search engines. Many articles have ended up being read by millions.

These millions will tend to be your targeted audience and if your advertising message is somehow merged with the valuable information in such a way that nobody sees the ad and everybody appreciates the information, then chances of converting a reasonable percentage of those readers into paying customers are high.

Just five per cent of a million is 50,000, enough paying customers to make most webmasters very rich.

I know that this sounds like hype, but the truth is that it’s happening all the time. This is precisely how your affordable freelance writer’s work can easily yield the sort of sales you’ve always wanted.
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SEO Freelance Writer’s Work Wanted: The Power Of Never Showing The Fish The Hook

Many a webmaster who has wanted work done for them by a SEO freelance writer has failed to realize the real power of promotional articles online.

Most have simply wanted their SEO freelance writer to produce some well-written work that will enhance the image of their web site. Very few have had clear objectives for increased traffic and profitability based on the immense power of this amazing online marketing tool.

Other webmasters have wanted work from their SEO freelance writer that directly and blatantly advertises the products and services on offer at their web site. They have failed to realize the simple truth in life that you will hardly catch any fish if you show them the hook.

To fully benefit from the work of your SEO freelance writer, you will need to hire somebody creative enough to write a highly entertaining article that merges your ad message with valuable content in such a way that any reader who comes across it will view it only as the exact information they wanted. They will not look at it as some promotion. In this way your prospects will not see the hook and that is how they will "bite", that is precisely how to catch fish and customers in large numbers.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Most Popular Hire-A-Ghost-Writer Articles In This Site!

The Wrong Way To Hire A Freelance Online Writer

There is a wrong way to do everything, including a wrong way to go about hiring a freelance work writer.

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Hire A Newsletter Ghost Writer And Send The Bill To Your Low Traffic Web Site

Yet there is a simple way that you can get to hire a newsletter ghost writer and send the bill to your low traffic web site. In other words assign the articles in such a way that…

How To Guarantee That Your SEO Ghost Writer Breaks All Your Sales Records

You do not need to do any keyword research to immediately tell that the keyword phrases somebody is using are just too short. The shorter a key word phrase, or the fewer the words it contains, the more competitive it is and therefore the slimmer the chances of such a keyword ever generating any search engine traffic for that particular site.

Find A Ghost Writer Who Observes Only One Rule

I have seen many cases where clients hire an affordable ghost writer so that they can do hundreds of articles for them revolving around a single keyword phrase. What a waste!


Top Content Provider Needed To Produce Best Selling Resource Box

Internet Content Provider Needed To Create Hunger

SEO Content Provider Wanted To Drown Me In Traffic

Affordable SEO Content Provider Wanted For Affiliate Prosperity

Freelance Work Writer: The Wrong Way To Hire Them

There is a wrong way to do everything, including a wrong way to go about hiring a freelance work writer.

The Search Engine Way To Hire A Freelance Work Writer Is Dangerous
If you went straight to your favorite search engine and ended up at some freelance work writer site, you need to ask yourself a number of questions. Do they know what they are doing? Have you seen samples of their writing?

Have You Decided What You Want To Achieve With Your Freelance Work

This is precisely the reason why it is important to read articles such as the one you are currently reading. Too many people start off with some vague idea that their site needs some content pronto. They then rush into the process of getting a freelance work writer without thinking through the whole thing.

Why do you want fresh content at your site? Is a freelance work writer the best way to get that content? What do you want to achieve with the articles and what sort of freelance work writer will deliver the sort of objectives that you are looking at? These are the sort of questions that you will need to look at and answer in great detail before you even begin your search for a freelance work writer.
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Hire A Newsletter Ghost Writer And Send The Bill To Your Low Traffic Web Site

The main hindrance for most folks who want to hire a newsletter ghost writer is where to get the extra funds to pay for the services. Usually the web site owner or blog owner is already stretched to the limit trying to fund the writing of articles for their site, let alone that of a newsletter.

Yet there is a simple way that you can get to hire a newsletter ghost writer and send the bill to your low traffic web site. In other words assign the articles in such a way that you'll also be able to use the very same articles at you site.

Use The First Few Paragraphs Of Content From The Newsletter Ghost Writer For Hire On Your Site
By using just the first few paragraphs of the newsletter content on your site, you will not only end up with excellent articles at your site, but it is also the ideal way to promote your free newsletter in the first place. You do not even require any skills as a writer to do this and yet you will ensure that the newsletter ghost writer you hire gets paid once for articles that you will use in at least two different places.

Alternatively you can also summarize the newsletter content at your site and then ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter to read the rest. However this option will need you to have some writing skills and will also need plenty of work.

And so that is exactly how to hire a newsletter ghost writer and send the bill to your low traffic web site.
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Hire A Content Ghost Writer And End Up With No Regrets, Only Plenty Of Green

Good content ghost writers for hire are worth their weight in gold. But only if they have the following key attributes.

Hire A Content Ghost Writer Who Is An Expert IN SEO
The truth is that if you DO NOT hire a content ghost writer who is an expert in SEO, then you've simply wasted your money. The difference between well-written articles and well-written keyword-rich articles with the right keyword phrases is just too big. Some folks estimate it at millions of hits.

Hire A Content Ghost Writer Who Will Give You Extra
The content ghost writer you hire must be able to offer you a little extra than just churning out the keyword rich articles. While it is okay to hire a content ghost writer who you will supply a long list of keyword phrases to use, there is a huge advantage in hiring one who will generate the keyword phrases as well as write the articles. You can even go further and demand a little extra service over and above that. For instance the ability to post your articles at article directories that will do four things for you;

a) Gain you traffic directly because they enjoy high regular traffic from ezine publishers looking for content to re-post at their web sites and blogs.
b) Because the article directories are already highly ranked, they will gain you valuable one way links for high search engine rankings and thus more traffic in the future.
c) Since the article directories are already well-ranked, your article keyword phrases will put your articles at the directory very high up in search engine results. While it is true that all this traffic will end up at the directory, your author's resource box at the bottom of the articles will ensure that a substantial amount of this traffic ends up at your site.
d) Because of point "a" above, your articles will quickly spread virally all over the net thus gaining you extra one way links for high search engine rankings and even more traffic.

When you hire a content ghost writer with these attributes then chances of you ending up with regrets are virtually nil. Instead, you'll end up with plenty of green and you'll always be laughing all the way to the bank, as they say.
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Here's How To Make Sure The Freelance Ghost Writer You Hire Changes The Destiny Of Your Online Business

To change the destiny of your online business, all you need to do is ensure that the freelance ghost writer you hire understands that SEO marketing for a small site is executed along the lines of a guerilla marketing campaign.

You just have to hire a freelance ghost writer who understands that a small site cannot be marketed in the same way as a large well known site enjoying tens of thousands of hits on a daily basis.

This means that the first thing that the ghost writer needs to do is use low traffic keywords to create other possible variations of the same keyword. The idea is attract small chunks of traffic from many different small non-competitive keywords. However when this small chunks of traffic are added up at the end of the day, they will add up to some substantial traffic.

The freelance ghost writer you hire must also be able to understand a classic guerilla was strategy of riding on the backs of giants. This means that they should be able to select one or two major article directories where they can post their articles complete with their resource boxes. Because of the size of these article directory sites, the keyword-rich article will be indexed very high up and will therefore receive huge traffic at the directory site. A large fraction of this traffic will then use the resource box to reach your web site.

There are really no two ways about it, you must hire a freelance ghost writer who understands the principals of guerilla warfare and guerilla marketing.
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How To Guarantee That The SEO Ghost Writer You Hire Breaks All Your Sales Records

There is no way that you will be able to hire an effective SEO ghost writer without understanding SEO and the use of the right keyword phrases to generate traffic from search engines.

If you do not make the effort to try and understand a little SEO then it will be impossible for you to supervise the ghost writer you hire to ensure that they help you break all your previous sales records with the help of their keyword-rich articles.

For instance there are cases where I have seen webmasters hire an seo ghost writer who does not quite seem to understand what they are doing. You do not need to do any keyword research to immediately tell that the keyword phrases somebody is using are just too short. The shorter a key word phrase, or the fewer the words it contains, the more competitive it is and therefore the slimmer the chances of such a keyword ever generating any search engine traffic for that particular site.

In this way you are able to tell immediately that the seo ghost writer on hire will not be able to be able to help the client site break any sales records because their content will hardly attract any traffic from search engines.
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Hire An Affordable Ghost Writer Who Observes Only One Rule

There is one major reason why the affordable ghost writers that most site owners hire do not deliver. If you (the client) can understand this weakness in many ghost writers, then you can avert heavy losses and instead profit tremendously every time you hire that affordable ghost writer.

I have seen many cases where clients hire an affordable ghost writer so that they can do hundreds of articles for them revolving around a single keyword phrase. What a waste! Every single keyword phrase that an affordable ghost writer you hire does for you should be based on different keywords.

This writer once did a total of 120 articles - all with different, unique keyword phrases for a client and that is the last time he got any work from that client. Not because he did a bad job (the client keeps on referring new clients to him all the time). What actually happened was that the client's site started generating rapidly increasing traffic from search engines in such high numbers that the client has never needed to hire the services of an affordable ghost writer like him again. Those 120 key word phrases did it! It is now over a year since those 120 keyword-rich articles were done.

Let me put this truth in a rather brutal way so that it sinks in good. If you want to hire an affordable ghost writer and receive a good return on your investment their using many different keywords is much more important than the quality of their writing. Don't get me wrong. Well-written articles are very important and will help a site grow in leaps and bounds. But well-written articles that are not keyword based or that contain the wrong keywords that are way too competitive are useless.

So even if you find a good affordable ghost writer to hire but they do not observe this simple important rule, you are just throwing your hard earned money out of the window.
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Hire A Ghost Writer: How To Ensure That They Increase Your Revenue Ten-fold

Many web site and blog site owners often find themselves in a situation where they want to hire a ghost writer. However many times they remain hesitant and terrified that the whole thing could go terribly wrong.

This fear is not unjustified. It is true that many who take the bold step and hire a ghost writer, often end up bitterly disappointed. They pay for articles that do not benefit them in any way. In other words it ends up being a cost that does not yield any returns.

A big part of the problem is that the web site owner or blog site owner hardly knows exactly what they need when they hire a ghost writer. Sure they have an idea of the kind of well-written content they would like, but in most cases they do not have the knowledge that will help them ensure that this ends up being an investment for which they receive a handsome return from.

Well-written articles are a good objective, but on their own, they will not gain your site traffic, which is the bottom line. Only a ghost writer who is able to give you well-written articles that are at the same time keyword-rich and will attract search engine traffic for you and your site is worth hiring.

There is no exception to this rule when you want to hire a ghost writer.
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Free SEO Blog Content: Use It To Generate Huge Six Figure Traffic Hits

Free SEO blog content is powerful and the source of lots of envy from other site owners struggling to win just a little traffic.

I vividly remember in the days before I discovered the power of free SEO blog content, I would visit blogs that had already clocked millions of hits. I would look around curiously and with lots of envy trying to find ways to get the magic to rub off on my then traffic-starved blogs and me.

Even today it is sometimes a little difficult to believe that just a few lousy words written in a certain order and repeated often enough throughout n article can result in daily six figure traffic hits. But then that's the power of free SEO blog content.

Free search engine optimized blog content starts with the address of your blog. Never underestimate the power of including important keywords in the address of your blog. It is a fact that when leading search engine robots spider your site, they quickly take note of the keywords in the title and the result is that your site is ranked highly in search engine results for that particular keyword phrase.

Free SEO blog content that you generate at your blog on a daily basis using different keyword phrases accumulates a huge number of different keyword phrases after a short period of time. The result is that even if each keyword phrase gives you a mere 12 hits on average daily, after 3 months of daily content creation using different keywords, your blog will be enjoying over a thousand hits daily.

After that things tend to accumulate rather quickly. Stuff like people linking to your blog and email opt-in lists growing fast. The result is that a few months later your traffic will have grown to tens of thousands, daily.

Oh my, the wonders of free SEO blog content.

So the big question now for those still in the dark is how a person generates those magic keyword phrases to help them create free SEO blog content?

I usually use a popular free online tool to carefully look at what keyword search phrases people are using. The tool I use is rather limited and gives me only the terms used at the Yahoo search engine. However I play around with those phrases. Starting at the bottom of the list, I create content using the keywords with an additional word or two. I usually come up with these extra words by trying to imagine what similar keyword phrases people searching for information can possibly use.

Remember that by adding word in front of a keyword phrase, you do not eliminate it from attracting hits from searches on the original keyword phrase. What you are simply doing is widening the net to capture as many different possible keyword phrase searches around one keyword phrase as you possibly can in your free SEO blog content.

Get an experienced SEO writer now.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Affordable SEO Services Easily Delivered By Online Writers

Despite the fact that SEO (search engine optimization) services are very effective they are hardly affordable.

SEO services from leading experts have quite often been known to lift up web sites from oblivion to high traffic within no time at all. And the advantages of this includes the fact that the web site or blog site is able to continue enjoying this high traffic long after the SEO expert has left the scene. This is probably one of the main reasons why seo services are not affordable as it seems that the service provider more often than not seeks payment for a little of your future traffic.

Yet there is a way that seo services can be very affordable. Ad that is when you decide to hire an seo writer to generate content for your site. The other reason why smart webmasters prefer to hire seo writers is because they are easily able to measure the results of each article generated for their site. It then becomes easy to measure the exact results and impact of the SEO work done by the writer.

This makes it easy for the webmaster to make an informed decision on future investment into seo services because they are able to predict their possible impact on traffic and revenue for the site.
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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Top SEO Web Content Provider Available

Christopher Kyalo Is A leading seo web content provider.(Just Google him now to see the extent and quality of his work).

His busy schedule occasionally allows him to handle assignments from new clients. Urgently email him now to find out when he might be available to do valuable articles for your site that will make all the difference because they'll generate traffic like crazy for you. Or learn all the inside secrets of high traffic generating content from his free newsletter. Subscribe now by sending a blank email to

His fee per article is only $20 for a 400-600 word best keyword phrase article for your site/blog. This fee includes researching each specific best keyword phrase for your site at the time of writing the articles (A different one is used for every article). The fee also includes posting your articles at the leading articles directory site on the web which will drive even more traffic to your site.

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