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Friday, May 27, 2011

Article Marketing Strategy: Do Your Articles Genuinely Solve Problems?

Why do people buy stuff? And why do people search for information/articles online? The main reason for both is EXACTLY the same. People buy most stuff to solve problems. And they search for information online to solve their problems. If you are sincerely looking for an article marketing strategy that will revolutionize your campaign, a light bulb should be flashing in your brain after reading that last sentence.

And since we have already said that your most successful selling method will produce your most successful articles and article marketing strategy, it means that this is a powerful lesson to apply to your article writing right away. In other words it should be pretty easy to sell stuff to people by creating content that describes solutions to their problems and then simply mentioning the product or service that can solve the problem under discussion. If you convince your readers that your solution will solve their problems, they will buy for certain.

There. That is one quick way to sell like crazy online using article marketing. Simple but it works every time without fail.

Do your own little research and you realize that the most successful selling right through history has been done solving people’s problems.

What you must do as the writer developing such content is to always approach your article writing with one question at the top of your mind. The very same question that makes a great salesperson successful. That question is what is the problem facing the person I am talking to that my product can genuinely solve?

For instance in writing this article I am focusing on a problem that I recently discovered faces a lot of people who want to use articles to market their sites. That problem is what strategy to use. Many folks using article marketing find that after all the effort, blood and tears that goes into writing promotional articles, they end up with very little traffic or sales to show for it. Most get discouraged and completely give up about articles ever being effective in attracting traffic to their sites and helping them sell. Others know that it works but can’t quite figure out what to do to make article marketing work. I guess those are the guys who will end up typing the words; “Article marketing strategy” on their favourite search engine searching for information that will solve their problem.

The best way to apply this to your article marketing is to go back to all the articles that you have already written. Look at them again and re-write them taking the approach advocated in this article and then re-post them and see what results you get. I would not advice that you start creating new article ideas before you have practiced this with your old content.


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Monday, May 23, 2011

Article marketing strategy: Selling secret that will always produce more effective articles

So you have a business that you want to promote using promotional articles? Have you made any sales yet? If the answer is yes, how you made those sales is very important if you want to write really powerful articles.

In other words your most successful selling method is bound to produce your most effective article or set of articles for selling your product or service.

Let me give you a hypothetical example so that you understand this better and much more quickly. Let’s assume that you are selling delicious doughnuts and you want to write some articles to promote them online. Start by thinking back at how you have made your sales so far. You stood at this street corner and the first few customers just walked by without stopping to take a closer look at what you were selling. Then this man stops and comments about the wonderful aroma of your product and then reaches for his wallet and buys a few. Naturally from that point on you politely ask as many people as you can to stop and just take in the wonderful crunchy smell of your delicious doughnuts. And indeed this works to convert previously disinterested prospects into buyers.

This is extremely valuable information when it comes to your article marketing and the article marketing strategy you are going to use.

The way I would write my articles would be to concentrate heavily on the sweet smell that hits you the moment you get close to the doughnuts.

There are hundreds of examples I can give here from articles that I have actually done that have produced great results. The key to quickly zeroing in on what your articles should focus on is to find the strongest selling point of the product or service and then write your articles in such a way that the spot light remains firmly on that strength.

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Write less for much more traffic: How to make your articles sell more

There are folks who write hundreds of articles but this ends up having little or no effect in terms of promoting their websites or affiliate programs. And then there are people who write a single article that ends up generating tons of valuable targeted traffic for them.

While your writing style is important the truth is that what really makes the difference is the focus of your articles. If for instance you start your research for the articles by finding out how the product or service is sold and the most effective methods that have been used to sell, you will be way ahead of the pack.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why should you pay the bills for somebody else’s mistakes?

Why should you pay the bills for somebody else’s mistakes or negligence? More so when the mistakes of others have caused you so much emotional pain (apart from the financial distress of having to pay huge bills). I am referring to a situation where your child ends up suffering from side effects of a prescribed drug.
Take Topamax for instance. This is an anti-convulsant for epileptic seizures. Topamax is also used to treat migraine headaches. But most folks are not aware that this drug has some serious side-effects.

Topamax lawsuit needs specialists like O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949 can help you out here. The law firm has experienced attorneys in handling all kinds of products liability claims.

Two major reasons to use an article directory successfully

There are two major reasons why people use article directories for traffic generation reasons.

Firstly it is to create back links pointing back to your site. Search engines love useful content and they love genuine links and so when search engine robots come across useful articles with links pointing back to your site, chances are very high that you will end up being rewarded by traffic coming to you directly from search engines for your most prominent keyword phrases. What you need to do here is to ensure that the article directories you use for this purpose have a high Google Page Rank (a PR of at least 4 or above is excellent).

Read second and very important reason

Why article directories don’t generate traffic for most folks

I have a pretty good record for using keyword phrases and creating articles that score quickly with search engines, but despite this, I will be the first to admit that in this game there are no guarantees. Still it saddens me that most people who use article directories have no idea of what they are doing. In this kind of situation, failure is inevitable.

And that is why it is so important to have a two-pronged strategy that uses article directories well. This will ensure that somehow the client will always receive plenty of targeted traffic and have a pretty good chance of recovering their investment used in hiring the ghostwriter to write their web content. Read the full article.