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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why Increased Site Traffic Is Guaranteed To Those Who Understand That The Web Is An Improvement On The Telephone

Many people lose out on increased web site traffic simply because they think the web is an advanced TV. It is not too difficult to see why many Internet marketers insist that the World Wide Web is an entertainment medium - a development from TV. The typical person is more interested in the new offerings on the web that can entertain and less excited in the details of the enhanced communications capabilities this new phenomenon brings.

It is therefore not surprising to learn that the net is actually the first activity in over 40 years that has been clearly documented as something that succeeds in dragging people away from the TV and actually causes them to spend less time watching the box. No wonder most people think of it as a substitute for TV.

But this kind of thinking brings disastrous consequences, especially to those seeking increased web site traffic. Even as you read this, entrepreneurs all over the world continue to pump money into all sorts of advertising schemes on the net, all of them designed to generate more traffic. This is fascinating when you consider that the same people doing this, hate to be interrupted by advertisements when they're on the net (so why do they expect other folks to be different?)

I find it much more useful to think of the net as an improvement on the telephone. Then everything makes sense and any promotion aimed at increased traffic on the web works like magic. And of course you then begin to understand just how powerful promotional articles can be.

People hate interruptions on the phone from telemarketers. They prefer to call and ask for whatever it is they want, whether it is information or actually placing an order for a product or service. Being an improved telephone, the net makes all this even easier. You start off by using a search engine or you visit a web site and get all the information you want. You rarely look for information in online advertisements.

So what better way to attract attention and increased web site traffic to your offering than to provide useful, detailed articles packed with information and leave them in places where they will easily be found by those who may want to seek that kind f information which is directly related to your product? This is a very effective proven way of using this improvement-on-the-telephone medium to promote your business, and it works much better than advertising. For years the telephone has been a valuable instrument for getting information. People looking for information have frequently made a few calls to get the info that they are looking for. The Internet "telephone" has made this operation even more efficient because it enables you to "call on a few sites" for the information you are looking for.

Understanding this simple truth about the web will not result in increased traffic, it will in fact cause traffic to your site to explode.

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