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Friday, February 05, 2010

Why SEO search engine marketing articles will NEVER work for you Part 2

Here are the remaining two reasons why most people never see the results they should in their seo search engine marketing articles campaign. You just need to correct all three factors listed in this series of articles to see a major difference in your SEO article marketing.

b) Focus
Whether you like it or not, the truth is that on the World Wide Web you will always be competing with the best in the world. You should also know that you cannot be everything to everybody. You must position your business and choose a tiny niche that you can truly rule with confidence. That is why it is unlikely that you will make it as a fashion designer doing clothes for everybody. But if you decide to design clothes only for overweight people or really obese folks so that they look nice, everything suddenly changes. At first it may appear that the market you are targeting is way too small. Way too tiny to bring in any real revenue and profits. But within a short time your clients will start coming in from far and wide.
With seo marketing focus is even more important because optimizing a site for general keyword phrases is just a waste of time and money. Ideally you need to focus on a single keyword phrase that describes your business perfectly. That keyword would represent what you can uniquely offer better than anybody else in the world. You should then use this single keyword phrase to find other similar keyword phrases or synonyms. And that’s it. NEVER wander away from your single keyword phrase. If anything always look for a way to further narrow your focus and emerge even more unique. Focus Focus Focus is the key my friend and most people will not hear of it, let alone use this magic key to turn around their lives.

c) Impatience
Did you hear the story of the gold prospector who stopped digging a few feet from striking pay dirt? The poor guy then sold the land and his few belongings very cheaply to the first guy who came along. Then new land owner then dug for just a few minutes and struck a fortune. Many people in seo search engine marketing who somehow manage to stick with it for a short time still give up when they are pretty close to seeing some really solid results.
In SEO I have noticed that folks are almost always looking for quick results. In their impatience they end up getting the miserable results their approach deserves.

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