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Thursday, August 18, 2005

What The Adsense Top Earners Are Doing To Constantly Increase Their Earnings

It is really frustrating, is it not, to log into your Google Adsense earnings and find that you’ve had yet another disappointing day? Another day of making nothing or just pennies.

More so when you continue to read about those guys making five figure monthly incomes from Google Adsense every day. Google Adsense terms and conditions require that earnings are kept secret. Still some of these guys claim that they obtained special permission to spill the beans. One of them recently revealed that they had made $45,000 in just one month. Perusing through the statement, there were single days where they made as much as 800 bucks. Can you imagine that?

Sorry, it is not my intention to make you feel worse than you already are so I will stop there and get on with my findings.

This article is based on my investigative journalism skills. Yep, some of us are still using skills we acquired years ago from our offline days. My objective was to find out as much as I could about what these top earners were doing different from the rest of us.

High Adsense Earners Do Exist
But first I had to establish whether these high earners existed at all. After all anybody can get online and tell all sorts of lies about anything. My investigations started off trying to separate the hype from the facts which is an almost-impossible task these days. I have read several articles by sceptics which clearly state that most of these so-called high earners do not exist.

Well the truth is that despite the high number of hype peddlers out there, these guys are for real.

Without disclosing too much about some of my sources whom I intend to use in the future and can therefore not disclose, there are several pieces of evidence that point not only to their existence, but to their growing numbers.

The first is the amazing pace at which Google earnings from this business is growing. Check any top affiliate program and compare their figures to Google Adsense and you will begin to see what I mean. Google is a public company and their figures from earnings are widely available.

Adsense Keywords Do Matter
High traffic is important and effective online traffic tools are well known. They include for example PPC ads, including the very same Adsense ads. Articles are increasingly important because when it comes to traffic, the numbers are not enough, the quality of the traffic is also very important.

But the absolutely critical factor in achieving high Adsense earnings is not traffic. It is actually the keywords used. With the difference in earnings from a click ranging from a fraction of a penny to $100, you can begin to appreciate what we are saying here.

This is the reason why almost everybody else is selling those lists online these days.

My investigations unearthed evidence that those top earners are constantly researching new keywords. They spend a lot of time doing that (more time than they spend doing anything else) and to pay for some of their wasted efforts (every genuine research effort will have plenty of that) some of them are peddling the lists that they have graduated from or do not need anymore. Before you get upset please remember that this is standard business practice. A smart entrepreneur always minimizes on wastage of any kind.

Generally there are some keyword topics that pay more than others. To give you just two examples, health and electronics generally score much higher across the board than other areas of interest in terms of high earning keywords. The top earners are using this information

Hire an Adsense Expert
This is the most amazing aspect my research unearthed. Many top earners are heavily re-investing in the business to increase their earnings even further. They are doing this by hiring experts of all sorts. Experts to increase traffic, software gurus and so on.

Get A Ghostwriter Who Understands Adsense
Incidentally one of the other things that can be done at the site is that you can get to hire a good ghostwriter who understands Adsense at dirt-cheap rates. My research unearthed this as the other thing top Google earners are doing to constantly increase their Adsense earnings.

It is no secret that to maintain high traffic to your site you require lots of fresh content on a regular basis. Actually the simple math is that the more high traffic pages you have that contain Adsense ads, the more money you will make.

Nobody can produce 300 pages of quality content in hurry, no matter how good a writer they are, and therefore these Google top earners are using ghostwriters to do it for them. One even had an innovative and elaborate approach where he pays his ghostwriters a part of the revenue he receives from clicks their articles generate on his websites.

Others are making use of the free content that is available online from sites like, and This has its’ limits, because Search engines for example prefer fresh original content.

Use All The Free Tools For Valuable Adsense Keywords
Now don’t get discouraged if you do not have lots of cash to invest in getting your Adsense earnings up. Actually the truth is that everybody starts somewhere and even these five-figure earning Adsense giants started off earning pennies at a time. As the old saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

There are plenty of extremely useful free tools and Adsense lists that are available online.

For example you can get a useful keywords list at the following link;

The following tool will help you in selecting various possible keywords available for the same subject or topic. You can then purchase another tool to give you the value of the different keywords.


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