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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Use These Articles And Pay Less Than 0.01 Cents Per Highly Targeted Click

You've probably already spent a fortune on banner ads, classified ads or all sorts of promotional tactics. If you're honest you will admit that the best response you ever received was from PPC (pay-per-click) ads with leading search engines because you only paid for actual traffic that made it to your site.

But just imagine for a moment placing a small web advertisement now that for life that will give you a huge response almost immediately and continue to give you a steady stream of clients for years to come. This would the sort of ad that is permanent. Let us assume that you spent a one off fee of $17 on that advertisement. After you get 1,000 targeted visitors to your site the actual cost will be 1.7 cents per click. What would you have paid if you used PPC? 10 cents perhaps if you are very lucky? But even that is a lot more than 1.7 cents.

We are of course talking about promotional seo articles.

And please remember that this is no curiosity click but a highly targeted prospect that has already been pre-sold by the article before arriving at your site, so most of them are usually ready to buy. The truth is that some of my articles get tens of thousands of hits in the course of one year. (Check out this one for instance, scroll to the bottom to see the counter. Please note this is not my site nor do I have any control over it or the hit counter—although the guy is called Chris just like me. But he's Christopher Knight and I'm Christopher Kyalo. By the way this site is ezinearticles the most popular article directory in the world.) This means that a click works out at less that 0.017 cents!

Simple calculations will quickly tell you that not only are my promotional articles much cheaper than any PPC ads, they are also MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE.

I do not use any other form of marketing and promotion for my online businesses, other than articles. In fact that is exactly how you landed on this page so I know what I am talking about. Besides you must remember that I earn a living online and I have no other day job or business to support myself and my rather large family.

Actually I am currently looking to sign up a few more clients and I will tell you why, even as I admit something to you about this business. My articles usually work out so well that after about 500 articles, most sites have more traffic than they can handle. So they hardly need my services any more. Or at least not for quite a while. That is why I periodically look for a few more clients to fill in the gaps left by some very happy ecstatic webmasters. Please note that this figure I have given does not apply to all businesses. Some clients have needed triple that number of articles to get the traffic they need and a few have required much less.

The really wonderful thing here is that even if you do not have $1,700 right now to order 100 articles, you can still launch this amazing promotional technique by ordering just 25 articles at a time, or even less. You can then see for yourself what kind of traffic you are receiving and probably even use some of the profits to order for more articles.

The fee I usually charge includes keyword research as well as posting to the single high traffic articles directory I use. So all you need to give me is the address of the site where you want the traffic directed and I will do the rest, including researching the articles and information and figuring out the "hot buttons" (as we call them in marketing) that will get folks really interested in your site and what you have to offer there. You see the level of interest your article attracts matters like crazy because that's the only way the viral effect or link-baiting will kick in as numerous people re-post the article at their sites or create a link on their site pointing to yours.

My fees are extremely reasonable; (all articles 400-450 words)

100 articles will attract a rate of $17 per article, which will total $1,700 for the lot.

50 articles will attract a rate of $19.50 per article, which will total $975 for the lot.

25 articles or less will attract a rate of $19.90 per article, which will total $497.50 for 25 high-traffic generating articles.

Don't waste another minute; Email me right away order your articles.

Just to sum up everything we have said here and highlight some of the benefits you will enjoy;

a) Get permanent traffic for years to come. Get it done now continue to receive heavy traffic for months and years to come.

b) Get thousands of one way links legally and the way search engines would love you to get them, through links in resource boxes and within articles at high page rank sites.

c) This will also dramatically improve your Google page rank (PR) which will give you even more traffic via search engines.

d) You will end up paying much less per hit than you would with PPC ads at leading search engines. In fact over time you will have paid a small fraction of a cent for each article because the more traffic each article attracts the more its' cost drops.

So whether you want to start with a few articles and grow from there or you are anxious for huge traffic straight away and want to order 100 immediately, Email Me right away so that together we can get this show on the road and your web site traffic up there where it belongs.

You will automatically qualify for a 5% discount if you can tell me how you found this web page.

Alternatively get SEO training from me wherever you are in the world. Get more details on my charges for an intensive 8 hour SEO training session.


Mo said...

This sounds like a really great deal and one worth looking at!

100 articles, that is some commitment on both sides of the fence, but aye, that would do the trick.

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