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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ghost Writer Services Available For Publishing Books

Here is a very experienced ghostwriter who will charge you very reasonable prices to create a book out of your experiences and life's work.

He charges only $999 for every 50,000 words. Many excellent books are that long. Get your book started today, do not postpone it any longer. There is only the other additional fee of $555 that you pay later—when the first draft has been done which covers research, time spent in communication with the client and other non-writing chores involved in a project of this nature.

To cut down on costs you can edit the manuscript yourself or get somebody to help you do it. However this writer also offers editing services for the very reasonable fee of $990.

That's all. There are no other hidden costs. Apart from telephone calls when necessary (I have completed many excellent manuscripts by communicating only via email and online chat) which will be charged to the client.

The huge advantage of hiring this ghost writer for your book is the fact that he offers all his clients for book ghost writing services free SEO (search engine optimization) and online marketing services to promote your book as it is being out together. Usually he establishes a free blog to publish excerpts of the book in progress. Kindly note that the blog remains his property which enables him to find ways of recovering the costs of running it and giving this service free through various affiliate programs. However your blog can later be sold to you at a minimal throw-away price.

Some clients prefer to pay a one off fee of $1,500 (including editing) for every 50,000 words and then 5 per cent of all book sales when the book is published. This is still okay and you will still get the free marketing assistance for your book as well.

Unfortunately I can only do only one book at a time, so hurry up and Email Me right away so that I can fit you into my schedule as soon as possible.