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Saturday, November 04, 2006

How Winslow Wrote 10,000 Articles In 2 Years

Lance Winslow has not said how much he has made from Adsense as a resulty od writing so many articles. His articles have received millions of page views.
However, he gives the following hot tips for anybody who wants to follow in his foot steps.

a) Write articles in lots of two instead of one. Winslow writes in lots of seven because he says 7 is his lucky number. He says that when you start on the first article, other iodeas come to mind as you write. Jot them down and when you finish the first article flow through to the second idea you jotted down and so on until you’ve written your 7. Obviously the articles will be closely related in subject matter.

b) Carry a note book around and jot down ideas as they come to you.