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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

$99 E-Book Written And Designed For You

Between now and Feb 29th 2008 ONLY I will write and create E-books for all the clients whom I accept ghost writing work from (see my rates and terms) for only $99. Alternatively if you just want a captivating e-book created for you that will enhance your image and launch this amazing viral traffic generating tool for you and your site, I will only charge for creating the content at $17 for every 400 words (minimum 4,000 words.) The design, formatting, conversion into PDF format etc. will all be done for FREE. Drop me a line Now!! Write to; ckyalo (at)

SEO Advertising Ghost Writer Secret: Creating Articles That Will Go Viral And Attract Residual Traffic Part 2

To make articles really work as the effective SEO advertising tools that they are, a ghost writer will need to know exactly how to speed up the viral effect and trigger off the residual traffic that promotional articles are capable of generating years after they have been written, posted and even forgotten by their authors.

Without these skills then it is unlikely that promotional articles will have much of an impact.

The whole secret lies in understanding the “reply vehicle” of your promotional articles. This is really what determines the action readers will take after reading your promotional article. In a promotional article, the reply vehicle is simply an offer of sorts in the resource box. That offer matters like crazy because it will determine the kind of response you will end up getting from an article. Naturally some offers are more effective than others.

It is important for you to test the various offers to see which ones will work out best for you and be most effective in pulling in a response for your SEO articles.

You also need to understand that with promotional articles, your best chance of getting a response is to offer something valuable for free. However we have some people who quite successfully sell products directly from their promotional articles on the Internet. It depends on a number of factors. I will cover this topic in my next post.

We will now carefully examine the most effective reply techniques and free offers usually used successfully in SEO advertising articles by ghost writers.

The Free software Offer In SEO Advertising Articles
The offer of free software is usually very effective. You can do a number of things with free software offers including capturing email addresses of your prospects in return for you allowing them the privilege to download useful software for free. Unfortunately not everybody can offer software because firstly it is not appropriate for every other business. However my advice is that if you are able to offer free software, then do it because it will quite often make your promotional SEO articles super effective advertising tools.

Free e-book In SEO Articles
E-books are very powerful viral marketing tools in their own right and therefore anybody offering them through their promotional articles will end up with the double advantage of attracting huge traffic while cultivating an extra avenue to pull in even more traffic to their sites. E-books tend to be forwarded, passed on and even re-sold and in this way end up being distributed virally on the web far and wide. That is why it makes so much sense to ensure that you litter your e-book with links leading back to your site all over the place.

The other effect that producing an e-book will usually have is that it will help give you and your site the favorable image of being experts in the subject matter that your articles cover.

Creating a useful e-book is much easier than most folks think. All you need to do is to regularly produce some good quality content and when you have 15 posts or so, you can easily put together an e-book.

I have found that my promotional SEO articles that offer a free e-book usually end up receiving a much higher response and ultimately the site or sites where I direct traffic will tend to end up with much higher traffic than when I do not offer a free e-book.

Do you want a FREE quality e-book created for you?

Free Service
If you have made the effort to explain in great detail how a certain service solves a certain pressing problem. It is only natural that you offer a free sample in the resource box at the bottom of that article.

When I started doing promotional articles for the first time some years back, I vividly remember one of my first offers. After passionately detailing how articles work like magic, I offered a free sample. One of the clients I got as a result of that offer ended up paying me thousands of dollars and is still a client today.

There is really no need of you being idle when you can offer free service and start honing and sharpening your skills as you wait for real paying customers. This is a very powerful offer because it tells the world that you are so confident that your service works that you are willing to give a free trial. More often that not folks whom you provide an excellent service to will end up being paying clients.

Free Additional Info Can Also Be Made To Work In Promotional SEO Articles
The truth is that the offer of free additional information is the weakest offer you can make. A huge percentage of promotional articles make this offer. However it is possible to make this weak offer work for you. There are various techniques that you can use. One of the most powerful ones is to create a lot of curiosity and to leave your readers hanging with your initial article so that they end up having a strong urge or motivation to get more information along the lines of the article you have written which they have just read. That is the technique I have used to get readers onto this page and the fact that you are reading this article proves that when this strategy is well executed, it will work like a dream and make your SEO article a powerful advertising tool.

Coming SOON: Selling a product directly from a free promotional article.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Search Engine Optimization Articles: What Anchor Text Keywords Should You Use For Links?

As you start writing search engine optimization articles and posting them at the leading article directories that I recommended in my special report, there is one more very important component which you will need to get right if your campaign is to be a success. And that is the anchor text you use to link back to your target site. The anchor text is the term used to refer to the word or words that are clickable and when you do click on them you end up on another site or web page.

Remember that for all leading search engines, the most important single factor that will affect your ranking is the number of quality links pointing to your site. The keywords used in those links are also very important.

For your main keywords used for the search engine optimization articles you write, I suggested that you should be careful NOT to choose keywords that are beyond your reach because they are too competitive. In fact the best thing to do if you are just starting out is to start right at the bottom of the list and work your way up. For your anchor text use the same keywords you have used in your search engine optimized articles, only ensure that you vary them as much as possible. Endeavor to use different keywords in each article. This is very important and there is a good reason for it.

Consider the following fact. With a little luck each article that you post at an article directory will be re-posted many times complete with the links you have used. Leading search engines will not like it if out of thousands of links; the exact same keyword is used every time. That’s not natural and you want to make it as natural as possible and therefore it is important that every link is different so that even if each one gets duplicated a few hundred times, it still looks natural.

There are a number of ways to vary your anchor text keywords. You can add a word or two, change the order of the words as well as find synonyms and phrases that mean the same thing.

This is a very crucial part of generating traffic using search engine optimization articles.

You too can write the kind of search engine optimization articles that will win you tons of traffic. You can also get some very high traffic generating search engine optimized headlines written for you by an expert to make your work a lot easier.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Free Online SEO Articles: The Stunt Behind Those High Traffic Generators

What is the magic behind those amazing free online search engine optimized (SEO) articles that generate tens of thousands of links virtually overnight and the kind of traffic that would turn every long suffering webmaster green with envy?

The good news is that virtually anybody who is interested enough can be the proud owner of one of those articles that stretch hit counters to the limit and cause bandwidth chaos.

The really important thing to remember is the harsh reality that there is just too much to read online and nobody is going to waste their time with a boring article that hardly has any useful information. This means that part of the process of optimizing your article is to make it as interesting and useful as possible. If your free online seo article is NOT interesting then nothing else matters and you will never generate much in terms of hits or traffic from it.

The other golden rule is that the tinier the niche you target with your free online SEO article, the better and the more interesting it will be. It is just plain suicide writing an article that is too general aimed at everybody. That will get you nowhere on the web.

Just to give an example. If you are writing an article on how to find a good reliable web host, you will dramatically increase the power of your article by targeting a specific niche. For instance your article can be about how dating sites can find a good reliable web host. Rather than lose readership by narrowing down your target niche, you will gain because other webmasters who are well aware of the fact that dating sites tend to get very busy will also be attracted to read your article.

Finally never forget that a key part of SEO is attracting back links pointed at your site. The more interesting your article is the more the people who will link to it. So it is true to say that the most important aspect of optimizing an article for search engines is to ensure that it is as interesting and useful as possible.

Get more details about the magic behind free online seo articles that generate tons of traffic. Or get good headlines written for you by a professional ghost writer NOW.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ghost Writer Services Available For Publishing Books

Here is a very experienced ghostwriter who will charge you very reasonable prices to create a book out of your experiences and life's work.

He charges only $999 for every 50,000 words. Many excellent books are that long. Get your book started today, do not postpone it any longer. There is only the other additional fee of $555 that you pay later—when the first draft has been done which covers research, time spent in communication with the client and other non-writing chores involved in a project of this nature.

To cut down on costs you can edit the manuscript yourself or get somebody to help you do it. However this writer also offers editing services for the very reasonable fee of $990.

That's all. There are no other hidden costs. Apart from telephone calls when necessary (I have completed many excellent manuscripts by communicating only via email and online chat) which will be charged to the client.

The huge advantage of hiring this ghost writer for your book is the fact that he offers all his clients for book ghost writing services free SEO (search engine optimization) and online marketing services to promote your book as it is being out together. Usually he establishes a free blog to publish excerpts of the book in progress. Kindly note that the blog remains his property which enables him to find ways of recovering the costs of running it and giving this service free through various affiliate programs. However your blog can later be sold to you at a minimal throw-away price.

Some clients prefer to pay a one off fee of $1,500 (including editing) for every 50,000 words and then 5 per cent of all book sales when the book is published. This is still okay and you will still get the free marketing assistance for your book as well.

Unfortunately I can only do only one book at a time, so hurry up and Email Me right away so that I can fit you into my schedule as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gold bullion encounters

message from our sponsors;
Actually gold bullion is widely available for purchase as an investment by any investor. American eagle gold coins are available in units of 10 one-ounce coins for personal delivery only. .9167 fine gold. Legal tender coin in the USA with a $50 face value.

Fascinatingly, history clearly records that from the time of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to more modern times, man has always had an affinity for gold and gold bullion and has often gone to great lengths—both legally and illegally to get hold of gold any which way they can. It seems that man can hardly resist the tempting beauty and allure of gold.

Controversial articles will give you tons of links

Valuable, useful and controversial articles are a powerful way to generate tens of thousands of links pointing to your site. If you link-generating strategy leans heavily in this direction of articles, then chances of success for you will be fairly high. However it is very important that you understand how to handle promotional articles for maximum effect.

Do you have a strategy for generating one way back links?

Do you have a strategy for generating one way back links to your website or blog? Most people DO NOT and it is therefore not surprising at all that they always lag behind in search engine positions and hardly enjoy much traffic from leading search engines like Google. If you fail to plan, what you're really doing is planning for failure.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Adjunct faculty member at Capella

message from our sponsors;
Sara Orem, PhD, an adjunct faculty member at Capella University who has co-authored a new book titled Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change. Appreciative Coaching.

The book has been published by Jossey-Bass, and uses positive questions, mindfulness, and other tools to acknowledge the strengths of individuals and effect change. Orem’s co-authors are Jacqueline Binkert, PhD, and Ann Clancy, PhD.

Capella University, is a well known, accredited, fully online university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and an online psychology degree and bachelor’s degree programs in business and information technology. It is encouraging to note that research in various disciplines is ongoing and being taken very seriously by the likes of Ms Orem and others.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

The fastest and most efficient way of quickly building up links

The fastest and most efficient way of quickly building up links pointing to your site is using what is widely referred to as link baiting techniques. This is where you create articles and features that cause numerous other sites to link to you. We have seen sites pick up tens of thousands of links in a few short days.

Build up backlinks

Knowing how to build up the volume of one way back links pointing to your site, is one of the key skills that will tend to decide just how successful a webmaster or site owner becomes. In other words, if you are good at this you will almost certainly end up with a very successful website.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Use These Articles And Pay Less Than 0.01 Cents Per Highly Targeted Click

You've probably already spent a fortune on banner ads, classified ads or all sorts of promotional tactics. If you're honest you will admit that the best response you ever received was from PPC (pay-per-click) ads with leading search engines because you only paid for actual traffic that made it to your site.

But just imagine for a moment placing a small web advertisement now that for life that will give you a huge response almost immediately and continue to give you a steady stream of clients for years to come. This would the sort of ad that is permanent. Let us assume that you spent a one off fee of $17 on that advertisement. After you get 1,000 targeted visitors to your site the actual cost will be 1.7 cents per click. What would you have paid if you used PPC? 10 cents perhaps if you are very lucky? But even that is a lot more than 1.7 cents.

We are of course talking about promotional seo articles.

And please remember that this is no curiosity click but a highly targeted prospect that has already been pre-sold by the article before arriving at your site, so most of them are usually ready to buy. The truth is that some of my articles get tens of thousands of hits in the course of one year. (Check out this one for instance, scroll to the bottom to see the counter. Please note this is not my site nor do I have any control over it or the hit counter—although the guy is called Chris just like me. But he's Christopher Knight and I'm Christopher Kyalo. By the way this site is ezinearticles the most popular article directory in the world.) This means that a click works out at less that 0.017 cents!

Simple calculations will quickly tell you that not only are my promotional articles much cheaper than any PPC ads, they are also MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE.

I do not use any other form of marketing and promotion for my online businesses, other than articles. In fact that is exactly how you landed on this page so I know what I am talking about. Besides you must remember that I earn a living online and I have no other day job or business to support myself and my rather large family.

Actually I am currently looking to sign up a few more clients and I will tell you why, even as I admit something to you about this business. My articles usually work out so well that after about 500 articles, most sites have more traffic than they can handle. So they hardly need my services any more. Or at least not for quite a while. That is why I periodically look for a few more clients to fill in the gaps left by some very happy ecstatic webmasters. Please note that this figure I have given does not apply to all businesses. Some clients have needed triple that number of articles to get the traffic they need and a few have required much less.

The really wonderful thing here is that even if you do not have $1,700 right now to order 100 articles, you can still launch this amazing promotional technique by ordering just 25 articles at a time, or even less. You can then see for yourself what kind of traffic you are receiving and probably even use some of the profits to order for more articles.

The fee I usually charge includes keyword research as well as posting to the single high traffic articles directory I use. So all you need to give me is the address of the site where you want the traffic directed and I will do the rest, including researching the articles and information and figuring out the "hot buttons" (as we call them in marketing) that will get folks really interested in your site and what you have to offer there. You see the level of interest your article attracts matters like crazy because that's the only way the viral effect or link-baiting will kick in as numerous people re-post the article at their sites or create a link on their site pointing to yours.

My fees are extremely reasonable; (all articles 400-450 words)

100 articles will attract a rate of $17 per article, which will total $1,700 for the lot.

50 articles will attract a rate of $19.50 per article, which will total $975 for the lot.

25 articles or less will attract a rate of $19.90 per article, which will total $497.50 for 25 high-traffic generating articles.

Don't waste another minute; Email me right away order your articles.

Just to sum up everything we have said here and highlight some of the benefits you will enjoy;

a) Get permanent traffic for years to come. Get it done now continue to receive heavy traffic for months and years to come.

b) Get thousands of one way links legally and the way search engines would love you to get them, through links in resource boxes and within articles at high page rank sites.

c) This will also dramatically improve your Google page rank (PR) which will give you even more traffic via search engines.

d) You will end up paying much less per hit than you would with PPC ads at leading search engines. In fact over time you will have paid a small fraction of a cent for each article because the more traffic each article attracts the more its' cost drops.

So whether you want to start with a few articles and grow from there or you are anxious for huge traffic straight away and want to order 100 immediately, Email Me right away so that together we can get this show on the road and your web site traffic up there where it belongs.

You will automatically qualify for a 5% discount if you can tell me how you found this web page.

Alternatively get SEO training from me wherever you are in the world. Get more details on my charges for an intensive 8 hour SEO training session.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Online guide to popular US tourist destination

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Orlando, Florida is host to six major theme parks, all close to a variety of Orlando hotels. So how does one go about finding an appropriate hotel in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world?

Fortunately it is fairly easy with sites like The site provides the most affordable prices on the widest selection of hotels in orlando, car rentals and flights throughout the greater Orlando Florida area. offers the most comprehensive travel and vacation arrangements in Orlando, with a travel guide offering tips on entertainment, dining, nightlife and much more.

The World Wide Web has really made things very easy and convenient.

Little known lucrative keywords

By using little known secret keywords and phrases, you can dramatically alter your online fortunes and quickly find that your site is able to attract substantial traffic via the leading and most popular search engines on the World Wide Web. The big challenge naturally is how to find these golden life-changing keyword phrases.

Secret keywords

You probably did not know this but there are certain secret keywords and keyword phrases that will give any site a steady flow of substantial traffic. I cal them secret because they are popular in that folks multitudes of people use them every month and yet there are not many sites that target those keywords.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pure bullion investments

message from our sponsors;
One of the reasons why gold is such an ideal investment product, is the fact that it is available in coin or ingot form. Ingots are generally gold ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Coins have a currency value or they are actually defined as ingots.

Actually gold has long been recognized as one of the best ways to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power. Thus gold bullion is a unique investment that just can't be ignored by any serious investor.

From ancient times; the time of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to more modern times, man has always had a very high affinity for gold bullion.

Golden keywords are popular keywords

Golden keywords need to be popular enough to be viable. Using a tool like the overture keyword tool, it must be the sort of keyword or keyword phrase that consistently attracts at least 10,000 hits every month without fail. In some rare instances 8,000 hits a month and 6,000 hits a month may work.

How to find golden keywords

How does one find those golden keywords that alter the fortunes of a site literally overnight?

What you must do is find a keyword phrase that is as popular as possible (meaning that people are using it all the time) and yet webmasters are hardly addressing that particular keyword. In most cases this would also mean that there is hardly any information online on that particular subject.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Marriage is on their mind

Online news flash
One thing that you will quickly discover is that Russian and Ukrainian brides are different from brides from anywhere else in the world because marriage is normally their main priority from a very early age.

That's why If by any chance you are looking for a life partner online, you should seriously consider Russian brides. You will find that russian women at sites like Lovers Planet are looking for a life partner and will prefer to get to know a person before creating a more serious bond leading to marriage.

In fact Russian women strive to create a family first and then consider other things like building a career later.

This is a sponsored post.

Surprising results

Have you noticed how online marketing ideas seem to be so similar to each other? Most webmasters, it seems just copy what everybody else is doing without introducing any new twist. Creativity is very low and so it is not surprising that the results are usually so poor and sales so low.

Creativity will always do the trick

What most people looking for success online lack is creativity. When you combine creativity and constant testing, the results can be explosive. Creativity should dominate every aspect of your online work, including marketing and how you generate leads. This will mean that your ideas will always be different and fresh and chances of hitting the jackpot several times will be high.

Standard of service

Message from our sponsors;
Trust is a very treasured attribute when somebody is looking to work with an executive search firm. That is why companies such as A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc. are so treasured by many. Actually this particular recruiter has maintained a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field since inception in 1967.

What makes them even more sought after is the fact that their recruiters have all had successful careers in the industries they represent at AEF, and bring an invaluable depth of experience, skill and insight to their work.

The main practice areas for A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc. are in areas like financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products among others.

Technique for discovering keywords

My technique for keywords these days is based on a simple system where I test several keywords by generating as many articles as I can and posting them at a leading articles directory with a very high Google Page Rank. Next I will check to see if any of the keywords I was targeting are in the top 100 search results. Those that I find, I will then work very hard on in terms of SEO.

Recent adjustments

It is widely believed that a small site can only score highly for non-competitive keywords and should therefore leave big keywords to big companies and sites. However from my recent research and experience, this is not always true. More so with recent adjustments to the Google algorithm whose main objective has been to constantly make Google search results as relevant as possible.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spyware research

message from our sponsors;
The company called Software Security Solutions through research and testing has found the best Security Software in each threat category including Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Exploits, and NOD32. Little wonder that numerous clients find their service so convenient.

Although it is widely recognized that different types of Security Software excel at different types of protection and it is not possible to get a single product that protects you from all the security threats online, sadly this has not stopped many hype peddlers from fooling many that their product can deal with all viruses and spyware. This lie is eddled on the net every day in numerous sites.

Another very effective marketing tool

Another very effective tool in the hands of a web content provider when it comes to generating traffic is the headline. If you have a weak headline then it matters little what you have written because it will hardly get read. Even popular keyword phrases may not help you much because even with a high ranking your web site will not maximize on the potential traffic that it should receive.

Generate traffic with content

The tools in the hand of the web content provider that will help generate traffic are numerous and it is important to be constantly aware of them as one generates content. They include high traffic keyword phrases and how to use the keywords on the web page so that the page and site attracts as much traffic as possible from all the major search engines.

Run any site

Message from our sponsors;
It is rather obvious that many bloggers have huge problems with the HTML programming language. And yet the truth is that it would be very difficult to run a any site without knowledge in HTML. It is because of this that we now have a site that is destined to become the number one online service for webmasters to make a free HTML form and download formmail. The site was founded in late 2005 and is called

On being launched, the initial idea was to provide a free HTML Form Wizard so that those who had a website but did not know how to create an HTML form could make a Web Form quickly and easily for free.

Web content writers

Web content writers should constantly be thinking on how best to do their writing so that it generates traffic. This starts with a choice of the right keyword phrases but also includes the quality of writing that the online writer produces. Quality writing will always attract lots of traffic considering that it is not that common on the web.

Many writers

In creating web content, many writers fail to realize that content that hardly gets read is worthless and not worth the effort put into generating it. Which means that every piece of writing for a web site or blog site should be undertaken with traffic in mind. The writer should constantly ask themselves how they are going to generate traffic to the content.

Hunting electronics

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There is this place where you will find both reliability and quality merchandise in plenty if you are looking for marine electronics. It is actually the home of the very best in electronics for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, and driving.

The place is Northeast Marine Electronics where even the enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff will help you choose the Discount Marine Electronics you are looking for, including Marine Radios. The selection of discount marine electronics is the best you will ever find anywhere.

You are sure to find here anything you could ever need at sea and more. Some of the stuff stocked includes; fishfinders, batteries, gps systems, radar, chart plotters, depth finders, binoculars, compasses and instructional videos, just name it and chances are that they've got it.

Ideas are important

Anybody who has an online presence needs to constantly and regularly come up with ideas for content. One of the sources for brilliant ideas for articles and posts is the comments section of your blog. This is one of the wonderful aspects about blogs. Readers can read and then immediately leave a comment about their feelings and views on the subject covered.

Powerful posts

To be able to create powerful and useful posts, one needs to constantly come up with brilliant ideas for articles and posts. Admittedly, this is not always an easy thing to do. In fact there are webmasters who are constantly in distress racking their brains for a decent idea to blog about or to use to create a post on their web sites.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Desired discounts for Disney

message from our sponsors;
When seeking a major discount at Disney World and all Orlando theme parks, you need to know that there is one source where you can get all the desired discounts that you desire.

In fact Disney tickets as well as Universal Studios Tickets are now available. And what's more, they are for many different days and options from one to ten days for what is called, "Disney Magic Your Way" for instance. All this is available and waiting for you at This is one place that has the lowest prices on all discount Disney tickets and actually guarantees the lowest prices. This is such good news because Walt Disney World has so much to offer with four theme parks, two water parks and much, much more.

Service providers charge different

In actual fact many service providers charge different prices to different categories of the market and this is not a bad strategy for a content provider. In fact used well, it can be highly successful and help maximize on the revenue earning potential of the content provider. There are those clients who do not believe in low cost content and then there are those who do. Obviously to get both you will need to charge different prices.

How much should a writer charge?

How much should a writer charge a client for content? Actually it depends on many factors. Mainly the kind of costs the web content provider is faced with and most of their speed. How quickly can then finish client articles while still keeping the quality at very high standards? These are the main factors that will determine price.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Positive process

Message from our sponsors;
An amazing new book titled ‘Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change’s has recently been released. The book is co-authored by Sara Orem, a faculty member at the elearning university Capella University’s School of Business and Technology.

Apart from her work at Capella, Orem runs her own coaching firm. She has also presented programs in Appreciative Inquiry at the National Organization Development Network, and International Coach Federation annual conferences. She lives in Oakland, California.

The main concept behind the book is that rather than focusing on individuals in limited or problem-oriented ways, Appreciative Coaching seeks to guide the reader through four stages in the positive process for change. They are Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

It depends on what kind of writer you are

Personally as web content provider, I write on virtually any subject and industry. Of course it has helped a great deal that my background is in journalism where we were trained to quickly grasp the basics of any complex situation, simplify it and write about it in such a way that you reach a wide audience of bother experts and persons who have no clue about the subject you are covering in your articles.

General or specialist ghostwriter?

As a web content provider, should one specialize in a certain area and subject or is it better to be just a general ghostwriter covering a wide area and able to write any sort of online content for clients? Actually it all depends on what sort of writer you are and what kind of writing you are comfortable with.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Most creative

message from our sponsors;
Probably one of the most creative mortgage arrangements in recent decades has to be the endowment mortgage. In this case the principal is paid off by an insurance policy and only the interest on it is due from the mortgage holder.

Sadly in recent times, this kind of arrangement has not worked all that well and mortgages have remained due even after the cashing in of insurance policies on them. Part of the problem is that some of these policies are not all that desirable to purchase for many buyers, however it is just a case the seller being able to find the right buyer for their unique endowment policy. By finding the right buyer the endowment policy holder may be able to receive up to 35% more for their endowments policy.

The only way webmasters can sustain quality info

It is very difficult for most webmasters to sustain information that is of a high enough quality to continue to attract paid members to a paid membership site. The only solution is to use the services of a good ghostwriter or online content provider. This is a huge market for content providers to consider.

Paid membership sites and the future

Web content providers must make themselves aware of paid membership sites that have risen considerably in popularity on the World Wide Web in recent years. Many are convinced that they are the future of the net and will be the only source of quality information in the years to come. These sites are hungry for quality content.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

It has become crystal clear

message from our sponsors;
It has become crystal clear in recent times that websites are a very critical tool for any business which when used well can help many clients enjoy convenience and immense benefits which go a long way in guarantying customer loyalty and ultimately better performance. In other words everybody benefits.

After some extensive painstaking research, consumer and industry feedback, and competitive site benchmarking, has created a website that is the talk of the hospitality industry. There is no doubt over the fact that it raises the bar and sets a new standard for hospitality websites catering to the high-end.

At the site clients for an all inclusive vacation, or any other product for that matter will find great rates that will help them achieve tremendous savings of up to 50% off regular rates.

How about this?

You need to look at promotional articles differently. How about viewing each posted article at some articles directory as a website with valuable one way links pointed at your site, that apart from giving you immediate traffic also go a long way in optimizing your site for search engine rankings and traffic. With this kind of view, you begin to understand just how powerful well written keyword-rich articles are as a marketing tool.

Measuring the individual performance

Measuring the individual performance of every promotional article that you use, is a great way to ensure that you end up maximizing on the effectiveness of your article marketing campaign. After a short while you will clearly know which particular kind of articles are bound to work best for you and which ones won't get you much traffic.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Possible price for clients

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A travel company that fosters deep relationships with all major travel providers, consolidators, and wholesalers is bound to be a good one. One that is able to ensure that the appropriate travel product and destination is available at the best possible price for their clients.

In fact this is one of the many strengths of United Vacation Network, which is an outstanding travel fulfillment company that has built an enviable reputation in the market. This is one service provider committed to providing their individual clients with superior levels of customer service along with unmatched access to diversified travel products available throughout worldwide vacation destinations.

Residual income comes to a content provider

Residual income comes to a content provider who gradually builds a sizeable site with numerous search engine optimized pages all with Adsense pay per click ads and other affiliate programs on them. This will ensure a continuous income for years to come even if the writer stops providing content to other sites online.

Why a content provider needs their own site

One of the reasons why it is so important for a web content provider to own their own site or blog is because residual income is very important online and it is something that any content provider should actively seek online. One of the ways of doing this is by having sites with Adsense advertisements on them.

Not many folks

Not many folks remember the time when gas was only 25-cents a gallon. It actually seems like such a long time ago. The reality of paper money losing value is a threat to any investment portfolio because despite the politics and changes over the years the same amount of silver then and now still buys you the same amount of fuel.

The company you need to speak with to ensure that your investments do not depreciate in value over the years is Monex. Monex is the company when you want to buy gold coins or get involved in any other precious metals investment. The company has the expertise and resources to meet virtually all precious metals investor needs. Since 1967 Monex has had well over 100,000 investors purchase billions of dollars worth of gold, silver, platinum, palladium bullion and bullion coins.

No hesitation

I have no hesitation in fully recommending a no frills affiliate program that will provide residual income for you and yet you will not be required to do anything other than what you are already doing sending out and receiving email from friends and visiting your favorite sites. This amazing residual income associate's program starts with you reading an amazing ebook on making money online.

As a web content provider...

As a web content provider there are many affiliate programs that you can easily join that will help you make serious residual income. What is residual income? Residual income is money that you earn continuously for work that you did only once. For instance somebody puts up a block of apartments once but is able to earn rental income from them for generations to come.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Little doubt

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There is little doubt over the fact that Hayfield Dental Care is perhaps the best place to go in Virginia if you happen to have problems with your teeth or want some cosmetic surgery undertaken to enhance your appearance. Having treated over 23,000 patients, the facility has managed to maintain a perfect record with the Virginia board of dentistry with a history of no complaints. This has been attributed to the extensive training that the staff at the facility have undertaken not to mention the latest and most advanced materials and equipment used to provide patients with the best care available. This place has been in existence since 1987 and employs a full time expert in orthodontics.

Important component if you want to make money online

Web content is a very important component for anybody seeking to succeed on the World Wide Web. It starts with the choice of the right keywords and keyword phrases and moves on to how you write that content, including stuff like the percentage of your keyword density. All these factors will impact tremendously on how well your online enterprise performs.

A Make Money Online Tip

But apart from your web content, it is also important that you get the best advice possible from experts when setting up your online venture. Now it is not only possible to do this easily online, but there are programs where folks can share in the profits of leading make money online gurus. Check out such a program in this fastest way to online profits program.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Toronto Should Be Exciting

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Toronto is an exciting and rather compelling attraction for many visitors from all over the world, including Japan, China and Europe, and for a large number of Upstate New Yorkers too. The Skydome and Air Canada Center host a large number of sporting events and the CNE, CN tower, and Eaton Center are major tourist attractions. It is therefore reassuring to realize that if you know what to look for you are guaranteed of finding quality toronto hotels wherever you may be. For instance the Delta Chelsea is right next door to all the major sporting attractions that we have mentioned.

Delta Hotels are very well known and this is Canada’s major hotel chain with hotels in over 40 Canadian city locations. Delta’s hotel properties include ski resorts in the prestigious Whistler BC Village and Sun peaks resorts, along with bed and breakfast location in Toronto and golf resorts in BC and Alberta.

The Delta Chelsea boasts a room capacity of over 1600 rooms.

Knowledge is useless if you don't do this

Knowledge is useless if you do not use it and that is really the key to making huge amounts of cash online. You can start off with the huge amounts of useful information available in this site (start reading from here) and then move to other relevant sites and after you have absorbed everything the way a dry sponge would, it is then time to “squeeze the water out slowly from the sponge” by finding practical ways to apply what you learn on your sites.

Maximize on your online earnings

There are few blogs or sites for that matter that contain as much information as this one when it comes to content providers and how to maximize on your Adsense earnings. That is why it is an excellent idea to carefully browse through older articles here, starting from this one. Take time to absorb the large amount gems in terms of info.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Laid your eyes on gold?

Have you ever laid your eyes on gold let alone touching it with your hands? The feeling must be great but many wonder how one can come in contact with the most popular precious metal on earth. Easy, get in touch with Monex Deposit Company and make your dreams come true. The company can buy the yellow gleaming metal for immediate personal delivery or make arrangements for convenient and safe storage at the bank of your choice or even depository. What more could you want? If you have had enough of processing it, you could contact Monex precious metals who will ensure that you get the most competitive price when selling it as they are America's biggest dealers as far as the trade in precious metals is concerned.

Secret to building one way links quickly

Instead of posting the same article at your site and at article directories, you should get a really good, useful article and post it at your site and then go ahead and develop numerous short articles targeting different keywords at a popular article directory all pointing to that single page on your web site. You will build quality one way links, pronto in this way.

How to use article directories to build links quickly

If your intention is to quickly build one way links pointing at your site, then the way to do this is not to risk content duplication penalties by posting the same article that you have posted at your site at the article directory. This is a big mistake and there is another way of going about this.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Price Of Silver

The price of Silver has been looking up as demand has exceeded production since 1990. What does this mean? It means that there has never be a better time to buy silver than now. Monex deposit company knows this only too well as they have been in the business of precious metals for several years and their efficient and expert staff will ensure you get quality service and maximum returns for your investment not to mention safe storage at an independent bank or depository up to the last silver coin that you handle. You will definitely be able to sleep much better when you are sure of the care being taken over your investment.

You Need An Excellent Resource Box To Attract Maximum Traffic

For those who post articles at article directories so as to direct traffic to their sites, there is one very important thing to observe about articles that you post. And this is the resource box. Usually it comes at the bottom of the article and some people call it the author's bio. This can makle or break you articles marketing campaign.

The Resource Box Matters Like Hell

To create an effective resource box, it is important to remember that people do not like to be advertised to. In fact they greatly hate being advertised to online. So the first rule about your resource box is that the less it looks like an advertisement, the better for you and the more effective it will end up being.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wall Street Journal Writes About Tummy Tuck

The Wall Street Journal has recently published a story about the Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Just the place you should have in mind if you are thinking of a tummy tuck california in the near future.

There are many reasons to choose Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgeery. For starters, staff here are highly trained to extent of anticipating clients needs in this rather sensitive field for many.

It is also soothing for any would-be client to know that they are in very safe and efficient hands. The medical director here is a fully trained plastic surgeon who graduated from the finest universities and residencies including Stanford University, The University of Chicago, and UCLA Medical Center.

Is A $100,000 Adsense Blog Possible?

A $100,000 Adsense blog is a blog that pulls in that amount of money in a year, without fail. Meaning that this blog will tend to generate about $8,334 every month. The really fascinating thing is that many of these blogs do not have such high traffic figures. They are just owned by Adsense smart bloggers who know how to make the most out of limited traffic.


Dangerous One Revenue Source Business

It is never a wise thing to set up any business, offline or online that relies on only one source of revenue. What if something goes wrong? What if for instance, your Google Adsense account is cancelled for one reason or another? It does not make any sense not to have any alternative revenue sources for your Adsense blog.

Here is how you can go about getting alternatives.