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Monday, February 27, 2006

Content Provider: How To Hire One Who Will Generate Huge Traffic For Your Site

Content providers or web content providers are hired regularly by many leading web sites. However the truth is that webmasters are rarely able to reap the full benefits of engaging a content provider to generate articles and quality content for them.

The main reason is that apart from the content provider generating well-written articles for them, they are rarely focused on traffic generation for their client site. Most of the time they lack the knowledge or expertise to do 3 key things that can make a huge difference in a client web site or blog. Here are the 3 things that can make such a huge difference. Use them to check if your content provider is as useful to you as they should be.

1. Your Content Provider Must Use The Best keyword Phrases For Your Site

If your content provider is able to do this one thing and nothing else, then they will have already ensured a massive return on investment for whatever it is you will spend paying them for their work. A single keyword phrase on your site can bring you thousands of hits daily for months and maybe even years to come.

You can also look at it in another way. If each keyword phrase article they produce for you gets you only 50 hits per day and they do 20 articles for you (with different keyword phrases in each), then that means your site will have the potential of generating 1,000 hits per day.

A content provider being able to generate well-written articles for your site is a good thing but it is nowhere near as important as them being able to write content based on the best keyword phrases for your site. For them to be able to do this, they will require a deep understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), links and how the affect a site's ranking in search engine results and an ability to identify the least competitive and yet most productive keyword phrases for your site. Unfortunately most of the potential content providers with these abilities are all busy generating content for their own high traffic sites or blogs.

2. Your Content Provider Must Make At Least One Attempt At Link Baiting Every Month

There is no point producing the best, well-written content in the world, if nobody will read it. This is the reason why every web content should do everything with traffic to the site topmost on their minds.

Link-baiting articles or content, as the name suggests, is designed to attract lots of links from other sites. It could be something controversial or a comment contradicting a top blogger's views, whatever it is the effect is that hundreds of other sites and blogs quickly link to it from all over the place.

While there is no guarantee that every article link-baiting attempt you make will work, at least one attempt should be made every month. If in six months, just one attempt works, it will usually pay for all the other attempts many times over. I have monitored a short 300-word post generating thousands of links in a few short days.

3. Your Content Provider Should Also Be Able To Post Your Articles At The Single Leading Articles Directory Site On The Net

I have had plenty of experience posting articles at all sorts of article directories on the net and carefully observing the response and results. My conclusions will shock you. One day I noticed that posting my article at a single article directory site gave me better results than posting the same article at over 100 other different article directories and article announcement sites.

These days I save myself lots of time, I post my articles at only one other site apart from my own. It is also useful to remember that good articles will get re-posted all over the net so your article will still end up on plenty of other sites, if it is any good. The difference is that others will do the work for you.

This one article directory is capable of driving hundreds of hits per article every week to my sites.


Christopher Kyalo Is A leading web content provider who provides all the three key features above in all his work for clients.

His busy schedule occasionally allows him to handle assignments from new clients. Email him now at ckyalo at to find out when he might be available to do 20 valuable articles for your site that will make all the difference because they'll contain all the three features mentioned in his article above.

His fee per article is only $20 for a 400-600 word best keyword phrase article for your site/blog. This fee includes researching each specific best keyword phrase for our site at the time of writing the articles (A different one is used for every article). The fee also includes posting your articles at the leading articles directory site on the web that he talks about in his article above.


Web Natter said...

I agree with this article writer's observation that he noticed more traffic from submitting to one directory vs 100 other, lesser directories. Obviously you want to post to the most popular article directories if your time is limited. IMO, posting to all directories is the best bet - because you never know where some ezine author will go looking to find something to include in their next newsletter. :)

One good spot to check out for a list of free article directories is:
since it indicates what each directory's Google PR is.

While not perfect, that's a decent indicator as to how popular that particular site is (meaning it probably also gets more traffic and your article - and website link in the authors box - will get spidered quicker).

Just FYI - great post! :)