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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How My Google Adsense Blog Changed My Publishing Business Model

The problem with the human race is that we forget too quickly and take many good things that come into our lives for granted. I try very hard to resist this temptation because it can make you lose focus.

Take my Google Adsense blog as the perfect example. The amazing Adsense program has changed my business model and made it much more viable. The result is that I no longer need to focus so much on selling my information products. Instead with my Google Adsense blog I can concentrate on increasing traffic and earning more cash from Adsense even as I look for the most effective method of selling my information products.

The amazing thing is that I can still make significant profits from my Google Adsense blog without selling a single product. It is much easier to get folks to click at the ads posted at my blog than it is to get them to part with some cash for a certain information product.

My Google Adsense blog also allows me to take full use of the most powerful word known to marketing. That word is FREE. In my marketing I have always gone to great lengths to take advantage of valuable and useful free offers. However, they have not always been viable and many times I have ended up spending a lot of my time with very little to show for it at the end of the day. Now with my Google Adsense blog, I can offer lots of excellent free content and stuff and still end up making a significant profit through my Adsense ads.

But the greatest advantage by far that has been brought about by my Google Adsense blog is releasing me from the time-consuming exercise of trying to seek for advertisers. Now with the Adsense program, I not only get the ads, but I also get relevant ads which further enhance the value of my Google Adsense blog to visitors.
Actually the Adsense program has had far-reaching effects on the way things are done online. For instance it changes the currency. As my as my Google Adsense blog is concerned, cash for advertising for traffic is no longer the preferred currency. Instead the real currency is hot keyword rich content. It is no secret that the right keyword-rich content can greatly impact on the ranking of a blog so much so that it receives huge daily targeted traffic from search engines.

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