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Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Web Site Traffic: The Best Way To Get It

There are two major methods of positioning yourself to supply this information. One way is by using lots of articles that you post at article directories and at your site. This method is tricky and to be effective will need thousands of keyword rich articles.

The second method is by far more effective because just one article can give you tons of traffic. In this second method, you simply write one extremely useful, original article and then approach leading sites and blogs to use your story. Many bloggers have a problem coming up with content regularly, so if your article is good, most high traffic blogs will have no problem at all publishing your article for free complete with your resource box at the bottom with links pointing to your site.

The first thing you will need to do is write your magical article. Here are some important principals to follow when writing that article;

1) Your headline is everything

Probably the most important thing to consider is your headline. Spend much more time on your headline than on the writing of your article.

Here is a simple example to show you how important the headline is. When you visit a site, even your favorite site or blog, how do you decide what you are going to click at and read? It is from the headline of course. Is it not?

The greatest article in the world is absolutely useless if the headline does not cry out to be read. If you want a single article to have an impact for you, you will have to come up with a headline that will generate clicks, lots of them, as people click to eagerly read what you have to say.

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