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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blog Strategy: How Low Traffic Web Site Owners Are Earning Big Google Adsense Money

Be sure that there are ways to make big Google Adsense money from very low web site traffic because in this life every problem or obstacle has a technique or strategy that will help you instantly overcome it. The tricky part is finding it.

Although the Google Adsense program requires tons of traffic to yield those big checks that everybody dreams about, still there are ways of earning that big check with very low traffic.

Here is what some smart online entrepreneurs are currently doing to earn big Google Adsense money from very low traffic web sites or blog sites;

Some of these entrepreneurs have found a way of establishing dozens of blogs based on carefully selected subjects and keyword phrases that tend to earn top dollar from Google Adsense. Naturally this requires an intimate knowledge of the latest best paying
Top Paying Keywords.

These smart online entrepreneurs then look for creative ways of dealing with the issue of content for the dozens of sites that they establish. They will usually source plenty of their content from article directories. What they will then tend to do to make the content as original and special for their sites as possible is to include some brief remarks at the beginning and the end of the content they have used at their site.

One huge advantage of using other people's content is that a blog or web site is able to build up a very high number of pages very quickly. The higher the number of search engine indexed pages, the higher the traffic. In other words this web strategy also helps a low traffic site increase its' traffic volumes in leaps and bounds.

Other webmasters and bloggers are simply concentrating on
Top Paying Keywords for their existing number of web sites or blogs. The idea is to maximize on the payoff for every click that happens at their sites.

This strategy can have an amazing impact on Google Adsense earnings. For example take a site that manages about 150 clicks a month. If the average pay out for those clicks is a mere 10cts then the earnings at the end of the month will be $15.

On the other hand, if the average pay out per click is an average of a mere $5 then that site will make $750 monthly. The relatively small difference between 10 cts and $5 makes a huge difference in monthly earnings for the exact same number of clicks.

This is the mystery key that unlocks Adsense revenue, which has been discovered by some online entrepreneurs and has made such a huge difference to their earnings despite their low web site or blog site traffic.

Another useful technique for earning more from Google Adsense is by breaking down a long article into several separate pages on the blog and then targeting different keyword phrases for each page. For instance an article of 600 words can easily be broken up into 3 separate articles on 3 separate pages. The articles should then be placed in the correct sequence so that your readers easily find their way from one article to the next. An even better way of doing this is to put a link at the bottom of the page linking to the next page of the article sequence.

Using this strategy, not only will your site multiply the number of page views, but you also increase the hits because you will now have three separate articles that are able to attract hits in their own right.

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