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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ghost Writer Content Provider Article Magic To Generate Tons Of Traffic

Ghost writer content provider articles work and they work like magic. In fact it is no secret that there is really no other online marketing tool that is as effective as well written keyword rich articles.

So why is it that so many people fail and end up very frustrated trying to use ghost writer content provider articles to generate targeted traffic to their sites? I have written a few articles before listing some of the most common reasons. However today I want to approach this question differently by listing the things that you are actually supposed to do with your articles which most people do not do.

To be able to reap maximum benefits from your articles, it is absolutely important that you use them on your site to build up an opt-in email list. Everybody knows that trying to sell to prospects visiting your site for the very first time is very difficult. I is not unusual for most sites to sell to one person out of every 1,000 who visit their site. So what happens to the other 999 souls? Basically they fly away never to be seen again.

And yet even if just 50 of them opted in for regular email alerts from you on new content or even regular articles delivered via email, it would make a huge difference to your bottom line. Let us even assume that none of the 50 persons on your email opt in list ends up buying (which is highly unlikely to happen). You can still encourage these people to forward emails they receive from you by firstly ensuring that the articles are worth reading and they have the kind of headline that nobody can dare ignore.

The other thing that your articles must absolutely do is that they must address a problem. People are terribly pressed for time on the World Wide Web. Articles that just provide information without focusing on a specific problem that your audience is very likely to be facing, just won’t fly.

That is how you ensure that your ghost writer content provider costs give you an excellent return.

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