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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

One Year Later, I Still Generate Thousands Of Dollars From This Single Advertising Article

Turning a boring description of what your business does into a valuable, useful article to be eagerly read by your prospects is without doubt one of the most powerful online marketing strategies that any business can use today.

Why is it so effective? The answer is simple. Folks are seeking information whenever they come online. If the information you offer is useful and works for them, they don’t mind one bit if it points to a certain product or service that makes the whole thing work. However they will react very strongly and negatively to any effort you make to advertise or selfishly promote your product. Unfortunately this is exactly what most people do, more so in their online articles promoting their enterprises.

They would be well advised to change tact. Never show the fish your hook, you’ll never catch them. Instead they will violently swim away to safety. The truth is that if an article does not pass the advertising/content mix test, then it is almost useless and will make very little impact in promoting your business and generating valuable leads to your site.

I have proved in tests using my own articles that a single article can generate thousands of leads to a site every week while another will generate two or three hits a week. The difference is tied to a single factor. Namely how convincingly the content is integrated to your advertising or marketing.

Some of the articles that I have written to advertise my online business are over a year old. However they still generate thousands of dollars in business for me. That’s how effective the advertising/content mix is.

In other words it is all about producing an article that is useful information that at the same time doubles up as a lengthy advertisement for a product or service.

Impact on Traffic and Adsense Revenue

Everybody knows that the amount of traffic generated is very important to any site. Very few people pay attention to the mood of that traffic you have generated when it arrives at your site. In most cases, a huge percentage of visitors to a site arrive there out of curiosity more than anything else. Even when they are lead there by well-written articles.

The correct mood that you should be looking for in traffic that arrives at your site is excitement and anticipation. Excitement at discovering the information that you have to offer, anticipation of more valuable information to be found at your site. This is the sort of traffic that will end up spending more time at your site. The longer they spend at your site, the higher the chances that they’ll end up buying something. When they spend a longer time at your site, chances are also much higher that they will end up clicking at your Adsense ads.

In other words your online revenue boils down to how convincing you are in linking your valuable content to you marketing or advertising. So how does somebody do this effectively? There are a number of very important factors that you should take account when creating your content or your advertising article.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pitfalls To Avoid In Hiring A Web Content Provider

There are a number of problems a webmaster or blog owner faces when trying to hire online writers. Some people think that all they need to do is get enough cell phone info on the writer they intend to hire. It is actually much more complicated than that. Here are some of the problems you are bound to encounter;

• Not being sure of the quality of writing that he’ll end up getting. Many times samples may look good but the final work ends up being very disappointing.
• Not sure how quickly his articles will get done. Many times there can be endless and very frustrating delays.
• Good online writers can prove to be very expensive.

You can see that this is something that can easily bring you to a situation where you urgently need sleeping tips. However here is some good news.

Now there is an emerging group of innovative websites that are addressing these problems. Websites where you can post your writing assignment without putting any money down, get several excellent writers to write the articles for you and post them at the website. You then simply read the lot and decide on the set of articles you like best. You ignore the rest and just pay for what you liked.

And what’s more you set your price. What you are willing to pay for the articles you are looking for. Many excellent writers have signed up at the site to make use of their idle time, when they do not have any work from their regular clients. The result is that you are able to get some very talented online writers to do some work for you.

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Special Note

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- Well-written keyword-rich article of 300-350 words = $19
- Well-written keyword-rich article of 350-450 words = $24
- Well-written keyword-rich article of over 500-1,000 words = $30

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