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Friday, March 24, 2006

Why A Good SEO Ghost Writer Must First Understand What Is Wanted In The Market

The best keyword phrases are not enough and a good SEO ghost writer must understand exactly what is wanted by prospects who visit the site they are writing articles for.

What will the most popular keyword phrases do for a site if they are attracting the wrong people? The answer is absolutely nothing. Huge useless hits will be achieved with the good SEO content written by a ghost writer but the wanted results will continue to be elusive.

It is therefore extremely important that the keyword phrases selected reflect the content at the site so that a vast majority of the search engine traffic that arrives at the site will find that it is exactly what they are looking for. In other words a good SEO ghost writer must have a knack for generating wanted content. They can only do this after carefully studying the target audience of the site they are writing content for.

Actually it is very easy to go wrong. For instance this article you are reading is about content providers. However it would be a mistake if it were targeted at content providers. The actual target market is webmasters seeking good SEO ghost writers to generate content that will help them win the huge traffic they have always wanted.
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