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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Drive or increase traffic to your website: What you must know

Everybody wants to drive more traffic to their websites or blogs. But it is also true to say that most people who start out with this objective end up very frustrated.


The answer is that what they really want is NOT more traffic to their website, BUT more business, more sign ups more orders from the increased traffic to their websites.

There are dozens of techniques and tricks to get more hits on your counter in the next few hours but most of them will not get you more sales or more orders for whatever it is you sell on your site.

The reason why most of these methods do NOT work is because they do not appreciate one of the greatest online marketing secrets. Simply put the great marketing truism states:

People will buy only when they are ready to buy.

This is the little secret that has helped the search engine giant Google make billions from its’ online ads. All the advertisements that appear on Google are RELEVANT which means that they are more likely to get seen by people who are ready to buy. This gets them a huge response and so advertisers flock to place their Google ads because they are very effective.

So whatever method you choose to increase traffic to your website just make sure that it attracts RELEVANT traffic. In other words your increased traffic should be as targeted as possible.

How do you do this?

The way to do it is to use the right keyword phrases. So if you are using Google adwords the more accurate the keyword phrases you use are in targeting your prospects the more money you will make.

Always remember it is much better to attract 10 highly targeted visitors to your site than it is to attract 100,000 curious visitors to your site. The 100,000 fellows will force you to increase your bandwidth costs without giving you the cash to do it with. And yet the 10 visitors may all end up buying (there are actually some keyword phrases that return a response of almost 100% on Google Adwords meaning that virtually everybody who clicks on the ad ends up making a purchase.)

Go ahead and increase traffic to your website, but do it wisely.

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