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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Top 9 Most SEO-ed Content Providers

To be very honest when I started doing this research, I did not even expect to be in the top 5. I reasoned to myself that surely there are all those sites out there who’ve been around for a longer time.

Then after staring at my findings in disbelief for a few moments I realized the following truths;

1. Not every content provider would want to make an effort on their own site’s SEO after all a writer can only write so many articles.

2. Many experienced writers have other ways of proving their SEO skills.

3. Because of the huge and growing demand for content online, many content providers have much more business than they can handle.

Still I think that a content provider has to show what they can do before a client commits their hard-earned funds to hiring them.

Here's the list of the top 9 best seo-ed writers and writer’s sites.

1. Christopher Kyalo

2. Marcia Yudkin

3. Katelyn Thomas

4. Alyice Edrich


7) Bill Platt is the owner of



These writers being able to do such a good SEO job with their own sites will no doubt be able to do the same for many others belonging to their clients.

Check our findings for yourself. The search terms used in order of popularity are;
-Content provider for hire
-Online Ghost writer for hire
-Freelance online writer for hire

Search engines used are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Remember that in some cases some of the smart writers in this top 9 list have used article directories that point straight at their sites.

Interested in hiring a ghost writer who appears in the top 9 list above?


Web Content said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your comment about my SEO skills. I am honored to appear in a list with such great writers!