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Monday, March 13, 2006

Hire An Affordable Ghost Writer Who Observes Only One Rule

There is one major reason why the affordable ghost writers that most site owners hire do not deliver. If you (the client) can understand this weakness in many ghost writers, then you can avert heavy losses and instead profit tremendously every time you hire that affordable ghost writer.

I have seen many cases where clients hire an affordable ghost writer so that they can do hundreds of articles for them revolving around a single keyword phrase. What a waste! Every single keyword phrase that an affordable ghost writer you hire does for you should be based on different keywords.

This writer once did a total of 120 articles - all with different, unique keyword phrases for a client and that is the last time he got any work from that client. Not because he did a bad job (the client keeps on referring new clients to him all the time). What actually happened was that the client's site started generating rapidly increasing traffic from search engines in such high numbers that the client has never needed to hire the services of an affordable ghost writer like him again. Those 120 key word phrases did it! It is now over a year since those 120 keyword-rich articles were done.

Let me put this truth in a rather brutal way so that it sinks in good. If you want to hire an affordable ghost writer and receive a good return on your investment their using many different keywords is much more important than the quality of their writing. Don't get me wrong. Well-written articles are very important and will help a site grow in leaps and bounds. But well-written articles that are not keyword based or that contain the wrong keywords that are way too competitive are useless.

So even if you find a good affordable ghost writer to hire but they do not observe this simple important rule, you are just throwing your hard earned money out of the window.
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