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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hire a ghostwriter who will make the difference

You can hire a ghostwriter who will write excellent well written articles but the truth is that they will end up being an excellent failure for your site?


The reason why this will definitely happen without fail is the same reason why the best writers don’t write bestsellers offline.

So what kind of writers writes bestsellers?

Do your own research and you will discover that writers who write best sellers are the ones who know how best to use what they have (writing abilities, personal experiences etc) to write something that has the highest chances of appealing to the masses. In other words how best to use what they have to create a best seller. Mario Puzo was exposed to many rumours, fables and stories about the Mafia during his long years as a penniless writer writing for some obscure popular magazine. Most of these stories were blown out of proportion, but that is what you do to spice up stories in any gutter press. Doesn’t seem like much at first sight, does it? But Mr Puzo used this little that he had write a best seller called The Godfather. The really fascinating thing about this writer’s life was that Mario Puzo had difficulties feeding his own family until he wrote that book. Then his life changed forever. Puzo wrote his bestseller at an age where most have given up on ever succeeding in this life. He was 49 years old.

You see the real secret about life is that everything is controlled by time and a chance. That is why these words from the good book will always be so true;

I have seen something else under the sun:
The race is not to the swift
Or the battle to the strong,
Nor does food come to the wise
Or wealth to the brilliant
Or favour to the learned
But time and chance happen to them all.
Ecclesiastes 9:11

It is exactly the same online. The best articles are not enough. The ghostwriter you hire will need to know the best way to use them to maximize on their effect and impact and get your site valuable targeted traffic for a very long time to come. Your ghostwriter will need to find his unique chance or opportunity to make things happen for your site on the World Wide Web with their writing. And to do this they will need to understand the web environment.

Let me give you a simple example.

You hire a ghostwriter who writes a whole bunch of articles for you and you have this brand new site and he is supposed to advice you on how to link the articles to each other. So what will he tell you to do? Concentrate only on the links pointing to your brand new site? Or take the time to pay special attention to the links to the same articles posted in article directories since the directory sites are bound to be much older than the new site and are therefore bound to have higher page ranks and will thus rank much higher in the search engines for important keyword phrases and will therefore bring in lots of traffic for you, at least initially.

The ghostwriter you hire will also need to know how best to use the background and previous experiences they have to present your articles in the most interesting, attractive and powerful way to make an impact for you and your site.

Yep, it all boils down to a time and a chance and for you to understand both you will need to understand your environment. How will the ghostwriter you hire understand the environment if they know nothing or very little about SEO?

So if you are in the process of hiring a ghostwriter, look for somebody who deeply understands SEO. And then you can start looking for the other stuff you want them to be good at. That’s how to hire a ghost writer who will make the difference.

Want to hire a ghostwriter who will make the difference? Or do you just want to hang around ghost writers for hire?

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Google SEO advice that will get you way ahead of the pack

You are about to read the best Google SEO advice that anybody will ever give you. At first site it may appear to be nothing much but don’t be fooled into taking it at face value. Look at it again and again and test it and study it deeper. You will never regret it. I assure you that if you use it as your guiding principle you will always excel in seo and win massive valuable highly targeted traffic to your site from the Google search engine.

The tip is: Just focus on the user experience in everything that you do.

It is amazing when you consider all the effort that many people still put into trying to “beat the Google search engine” instead of the much easier path of working with the Google search engine on your side.

But how do you work with the Google search engine rather than against it?

It is very simple. Google has become the most popular search engine in the world by far by focusing with single-minded determination on enhancing the user experience at all times. So all you need to do is focus on the user experience. I have become very successful by simply doing this and nothing else.

After you have done your keyword research and have decided which keyword phrase to go for, you need to work hard at fulfilling the following things which all go towards enhanced the user experience for anybody who gets to your site seeking information around the keyword phrases you have zeroed in on.

a) Ensure that your article is the best source of information for the keyword phrase you have chosen by carefully selecting the topic you are going to write about. Ask yourself the questions those searching on Google are asking and answer them in great detail.

b) Take a good look at the top ranking 3 pages for that keyword phrase and then work hard towards creating a much better page than the three of them combined.

c) Plan to do more articles around the same subject you have chosen and link the articles carefully and thoughtfully to each other so that somebody who lands on any of the pages will be able to click through to more information and related articles without any problems. The goal is that anybody looking for information on the subject who lands on your pages will not have to go anywhere elsewhere for more information.

d) Post all your articles at leading article directories and create links that point back to your site. Be careful to use synonyms and other related keyword phrases as your anchor text.

e) Although I have already said you should aim towards making your site a one stop place for all the information related to the keyword phrase you are targeting, it is still very important to link to other useful sites from your site that have more information on the same subject. Try and look at your information critically and decide where you fall short and then select sites that excel in that particular area. For instance you may not have any diagrams or illustrations on your site so look for sites that have them and link to them.

f) Make sure you constantly update information around your subject with the user experience on your mind at all times so that when you are done you can even translate all your information to a very useful and valuable book.

If you focus on the user experience and do all these things I have mentioned and more, there is no way your article can be kept away from being ranked amongst the top in Google rankings.

If you examine the simple suggestions that I have made in this article, you will realize that a lot of powerful SEO things that all the gurus usually practice fall under these general rules. Like having keyword phrases hyperlinked within the article and also having an article that is as informative as possible and not an article that is way too brief and with no substance.

This is no theory. I have seen it work for me many times and there is no doubt on my mind whatsoever that it is the best Google SEO advice you will get anywhere.

Get more Google SEO advice. Or find a writer who practices this Google SEO advice.