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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Millions From Adsense With No Software Using Blogger: Pipe Dream Or A Possibility?

What really gets most folks worked up and all excited are the Adsense revenue generating possibilities using free blogger hosting and without necessarily getting any help from one of those miracle software packages that makes it possible to create thousands of blogs easily and within a very short time.

In other words the idea of being able to launch an online business with zero investment and ending up with a substantial regular income continues to excite numerous bloggers. But the big question is, can it be a reality? Is it possible or just a pipe dream? Has anybody done it?

What Do You Need To Make An Adsense Fortune At Blogger Without Software Help?

The reason why you hear folks talking about software and seeking it all the time is because it is now widely recognized that to be able to make a regular Adsense fortune, one needs pages and pages of content. The content also needs to be optimized for the right keywords. This is not very easy to do manually and so it gets very tempting when you hear that there is software that makes it all extremely easy to do and actually enables you to generate thousands of optimized pages very quickly.

There are a number of techniques that can be used to generate lots of content and pages quickly at your blog.

a) Break long articles into several 200 word posts complete with headlines and then link them to each other so that visitors to your site can move from page to page to read the complete article. This has two huge advantages, firstly you can use different keywords in each post (just make sure that each page has a link to the previous page as well as the one after.) Secondly it will give you more page views on your site.

b) Provoke reader reaction and comment with your posts and then use the best ones to create extra pages of posts, very rapidly.

c) Use relevant articles from article directories and re-post them at you blog. However be sure to write a brief introduction using a different headline to avoid running into duplicate content problems.

The Blogger Advantage

Whatever folks say about blogger, nobody can ignore the link between the largest search engine on earth and the largest free blog host on earth. Google owns blogger and it is therefore not surprising that blogger blogs and posts usually get indexed a lot faster than others that people are talking about as better blog hosts these days.

In Conclusion

Although there are many manual techniques for generating lots of pages and content in blogs and thus being able to make a regular fortune from Google Adsense, there is no denying the fact that good appropriate software is so much more effective and difficult to compete with.

To learn a little more about what software can do, see the author's popular article on Adsense Blogger Software at ezinearticles. Another must-read by him at ezinearticles is the wildly popular Make Money With Adsense article.