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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hire A Ghostwriter Who Will Make Article Directories Work

Most people who hire a ghostwriter to create SEO (search engine optimized) articles and post them at article directories usually end up getting very disappointed when they fail to get instant traffic from search engines.

Although I have a pretty good record for using keyword phrases and creating articles that score quickly with search engines, I will be the first to admit that in this game there are no guarantees. And that is why it is so important to have a two-pronged strategy that uses article directories well. This will ensure that somehow the client will always receive plenty of targeted traffic and have a pretty good chance of recovering their investment used in hiring the ghostwriter to write their web content.

Hire A Ghostwriter Who Knows The Two Main Reasons Folks Use Article Directories
There are two major reasons why people use article directories.

Firstly it is to create valuable links pointing back to your site. Search engines love useful content and they love genuine links and so when they come across useful articles with links pointing back to your site, chances are very high that you will end up being rewarded by lots of traffic coming to you directly from search engines for your most prominent keyword phrases. What you need to do here is to ensure that the article directories you use for this purpose have a high Google Page Rank (a PR of at least 4 or above is excellent).

The second reason the pros post their articles in article directories is to attract traffic directly from those article directories. There are two different ways this usually happens. Firstly the article directory can have very high traffic and therefore chances of lots of people seeing your article and clicking on the link to arrive at your site are high. This happens when your article has just been posted and appears in the home page of the directory website. The other way is that your article in the directory gets indexed by Google and because of the high page rank the article directory home page already has, the page where your article is published will end up featuring high in the top ten for your main keyword phrases and will therefore attract lots of traffic (a fraction of which will click on the links in the article and arrive at your site.)

If the ghostwriter you hire understands all this and uses this strategy well then chances are pretty high that you will end up with a lot of targeted traffic, more calls and chances are that you will be able to get a return on your investment in the ghostwriter.

Quick tip: To hire a ghostwriter successfully make a list of your expectations and make sure that they respond to each one of them in writing before you make your decision. Put one or two impossible ones to test their honesty.