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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Providing Timeshare To Families

There is no doubt that fairfield resorts is very well known and has introduced more families to timeshare than any other company in the world. Every year over half a million families enjoy the Fairfield lifestyle, vacationing annually at one of more than 70 world-class resorts across America.

Launched in 1966 in Arkansas, today's vast network of resorts, travel services and member privileges is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The company has close to 9,000 employees nationwide. There is no doubt that fairfield resorts has played a pivotal role in the growth of timeshare in the United States.

Fairfield Resorts started as a land development company selling subdivided lots, whole ownership condos and custom-built homes in large master-planned communities such as Fairfield Bay, Fairfield Sapphire Valley and Fairfield Glade. Lot and home sales continue to this day.

Then in 1991, the company forever changed the face of the timeshare industry by introducing FairShare Plus®, a revolutionary concept of points-based exchange.