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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SEO Content Provider Wanted To Drown Me In Traffic

So you wanted a SEO content provider to help you liven up things a little at your site. But instead you ended up with serious problems caused by a rather sudden surge in traffic headed to your site. Suddenly you start having totally different worries, like worrying about your site crashing due to heavy traffic. I kid you not, this is no pipe dream.

Well, life is really about moving from one problem to another. From no-traffic to too much traffic, is a typical example which some webmasters have had the privilege of experiencing. But many people reading this would much rather be in that situation where they have to deal with the problems caused by a SEO content provider helping them generate the traffic they’ve always wanted but did not believe was possible to achieve.

And what’s more, it is not as difficult as you think getting that huge traffic you have always wanted with a little help from an experienced SEO content provider. They just need to be able to do the following rather simple things;

a) They should have a knack for coming up with keyword phrases that are capable of opening the floodgates of traffic for your site.
b) For your SEO content provider to deliver the traffic you have badly wanted all this time, they must also know a leading article directory site where they can also post the keyword-rich articles they write for you. Apart from the immediate traffic you enjoy, the leading directory site should be able to rank better with your articles, resulting in heavy traffic to their site to read your article. But don’t worry, you’ll benefit because most readers will use the link in the resource box at the bottom of the article to get to your site and take a look around.

Then there is the third and most important attribute your SEO content provider must have.

c) Your SEO content provider should also be able to help you generate links to your site, by attempting an occasional link-baiting article. This is an article designed to provoke numerous one way links pointed in the direction of your site. It could be something controversial or a resource other bloggers and webmasters will want to link to. It really depends on the skills of your SEO content provider.

There you are. 3 simple things that will enable a SEO content provider to help you generate loads more traffic than you ever bargained for or wanted.
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