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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Opportunity for hotels in Mombasa targeting tourists

I have just completed some amazing research on potential clients looking for hotels in Mombasa online. I think my findings will be of great interest to any hotel owner in Mombasa.

The following are searches done on the Google search engine during the month of April 2010 (last month).

hotels mombasa 1 - 3 $1.59 27,100 135,000

mombasa hotel 1 - 3 $1.22 9,900 60,500

mombasa hotels kenya 1 - 3 $2.15 2,900 14,800

cheap hotel mombasa 1 - 3 $2.30 110 590

mombasa beach hotel 1 - 3 $1.11 3,600 22,200

hotel in mombasa 1 - 3 $1.54 480 2,900

mombasa safari 1 - 3 $2.44 5,400 12,100

mombasa hotel deals 1 - 3 $0.05 Not enough data 2,400

mombasa holiday 1 - 3 $1.88 1,600 4,400

mombasa holidays 1 - 3 $1.89 4,400 5,400

The first column shows the keyword phrase keyed in on the Google search engine. The fourth column shows the number of searches performed within the US and the fifth column shows searches performed in the rest of the world including Kenya but mostly in Europe.

Now go to Google and use these popular search terms and do a search. You will find very few relevant results from actual hotels in Mombasa and Kenya. Your hotel is nowhere to be seen in the all important top
ten. Why?

Actually what this means is that many people who search using these frequently-used keyword phrases, badly need a hotel in Nairobi and search on the web only to end up very frustrated because they just can’t find what they are looking for. And they certainly can’t find you.

In other words you are losing business.

All a hotelier has to do is “optimize” their website. If they don’t have a website, they can create a page with contact information of how they can be reached and then optimize it so that people can land on it from Google and they will soon be flooded with calls from “live leads” of people ready to buy immediately.

How can somebody optimize their sites? They will need to talk to a search engine optimizer. In this case it will be a very easy assignment because there is hardly any competition as is usually the case in many instances in other countries, especially in the developed world.

I am currently in Mombasa and I am in a position to do a free demonstration for you. Please call me on my cell, 0727-217920.

Christopher Kyalo.

P.S. Alternatively you can do your own optimization for yourself in-house. I have published a book that explains in very simple language how you can do this. It is titled: “How to get plenty of traffic and customers from Google even if you know little or nothing about the web.” It is available for only Kshs 1,550. Call
me and it will be delivered right away.