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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why The Affordable Content Provider You Never Wanted Is Now Critical To Your Survival And Success

It is true that you never needed nor wanted a content provider before, affordable or otherwise. You probably possess some excellent writing skills or enough for you to generate some excellent content on your own.

You have probably even been able to gradually build up traffic to your blogs to a respectable number, all on your own. Things are going okay and you certainly do not need that wanted affordable content provider. It really does not matter whether they charge a dollar or nothing.

Well, unknown to you, a number of things have changed and continue to change at such blinding speed that if you do not sit up and take notice right now, you’ll soon go the way of the dinosaurs and those magnificent air ships. In other words you’ll suddenly find that you’re history.

Let’s start where it hurts you the most. Major search engines have recently been making the most drastic changes to their algorithms in history. Do you know what these changes mean to you and how they will impact traffic to your site in the months to come?

In essence the days of tricking search engines for high rankings are rapidly coming to a close. You can be sure that all those webmasters who have been using trickery to bring in those fat checks are going to do everything within their powers to maintain their incomes. One of the things some webmasters who have never wanted any help with their content previously, are doing now is hiring affordable content providers in large numbers.

What this means is that more than before you’ll be competing head on with professional SEO-competent content providers who are very much aware and familiar with a lot of what’s going in within major search engines like Google and that’s just for starters. If you have recently noticed that your site seems to be slipping in search engine rankings for your most important keyword phrases, then that is reason enough for you to get very worried. You will have to start thinking about what this new competition from the affordable content providers you never wanted will do to you.

What will the impact be on search engine traffic to your online business in the next six months or so?

And what complicates issues further is that there are hardly enough of these badly wanted affordable SEO-competent content providers to go around in 50 years.
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