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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Web Site Content: Use It To Instantly Improve Your Page Rank

Web site content can be used to save you a lot of money and time when you want to improve your page ranking and the speed at which your web pages get indexed by major search engines like Google.

The way to do this effectively is to produce excellent content loaded with lots of useful, original and rare information and then after posting it at your site, you should also post it at an articles directory with a good Google page rank. The article directory I personally use is PR8.

Some folks wait for up to 6 weeks to get their web site content pages indexed, especially if you are dealing with a new site. Remember that if you can get just one PR5 website to link to your website, you will be indexed by Google in under 3 days. If you can get one PR6 website to link to you, then you will be in Google's index in under 24 hours!

The huge advantage of using a good articles directory to re-post your web site content complete with links pointing at your site is the fact that chances are that other webmasters will also find your article and re-post it at their sites with links pointing at your site. The result will be that your site will also win plenty of other back links, which will together help you lift your page rank even higher.

The mistake many webmasters make is to have a very narrow view of what posting at an appropriate articles directory can do for their sites. Many believe that it is a lousy unworkable way of increasing traffic to their site. If only they knew that there are many other more valuable ways to use directories!

The alternative and what some webmasters do, especially those launching brand new sites, is to visit one of the many link purchasing websites and pay $150 for one PR7 link to point at your site for a month. But why pay if you can simply achieve your objective for free by using a good PR 8 articles directory and your existing web site content.

Do you need a low cost writer to generate quality content and post it for you at the PR8 articles directory?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Best Web Site Content: Articles That Will Generate More Revenue For You At Your Site

There is another completely different way of looking at web site content other than as merely a traffic generation and marketing tool to ear you back links and the like.

Many site owners fail to ask themselves the following very important question;
Does your web site content satisfy all the information demands of all your visitors?

We all know that the longer visitors linger at your site, the more money you will make off them. The only thing that can keep visitors at your site is the content you have.

The whole situation is very similar to that of a store that sells computers and stocks only the Dell brand for instance. So if a customer who wants to specifically purchase a Toshiba laptop walks in, that is a sale that you have lost. If we for a moment looked at web site content as the stock or merchandise of the site, the truth is that it does not take much to include all the possible different "brands" that a visitor is likely to be interested in. Content hardly occupies very much space at a web site and yet it is always the one item that makes such a huge difference between a site making tens of thousands of dollars and another one losing a lot of money.

So the immediate thing that site owners can do that will increase revenue is to increase the amount of information available at their web site. They should visit all competitor web sites that they can find and look at the keywords used, which they have not used themselves. Then every effort should be made to generate better content than what is available at competitor web sites.

This investment in your stock (web site content) is guaranteed to pay off in a big way.

Interested in a low cost writer who can generate quality content and expand and increase the amount of useful information to be found at your site? You can get quality content at an unbelievably low price. Get details on $4 website content and how to find top quality writers who can generate it for you.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Content Web Site Writer Low Cost Secrets To Explode Your Traffic

To understand how a low cost web site content writer can play a key role in exploding the traffic volumes at your web site, it is important that you start looking at search engines differently.

Just visualize search engines as great huge animals that are always hungry and whose primary and only food is content. These animals have an appetite not just for any content but for tasty, delicious content (valuable, useful content complete with keyword phrases, that attracts lots of adoring readership). The search engine animal is very good at remembering every single spot where they find the choicest morsels of food and not only do they return there time and again, but they reward the sites by putting them at the very top of their lists of priority places for other folks to visit.

So the best way any web site writer can explode your traffic is by generating lots of articles, preferably in lots of 100.or 50. Here are at least two huge advantages of generating articles in lots of 100.

(i) You can decide which of the 100 articles is the best in terms of selling your website ad giving out the most useful (and enticing) information to your prospects. You can then maximize traffic to that article by having all the other 99 articles (with different keyword phrases) linking to a single article. This will have the effect of maximizing traffic to that single article, but if that article has a good strong headline it will also increase the page views at your site by creating a situation where most visitors will view a minimum of two articles (two pages) at your site.

(ii) By posting the same articles to a high traffic articles directory and leaving the links intact, you will end up very high in search engine results (for your valuable article that will have all these links pointing at it.) This will of course depend on how competitive the keywords you settled on are. This could mean tens of thousands of hits for that single page from the search engines very month.

Interested in a low cost writer who can generate quality content? Read all about $4 website content writers and how to find them.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

$4 Articles: Where To Get Them And How They Can Work As Traffic Generating Content For Your Site

Many online content writers in the United States and the UK feel rather threatened by content providers who churn out $4 articles. These sort of articles are usually produced by writers who come from countries like India where living costs are a fraction of what they are in many other parts of the world.

Many content providers feel that those who offer these $4 articles are a threat to their livelihoods and ability to earn a reasonable amount of money from their online writing activities. The fact that some of these articles are produced by writers whose command of the English language is not very good, has caused many webmasters and site owners to assume that all $4 articles are of low quality.

Nothing can be further from the truth. There is an increasing number of online content providers with excellent language and writing skills who have actively pursued a business model where they have found a way of churning out a huge number of quality $4 articles. These writers have realized that the harsh realities of the Internet where you compete with the whole world and the fact that most webmasters will tend to go for the cheapest option that works for them, will not just go away overnight. This, it seems, is a reality that is here to stay. So rather than fight it, these writers have decided to beat the competition at their own game.

The most important issue here for writers to be successful is to be able to write very fast and yet accurately. This is a skill that can be learnt only by some of the most gifted writers we have in the world today.

One of the things the World Wide Web has done is to bring prices crashing down, and that also includes the price for quality articles that you can use as content for your site, which is now down to $4, enabling site owners to get lots of articles written for them at a very low price.

Discover where to find quality $4.50cts content providers for your site

Two Very Effective Ways To Get High Traffic

i) Write or get somebody to write 100 SEO articles at a time, using the right keywords that will get you lots of traffic. Imagine the impact of 100 articles every month on your site, or even 300 monthly!! The revenue from Adsense alone would return your investment and give you a hefty profit.

If you are interested in getting somebody else to write them for you, you can get 100 quality articles at only $4.50cts per article. Here are the rates of that excellent SEO writer;
- 1-5 articles: $20 @ article
- 6-10 articles $15 @ article
- 11-20 articles $ 12 @ article
- 21-30 articles $ 10 @ article
- 31 – 99 articles: $9 @ article
- 100 articles or more: $4.50 @ article
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ii) There is no doubt that the quickest and most effective route to high traffic is by quickly boosting your search engine rankings with thousands of quality back links. The way to do this is by using a certain respectable and very well known SEO organization to create buzz and links from thousands of leading blogs. The site simply distributes your press release amongst these blogs and they write about your site or offer in their own words and link back. Unlike banner ads that hardly get seen, these links in many high profile blogs have been known to directly build up immediate traffic at a tremendous rate. Over the long term the boost in search rankings increases the traffic directly from search engines, enormously.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

High Web Site Traffic From A Single Blog Post

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to write just one article and end up virtually drowning in very high traffic at your web site or blog site. This is no hype. There could be many doubts going through your mind at this very moment and you may be very skeptical about this but let me assure you that not only is it possible, but I myself have done this many times. I have used just one article to generate tons of traffic.

In fact the reason why you are reading this article is that you most probably came across one of my promotional articles.

But before we go any further, it is very important that you understand why articles work so well as promotional weapons online and reward people with such high web site traffic. Many folks do not understand this simple fact and this is the reason why many of them just half-heartedly try out promotional articles when they are not sold out to the idea that they can work. And inevitably they always fail to secure the high web site traffic they seek through promotional articles.

To Understand How To Use Articles For High Web Site Traffic, You Need To Understand What The Internet Really Is?

Until people understand that the Internet is a new communication vehicle and not a new entertainment medium, high web site traffic, will continue to be elusive and most folks will never appreciate, let alone understand, the real power of articles.

It is not too difficult to see why many Internet marketers insist that the World Wide Web is an entertainment medium - a development from TV. The typical person is more interested in the new offerings on the web that can entertain and less excited in the details of the enhanced communications capabilities this new phenomenon brings.

But to secure high traffic, you need to understand the simple secret, that the web is the most advanced telephone in the world and not an improvement on TV.
Part II:Why Increased Site Traffic Is Guaranteed To Those Who Understand That The Web Is An Improvement On The Telephone.
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Basic Advertising

The most basic content provider advertising is placing an advertisement at a high traffic freelance writers' site. But probably the most effective one is using keyword phrases to attract traffic via search engines of prospective clients or site owners looking for content providers. This targeted traffic would then be directed to a simple web site or blog where you can then showcase your online writing services.

Whichever method you choose for advertising your content provider services, it is important that you focus on the needs of the clients that you are targeting

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why Increased Site Traffic Is Guaranteed To Those Who Understand That The Web Is An Improvement On The Telephone

Many people lose out on increased web site traffic simply because they think the web is an advanced TV. It is not too difficult to see why many Internet marketers insist that the World Wide Web is an entertainment medium - a development from TV. The typical person is more interested in the new offerings on the web that can entertain and less excited in the details of the enhanced communications capabilities this new phenomenon brings.

It is therefore not surprising to learn that the net is actually the first activity in over 40 years that has been clearly documented as something that succeeds in dragging people away from the TV and actually causes them to spend less time watching the box. No wonder most people think of it as a substitute for TV.

But this kind of thinking brings disastrous consequences, especially to those seeking increased web site traffic. Even as you read this, entrepreneurs all over the world continue to pump money into all sorts of advertising schemes on the net, all of them designed to generate more traffic. This is fascinating when you consider that the same people doing this, hate to be interrupted by advertisements when they're on the net (so why do they expect other folks to be different?)

I find it much more useful to think of the net as an improvement on the telephone. Then everything makes sense and any promotion aimed at increased traffic on the web works like magic. And of course you then begin to understand just how powerful promotional articles can be.

People hate interruptions on the phone from telemarketers. They prefer to call and ask for whatever it is they want, whether it is information or actually placing an order for a product or service. Being an improved telephone, the net makes all this even easier. You start off by using a search engine or you visit a web site and get all the information you want. You rarely look for information in online advertisements.

So what better way to attract attention and increased web site traffic to your offering than to provide useful, detailed articles packed with information and leave them in places where they will easily be found by those who may want to seek that kind f information which is directly related to your product? This is a very effective proven way of using this improvement-on-the-telephone medium to promote your business, and it works much better than advertising. For years the telephone has been a valuable instrument for getting information. People looking for information have frequently made a few calls to get the info that they are looking for. The Internet "telephone" has made this operation even more efficient because it enables you to "call on a few sites" for the information you are looking for.

Understanding this simple truth about the web will not result in increased traffic, it will in fact cause traffic to your site to explode.

Part III: More Web Site Traffic: The Best Way To Get It

Or get the entire Special Report; How To Write A Single Article/Post And End Up Getting More Traffic Than You Can Handle NOW!!

More Web Site Traffic: The Best Way To Get It

There are two major methods of positioning yourself to supply this information. One way is by using lots of articles that you post at article directories and at your site. This method is tricky and to be effective will need thousands of keyword rich articles.

The second method is by far more effective because just one article can give you tons of traffic. In this second method, you simply write one extremely useful, original article and then approach leading sites and blogs to use your story. Many bloggers have a problem coming up with content regularly, so if your article is good, most high traffic blogs will have no problem at all publishing your article for free complete with your resource box at the bottom with links pointing to your site.

The first thing you will need to do is write your magical article. Here are some important principals to follow when writing that article;

1) Your headline is everything

Probably the most important thing to consider is your headline. Spend much more time on your headline than on the writing of your article.

Here is a simple example to show you how important the headline is. When you visit a site, even your favorite site or blog, how do you decide what you are going to click at and read? It is from the headline of course. Is it not?

The greatest article in the world is absolutely useless if the headline does not cry out to be read. If you want a single article to have an impact for you, you will have to come up with a headline that will generate clicks, lots of them, as people click to eagerly read what you have to say.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Providing Timeshare To Families

There is no doubt that fairfield resorts is very well known and has introduced more families to timeshare than any other company in the world. Every year over half a million families enjoy the Fairfield lifestyle, vacationing annually at one of more than 70 world-class resorts across America.

Launched in 1966 in Arkansas, today's vast network of resorts, travel services and member privileges is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The company has close to 9,000 employees nationwide. There is no doubt that fairfield resorts has played a pivotal role in the growth of timeshare in the United States.

Fairfield Resorts started as a land development company selling subdivided lots, whole ownership condos and custom-built homes in large master-planned communities such as Fairfield Bay, Fairfield Sapphire Valley and Fairfield Glade. Lot and home sales continue to this day.

Then in 1991, the company forever changed the face of the timeshare industry by introducing FairShare Plus®, a revolutionary concept of points-based exchange.

Create Hunger And Get Many More Adsense Clicks

Give all the valuable information that you can at your blog but ask new questions and leave them unanswered. The idea is to create hunger for even more information so that your readers will hopefully turn to the Adsense ads for answers, which will guarantee you the maximum amount of clicks at your Adsense blog.

Use Camouflage And Get Many More Adsense Clicks

Camouflage your Adsense ads so that they look as much a part of your blog as possible. You will be assured of a maximum number of clicks at your Adsense blog if your ads look more like links to additional information rather than ads. Of course they'll still be the 'Ads by Google' statement at the bottom of the ads and so folks will know deep inside that they are clicking on an Adsense ad.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Increasing Link Popularity Will Increase Your Adsense Earnings

Everybody knows that the more traffic your site enjoys, the more money you are bound to make from Google Adsense.

And the best way to improve your ranking with search engines is through link popularity. And these days there is a very easy way to quickly increase your link popularity. It is through Blogs. Blogs naturally are filled with valuable content that the search engines crave and they also naturally link to other websites they talk about within their posts.

That is why the program that currently has a network of more than 2000 blogs plays a major role in helping many sites improve their link popularity. The way the system works is that a press release is distributed to the blogs and the bloggers blog on it with their own words.

What is equally amazing about the program is how cost effective it is. Please visit now to learn more.

Get Massive Web Site Traffic For Adsense As You Research Your Subject

What's the easiest and best way to get tons of web site traffic? The answer may not be very obvious to you but before I give it to you, let me ask another related question. What's the easiest and best way to keep your blog or web site content fresh and interesting? The answer should be obvious. You should research by visiting other sites similar to yours to see what they are saying about the same topics that your are discussing.

Now the beauty of all this is that even as you do your research on what others are writing about your subject, you can kill two birds with one stone by also working on your traffic while you are there. Here's how


Get Instant Massive Blog Site Traffic And Increase Adsense Earnings: Ingenious Ways To Comment Without Spamming

Commenting at other blogs has been known to yield instant massive traffic for many sites. Take careful note of the fact that I am NOT talking about spaming blogs with your selfishly irrelevant comments.

Here are seven courteous, ethical and legal ways to leave comments at other blogs and in the process create sudden massive traffic to your own blog as well as creating valuable links that will improve your ranking with major search engines.

a) Comment without a single link at sites
You can comfortably make comments at blogs (the vast majority of blogs out there are blogs anyway) and interested persons will still be able to find you and your blog. All you have to do is to update your profile so that when people click on your name, they will arrive on your profile page and be able to see what you want them to see. You don't even need to have a blog. You can stay at Wordpress or wherever else it is that your blog is hosted and then simply register at to make comments only. There is a saying to the effect that to catch fish, you must conceal the hook. This is powerfully illustrated by the fact that in many cases you will find that people are much more likely to look for you when there is no link available rather than when you have a link prominently displayed next to your comment (hook clearly displayed so most people avoid it as fast as a fish that sees a harmful hook sticking in front of it)


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Make Money Without Breaking Into A Sweat

Do you want to make money online, easily?

Then you want to visist a site called pronto. The vision of the site’s founders is to create water-tight ways for folks to make money online and it seems that they will succeed if there first make money online service is anything to go by.

Blogitive’s first service offering allows you to make money online by writing Blog postings. You will need a Blog that qualifies with Blogitive but it is an easy way for you to make money online just by writing.

Those who do not have a Blog need only head to Blogger is owned by Google and it is a great system for creating your own Blog and it is also very easy to use. Once you have a Blog, the popularity of your Blog is important to qualify for Blogitive’s program.

They actually give you ideas on how to make this happen. You can increase the popularity of your Blog by submitting your Blog into RSS Syndication sites like

Adsense Secrets Part I

Here are some secrets you should know if you plan to make more than just a few miserable cents at a time from Adsense.

1. How many pages do you have at your site or blog?
It should be rather obvious that the more search engine indexed pages you have loaded with Adsense, the more money you will make. Write thousands of articles, get others to help you. It wioll make a great difference if it is all original content, because of the duplicate content issue with search engines

2. How many sites or blogs do you have?
The more web sites or blog sites you have covering niche subjects, the more money you will make. It as simple as that.

These are two cardinal Adsense rules or secrets which if you adhere to, you can never go wrong.

(continued in next post)

Adsense Secrets Part II

After you have observed the first two rules/secrets (see previous post), you will need these two rules to strengthen your position further.
3. You must use the right keywords For Trasffic And High Earning Adsense Clicks
Keywords are vital online and very critical to any marketing venture online. Leading Adsense earners spend hours researching the right keywords.

4. Do not rely on Search Engines, Find A Second way to generate traffic.
Some people use opt-in email marketing, others use promotional articles. Find one and stick to it consistently.

There. Let nobody cheat you, these are the only four rules you require top makle loads of cash with Adsense

Saturday, November 04, 2006

How Out Of Date Is Your Thinking?

Message from our sponsors

Many people still make the mistake of thinking that the situation with online learning and online degrees is still the same way as it was a couple of years ago where nobody took them seriously.

The reality is very different. The facts are that an online degree for a reputable online university is no different from another degree taken by somebody who actually physically went to the particular campus.

One example of an excellent online university you should consider for your online learning ambitions is Capella University which was founded in 1993.

This online university currently serves 16,000 students from all 50 states and 63 countries. It is a national leader in online education, committed to providing high-caliber academic excellence and pursuing balanced business growth. Capella University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capella Education Company, headquartered in Minneapolis.

Volume Article Writing Will Give You More Adsense Revenue

Lance Winslow has all by himself has written slightly over 10,000 articles. Imagine the impact that kind of writing done over about 2 years would do to your Adsense revenue? All are posted at the site ezinearticles,com for any doubting Thomas to examine and take a look by themselves.

Winslow says that there was a time that the traffic from his articles was so high that he removed the links from his articles at ezinearticles.

He claims that he can write 100 articles in one day and gives various tricks and tips that he uses to achieve this amazing feat. Read the following post in this blog to see some of those tips.

How Winslow Wrote 10,000 Articles In 2 Years

Lance Winslow has not said how much he has made from Adsense as a resulty od writing so many articles. His articles have received millions of page views.
However, he gives the following hot tips for anybody who wants to follow in his foot steps.

a) Write articles in lots of two instead of one. Winslow writes in lots of seven because he says 7 is his lucky number. He says that when you start on the first article, other iodeas come to mind as you write. Jot them down and when you finish the first article flow through to the second idea you jotted down and so on until you’ve written your 7. Obviously the articles will be closely related in subject matter.

b) Carry a note book around and jot down ideas as they come to you.