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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Difference A Freelance Writer Can make To Your Web Content And Revenue

In the offline days, hiring a freelance writer was a rather expensive undertaking. To get a standard 500-word article from a good freelance writer, you would usually require nothing less than $500.

Now with that kind of budget it is easy to get a dozen well written keyword-rich articles that will make a huge difference at your site in terms of traffic and revenue.

Actually by combining the services of a freelance writer and your own efforts (with guidance from our blog) you can tremendously lift the standard of content at your site and ultimately the search engine rankings, traffic and revenues of your site.

Let us take a brief look at what a good freelance writer can do for a shrewd webmaster who knows exactly what they want.

The Right Keywords From A Good Freelance Writer Will Draw More Traffic
Keywords make a huge difference. It pays to invest in tools that help a freelance writer analyze keywords and the kind of traffic that they attract. Blindly written articles will not do. Certainly they will not be as effective in attracting traffic to your site as keyword-rich articles with the right keywords.

While it is true that any well written article will tend to enjoy a viral effect where it will get re-posted at various sites all over the net thus constantly creating quality links pointing back to your site, anybody who does not research the right keywords to use will be greatly shortchanging themselves. Some freelance writers already know this, others will need to be guided as you give them the assignment.

The Right Freelance Writer Can Multiply Your Google Earnings
Many websites and blogs these days post google adsense ads as a key revenue earner for their sites. However many of them get frustrated by the low earnings from clicks on their sites. The truth is that although traffic is important, keywords are more important. It has been proved that sites with very low traffic but the right web content to attract high paying Google ads can end up earning hundreds of dollars and in some cases, thousands of dollars in extra income.

Getting a good freelance writer to write quality articles with the right keywords can make a huge difference in the earnings your site enjoys from Google.

It Takes Very Little Money To Make A Huge Difference
With a little creativity, you will find that you do not need to use any money upfront to get the services of a good freelance writer. One top earning Webmaster had the brilliant idea of singing up freelance writers and paying them a commission based on the clicks that their articles attract in the different pages of the site.

Even if you were to pay for the services of a freelance writer and not share your income, a budget of $400 will get you 10 articles. You do not need to assign more until you have seen the increased income. In this way the whole project will pay for itself.

You can even have top freelance writers bid for your assignment with no risk of losing your money in deal gone bad by using the following site which puts your funds in an escrow account. You select the lowest bidder and they don’t get paid until they have completed your assignment to your satisfaction. Here is the link to the site.

There are plenty of excellent freelance writers around, use them to increase the revenue of your site.


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