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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why Most Top Online Writers For Hire Don't Know What They Are Doing

Many so called top online writers for hire actually don't know what they are doing. In other words they will generate very well written articles for a client which will greatly help to enhance the image of any web site. Some of the content may even be keyword rich based on randomly selected keyword phrases. Most clients will be happy and satisfied, but is that all that can be achieved for them?

A client who is only happy with this, is being short-changed, even if they don't know it.

Writing for the web is very different from writing offline and many a top online writer for hire does not seem to be aware of this distinct fact. Here are certain distinct differences that both the client and the top online writer for hire should be aware of;

* In the print world all a writer has to do is produce entertaining and well written copy, other people take over from there. Editors will give the article a nice headline and format it into the available space and there is a well-oiled distribution system to circulate the publication where the article appears, far and wide.

The top online writer for hire has to wear many different hats. They not only have to edit and write headlines themselves but more importantly they will have to think of the distribution system to circulate the article online so that it gets as wide a readership as possible. Two effective ways to do this is by using non-competitive keywords that will enable them to attract substantial traffic from search engines and by using email opt-in lists. Both methods call for some extremely technical skills from a top online writer on hire.

* The main marketing a print writer has to do is to decide how to sell their article idea to an all-powerful editor. A top online writer for hire has to be an expert marketer as well for their article to get as wide a readership as possible.

* Writers are artists and people with a creative slant who usually hardly have the knack for such technicalities as search engine optimization and studying the top search engines algorithm rules that are constantly changing these days.

Actually a top online writer for hire is closest to a self-publisher from the offline print world. Little wonder that some of the best online writers on the web that I know were self-publishers in their offline days.

Now you understand why it is difficult for most top online writers for hire to know what they are doing online. They're simply not built like that.
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