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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

$99 E-Book Written And Designed For You

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SEO Advertising Ghost Writer Secret: Creating Articles That Will Go Viral And Attract Residual Traffic Part 2

To make articles really work as the effective SEO advertising tools that they are, a ghost writer will need to know exactly how to speed up the viral effect and trigger off the residual traffic that promotional articles are capable of generating years after they have been written, posted and even forgotten by their authors.

Without these skills then it is unlikely that promotional articles will have much of an impact.

The whole secret lies in understanding the “reply vehicle” of your promotional articles. This is really what determines the action readers will take after reading your promotional article. In a promotional article, the reply vehicle is simply an offer of sorts in the resource box. That offer matters like crazy because it will determine the kind of response you will end up getting from an article. Naturally some offers are more effective than others.

It is important for you to test the various offers to see which ones will work out best for you and be most effective in pulling in a response for your SEO articles.

You also need to understand that with promotional articles, your best chance of getting a response is to offer something valuable for free. However we have some people who quite successfully sell products directly from their promotional articles on the Internet. It depends on a number of factors. I will cover this topic in my next post.

We will now carefully examine the most effective reply techniques and free offers usually used successfully in SEO advertising articles by ghost writers.

The Free software Offer In SEO Advertising Articles
The offer of free software is usually very effective. You can do a number of things with free software offers including capturing email addresses of your prospects in return for you allowing them the privilege to download useful software for free. Unfortunately not everybody can offer software because firstly it is not appropriate for every other business. However my advice is that if you are able to offer free software, then do it because it will quite often make your promotional SEO articles super effective advertising tools.

Free e-book In SEO Articles
E-books are very powerful viral marketing tools in their own right and therefore anybody offering them through their promotional articles will end up with the double advantage of attracting huge traffic while cultivating an extra avenue to pull in even more traffic to their sites. E-books tend to be forwarded, passed on and even re-sold and in this way end up being distributed virally on the web far and wide. That is why it makes so much sense to ensure that you litter your e-book with links leading back to your site all over the place.

The other effect that producing an e-book will usually have is that it will help give you and your site the favorable image of being experts in the subject matter that your articles cover.

Creating a useful e-book is much easier than most folks think. All you need to do is to regularly produce some good quality content and when you have 15 posts or so, you can easily put together an e-book.

I have found that my promotional SEO articles that offer a free e-book usually end up receiving a much higher response and ultimately the site or sites where I direct traffic will tend to end up with much higher traffic than when I do not offer a free e-book.

Do you want a FREE quality e-book created for you?

Free Service
If you have made the effort to explain in great detail how a certain service solves a certain pressing problem. It is only natural that you offer a free sample in the resource box at the bottom of that article.

When I started doing promotional articles for the first time some years back, I vividly remember one of my first offers. After passionately detailing how articles work like magic, I offered a free sample. One of the clients I got as a result of that offer ended up paying me thousands of dollars and is still a client today.

There is really no need of you being idle when you can offer free service and start honing and sharpening your skills as you wait for real paying customers. This is a very powerful offer because it tells the world that you are so confident that your service works that you are willing to give a free trial. More often that not folks whom you provide an excellent service to will end up being paying clients.

Free Additional Info Can Also Be Made To Work In Promotional SEO Articles
The truth is that the offer of free additional information is the weakest offer you can make. A huge percentage of promotional articles make this offer. However it is possible to make this weak offer work for you. There are various techniques that you can use. One of the most powerful ones is to create a lot of curiosity and to leave your readers hanging with your initial article so that they end up having a strong urge or motivation to get more information along the lines of the article you have written which they have just read. That is the technique I have used to get readers onto this page and the fact that you are reading this article proves that when this strategy is well executed, it will work like a dream and make your SEO article a powerful advertising tool.

Coming SOON: Selling a product directly from a free promotional article.