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Saturday, October 09, 2010

What are DePuy Hip Implants?

What are DePuy Hip Implants? DePuy Hip Implants were entered the market in 2005 and were approved to replace damaged hip sockets in patients. But in 2007 complaints started pouring in. Statistically, the number of reported DePuy hip replacement problems quickly doubled by 2008 and by 2009 they had tripled. Things came to a head in August 26, 2010 when the manufacturers, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. announced a recall of 93,000 hip replacement systems.

In any DePuy Hip Replacement lawsuit you will require attorneys who understand the pain and suffering that can be caused by a defective DePuy Hip Implant. O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath are experienced and uniquely qualified to handle liability claims like these ones.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Opportunity for hotels in Mombasa targeting tourists

I have just completed some amazing research on potential clients looking for hotels in Mombasa online. I think my findings will be of great interest to any hotel owner in Mombasa.

The following are searches done on the Google search engine during the month of April 2010 (last month).

hotels mombasa 1 - 3 $1.59 27,100 135,000

mombasa hotel 1 - 3 $1.22 9,900 60,500

mombasa hotels kenya 1 - 3 $2.15 2,900 14,800

cheap hotel mombasa 1 - 3 $2.30 110 590

mombasa beach hotel 1 - 3 $1.11 3,600 22,200

hotel in mombasa 1 - 3 $1.54 480 2,900

mombasa safari 1 - 3 $2.44 5,400 12,100

mombasa hotel deals 1 - 3 $0.05 Not enough data 2,400

mombasa holiday 1 - 3 $1.88 1,600 4,400

mombasa holidays 1 - 3 $1.89 4,400 5,400

The first column shows the keyword phrase keyed in on the Google search engine. The fourth column shows the number of searches performed within the US and the fifth column shows searches performed in the rest of the world including Kenya but mostly in Europe.

Now go to Google and use these popular search terms and do a search. You will find very few relevant results from actual hotels in Mombasa and Kenya. Your hotel is nowhere to be seen in the all important top
ten. Why?

Actually what this means is that many people who search using these frequently-used keyword phrases, badly need a hotel in Nairobi and search on the web only to end up very frustrated because they just can’t find what they are looking for. And they certainly can’t find you.

In other words you are losing business.

All a hotelier has to do is “optimize” their website. If they don’t have a website, they can create a page with contact information of how they can be reached and then optimize it so that people can land on it from Google and they will soon be flooded with calls from “live leads” of people ready to buy immediately.

How can somebody optimize their sites? They will need to talk to a search engine optimizer. In this case it will be a very easy assignment because there is hardly any competition as is usually the case in many instances in other countries, especially in the developed world.

I am currently in Mombasa and I am in a position to do a free demonstration for you. Please call me on my cell, 0727-217920.

Christopher Kyalo.

P.S. Alternatively you can do your own optimization for yourself in-house. I have published a book that explains in very simple language how you can do this. It is titled: “How to get plenty of traffic and customers from Google even if you know little or nothing about the web.” It is available for only Kshs 1,550. Call
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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hire a ghostwriter who will make the difference

You can hire a ghostwriter who will write excellent well written articles but the truth is that they will end up being an excellent failure for your site?


The reason why this will definitely happen without fail is the same reason why the best writers don’t write bestsellers offline.

So what kind of writers writes bestsellers?

Do your own research and you will discover that writers who write best sellers are the ones who know how best to use what they have (writing abilities, personal experiences etc) to write something that has the highest chances of appealing to the masses. In other words how best to use what they have to create a best seller. Mario Puzo was exposed to many rumours, fables and stories about the Mafia during his long years as a penniless writer writing for some obscure popular magazine. Most of these stories were blown out of proportion, but that is what you do to spice up stories in any gutter press. Doesn’t seem like much at first sight, does it? But Mr Puzo used this little that he had write a best seller called The Godfather. The really fascinating thing about this writer’s life was that Mario Puzo had difficulties feeding his own family until he wrote that book. Then his life changed forever. Puzo wrote his bestseller at an age where most have given up on ever succeeding in this life. He was 49 years old.

You see the real secret about life is that everything is controlled by time and a chance. That is why these words from the good book will always be so true;

I have seen something else under the sun:
The race is not to the swift
Or the battle to the strong,
Nor does food come to the wise
Or wealth to the brilliant
Or favour to the learned
But time and chance happen to them all.
Ecclesiastes 9:11

It is exactly the same online. The best articles are not enough. The ghostwriter you hire will need to know the best way to use them to maximize on their effect and impact and get your site valuable targeted traffic for a very long time to come. Your ghostwriter will need to find his unique chance or opportunity to make things happen for your site on the World Wide Web with their writing. And to do this they will need to understand the web environment.

Let me give you a simple example.

You hire a ghostwriter who writes a whole bunch of articles for you and you have this brand new site and he is supposed to advice you on how to link the articles to each other. So what will he tell you to do? Concentrate only on the links pointing to your brand new site? Or take the time to pay special attention to the links to the same articles posted in article directories since the directory sites are bound to be much older than the new site and are therefore bound to have higher page ranks and will thus rank much higher in the search engines for important keyword phrases and will therefore bring in lots of traffic for you, at least initially.

The ghostwriter you hire will also need to know how best to use the background and previous experiences they have to present your articles in the most interesting, attractive and powerful way to make an impact for you and your site.

Yep, it all boils down to a time and a chance and for you to understand both you will need to understand your environment. How will the ghostwriter you hire understand the environment if they know nothing or very little about SEO?

So if you are in the process of hiring a ghostwriter, look for somebody who deeply understands SEO. And then you can start looking for the other stuff you want them to be good at. That’s how to hire a ghost writer who will make the difference.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Google SEO advice that will get you way ahead of the pack

You are about to read the best Google SEO advice that anybody will ever give you. At first site it may appear to be nothing much but don’t be fooled into taking it at face value. Look at it again and again and test it and study it deeper. You will never regret it. I assure you that if you use it as your guiding principle you will always excel in seo and win massive valuable highly targeted traffic to your site from the Google search engine.

The tip is: Just focus on the user experience in everything that you do.

It is amazing when you consider all the effort that many people still put into trying to “beat the Google search engine” instead of the much easier path of working with the Google search engine on your side.

But how do you work with the Google search engine rather than against it?

It is very simple. Google has become the most popular search engine in the world by far by focusing with single-minded determination on enhancing the user experience at all times. So all you need to do is focus on the user experience. I have become very successful by simply doing this and nothing else.

After you have done your keyword research and have decided which keyword phrase to go for, you need to work hard at fulfilling the following things which all go towards enhanced the user experience for anybody who gets to your site seeking information around the keyword phrases you have zeroed in on.

a) Ensure that your article is the best source of information for the keyword phrase you have chosen by carefully selecting the topic you are going to write about. Ask yourself the questions those searching on Google are asking and answer them in great detail.

b) Take a good look at the top ranking 3 pages for that keyword phrase and then work hard towards creating a much better page than the three of them combined.

c) Plan to do more articles around the same subject you have chosen and link the articles carefully and thoughtfully to each other so that somebody who lands on any of the pages will be able to click through to more information and related articles without any problems. The goal is that anybody looking for information on the subject who lands on your pages will not have to go anywhere elsewhere for more information.

d) Post all your articles at leading article directories and create links that point back to your site. Be careful to use synonyms and other related keyword phrases as your anchor text.

e) Although I have already said you should aim towards making your site a one stop place for all the information related to the keyword phrase you are targeting, it is still very important to link to other useful sites from your site that have more information on the same subject. Try and look at your information critically and decide where you fall short and then select sites that excel in that particular area. For instance you may not have any diagrams or illustrations on your site so look for sites that have them and link to them.

f) Make sure you constantly update information around your subject with the user experience on your mind at all times so that when you are done you can even translate all your information to a very useful and valuable book.

If you focus on the user experience and do all these things I have mentioned and more, there is no way your article can be kept away from being ranked amongst the top in Google rankings.

If you examine the simple suggestions that I have made in this article, you will realize that a lot of powerful SEO things that all the gurus usually practice fall under these general rules. Like having keyword phrases hyperlinked within the article and also having an article that is as informative as possible and not an article that is way too brief and with no substance.

This is no theory. I have seen it work for me many times and there is no doubt on my mind whatsoever that it is the best Google SEO advice you will get anywhere.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Drive or increase traffic to your website using articles: This technique NEVER fails

So you have decided that what you want is highly targeted traffic to your site and not just any traffic. And you have decided that you are going to use SEO articles. Maybe you don’t even know what SEO articles are or how to write them. Don’t worry about that this article will tell you exactly what to do.

Decide what kind of traffic you would like to attract. For instance if you are selling Nokia cell phones you need to try and figure out what your prospective clients are searching for in search engines when looking to purchase Nokia phones. Chances are that they are using the keyword Nokia phones. But you need to be more specific than that so you think a little harder and realize that your niche in the market is cheap Nokia phones. You have the more pricey phones but the ones you sell most are the cheap ones.

Now go to this Google tool;

key in the words “cheap Nokia phone” below the box where it says; Enter one keyword or phrase per line.

From the results you will see the following;

cheap nokia phones 12,100 27,100

These are the number of times during the previous months that folks have searched for the term “cheap Nokia phone.” This is the keyword phrase you want to use to attract targeted visitors to your site.

So the next thing you do is to sit down with a piece of paper and write down some ideas. What should customers look out for when purchasing cheap Nokia phones. If this is really your business you will have a lot of useful information that you usually take for granted. Look at all your ideas and decide which one is the most attractive article that will attract a lot of interest.

Let’s say you settle on one about how to tell a fake Nokia phone.

Write your headline or article title first. Start with your keyword phrase and write it like this;

Cheap Nokia phones: how to tell a fake

Next list the main points for this articles under your headline.

It will look something like this;

Cheap Nokia phone: how to tell a fake
- Open the phone remove the battery and check which country it has been manufactured in. If it says Finland it is genuine. Any other country may be a fake or cheap imitation.
- To avoid chances of a buying a fake version avoid being tempted by ridiculously cheap prices.
- Try and buy from genuine sellers of Nokia products.

Believe it or not you already have an article. It is called a List article. But to make a much more useful SEO article that will attract traffic from search engines you will need to add “more meat” to your points. Make sure you start the article with your keywords cheap Nokia phone appearing as early possible in your first sentence. Repeat it three or four times in your article and try and end with it as close as possible to the end of your article.

You now have a valuable SEO article. Post it on your site. But even more important make sure that you re-post to a major article directory like And then make sure you link back to the article on your site from the article posted at There are many reasons for doing this but the most important is that since the article directory has a higher page rank the article directory version is the one likely to feature in search engine results and get you the targeted traffic yyou are looking for. While it is true that only a fraction of those who read your article in the directory will click through to your site, you will still get very targeted traffic and it can be substantial depending on how popular your keyword phrase is in Google.

Can't do it yourself? An affordable writer to increase traffic to your website explains how he does it.

Drive or increase traffic to your website: What you must know

Everybody wants to drive more traffic to their websites or blogs. But it is also true to say that most people who start out with this objective end up very frustrated.


The answer is that what they really want is NOT more traffic to their website, BUT more business, more sign ups more orders from the increased traffic to their websites.

There are dozens of techniques and tricks to get more hits on your counter in the next few hours but most of them will not get you more sales or more orders for whatever it is you sell on your site.

The reason why most of these methods do NOT work is because they do not appreciate one of the greatest online marketing secrets. Simply put the great marketing truism states:

People will buy only when they are ready to buy.

This is the little secret that has helped the search engine giant Google make billions from its’ online ads. All the advertisements that appear on Google are RELEVANT which means that they are more likely to get seen by people who are ready to buy. This gets them a huge response and so advertisers flock to place their Google ads because they are very effective.

So whatever method you choose to increase traffic to your website just make sure that it attracts RELEVANT traffic. In other words your increased traffic should be as targeted as possible.

How do you do this?

The way to do it is to use the right keyword phrases. So if you are using Google adwords the more accurate the keyword phrases you use are in targeting your prospects the more money you will make.

Always remember it is much better to attract 10 highly targeted visitors to your site than it is to attract 100,000 curious visitors to your site. The 100,000 fellows will force you to increase your bandwidth costs without giving you the cash to do it with. And yet the 10 visitors may all end up buying (there are actually some keyword phrases that return a response of almost 100% on Google Adwords meaning that virtually everybody who clicks on the ad ends up making a purchase.)

Go ahead and increase traffic to your website, but do it wisely.

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Why SEO search engine marketing articles will NEVER work for you Part 2

Here are the remaining two reasons why most people never see the results they should in their seo search engine marketing articles campaign. You just need to correct all three factors listed in this series of articles to see a major difference in your SEO article marketing.

b) Focus
Whether you like it or not, the truth is that on the World Wide Web you will always be competing with the best in the world. You should also know that you cannot be everything to everybody. You must position your business and choose a tiny niche that you can truly rule with confidence. That is why it is unlikely that you will make it as a fashion designer doing clothes for everybody. But if you decide to design clothes only for overweight people or really obese folks so that they look nice, everything suddenly changes. At first it may appear that the market you are targeting is way too small. Way too tiny to bring in any real revenue and profits. But within a short time your clients will start coming in from far and wide.
With seo marketing focus is even more important because optimizing a site for general keyword phrases is just a waste of time and money. Ideally you need to focus on a single keyword phrase that describes your business perfectly. That keyword would represent what you can uniquely offer better than anybody else in the world. You should then use this single keyword phrase to find other similar keyword phrases or synonyms. And that’s it. NEVER wander away from your single keyword phrase. If anything always look for a way to further narrow your focus and emerge even more unique. Focus Focus Focus is the key my friend and most people will not hear of it, let alone use this magic key to turn around their lives.

c) Impatience
Did you hear the story of the gold prospector who stopped digging a few feet from striking pay dirt? The poor guy then sold the land and his few belongings very cheaply to the first guy who came along. Then new land owner then dug for just a few minutes and struck a fortune. Many people in seo search engine marketing who somehow manage to stick with it for a short time still give up when they are pretty close to seeing some really solid results.
In SEO I have noticed that folks are almost always looking for quick results. In their impatience they end up getting the miserable results their approach deserves.

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Why SEO search engine marketing articles will NEVER work for you Part 1

Chances are that you have done all the SEO search engine marketing articles you know how and have been very disappointed because you saw no results from all the hard work and investment you put in. You are not alone. Many folks who have carefully done their keyword research and then optimized their sites and content accordingly have ended up very disappointed at the results, or rather lack of it.

So the first question we need to ask is simply this. Do seo search engine marketing articles work? The answer as you might have guessed is YES it works like a dream, many times even better than that. And that kind of answer will prompt ask to ask yet another question; why does it work for a few and yet fail miserably for the majority?
There are three main reasons;
a) Consistency
I was an excellent rugby player in my younger days and I even played for my country. Like in any other sport the coach always emphasized that the most effective winning strategy was to find a plan and stick to it. This rule applies to success in everything and anything. You need to decide what your strategy will be. You really need to think about it and it should be based on the kind of opposition that you are facing. Once you have arrived at your game plan, you MUST stick to it. Even when it looks like it is not working, STICK TO IT. Even when things get pretty tough and you feel like you want to give up, STICK TO IT. Then suddenly out of the blue something in the opposition armor will show a tiny little crack. This is NOT the time to relax. This is the time to intensify the plan and stick to it like your life depended on it.
That is how games are won. That is how business folks win.
Just think about it. Would you start investing in the stock exchange with a small amount of cash and expect to make a fortune within a few days? Of course NOT! It is ridiculous to think like this. Or would you buy some stock and then sell it the second that the price looks like it is going to fall? If this does not make sense, why is it that we expect different online and in our strategy for SEO articles?
Take your time to choose the keyword phrases that you want to optimize for your site and once you have arrived at them, stick to them like a leech. No matter what.
Consistency after deciding exactly what you are going to do and sticking to your game plan will do wonders for your online business and will help you reap unimaginable rewards from seo and search engine marketing articles.

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