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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Is it possible for a single article to generate hundreds of links pointed at your site?

I'm a terribly busy person but when time allows, I occasionally accept a new client and do two unique link-baiting articles for them. Naturally all the follow up emails and related work is up to them, but my articles are usually based on ideas designed to make the rest of the work of acquiring links, very simple for them.

I usually use the principles and methods discussed in my newsletter (You can subscribe to it now by sending a blank email to which are serving me and most of my clients well and I see no reason why they should not do the same for you.

My fee is $60 per article (with a little luck this can work out to a fraction of a cent per link. Bear in mind that most folks usually pay a double digit dollar figure for a single link). Looking at it another way, this is an investment that can earn you tens of thousands of dollars in returns for a long time to come (links last more or less, forever). I usually attempt two articles at a time designed to help you generate lots of valuable links pointed at your site.

Email me Now to see if I'm currently able to attempt those two articles for you that could attract a flood of links pointed at your site.