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Friday, June 16, 2006

Blog Make Money Fast Jason Calacanis Link Generation Secret

The blog make money fast link generation post by millionaire blogger Jason Calacanis that broke all records was the one where he announced that he was on course to make a million dollars from the Google Adsense program.
This was a very controversial post that caught everybody's attention. It was the sort of post that grabbed visitors by their necks and ordered them to link to the article immediately. Every blog promoting Adsense or Adsense make money fast techniques just had to link to this post. Even other bloggers arguing over the possible motive or repercussions of such a controversial post just had to link to it. In a matter of hours the links were accumulating fast and thick, even as visitors to the blog remained puzzled as to why somebody would want to risk having their Adsense account deleted making such a move. Smart Jason Calacanis must have already talked to the folks at Adsense (this was also a lovely promotional piece for them as well).
As they say, a million bucks is a million bucks. That figure in itself was part of the magic that got this fascinating post lots of attention and lots of one way links effortlessly. Apart from the longer-term SEO effects of accumulating links for sites, there is the massive traffic a site will enjoy from having such a large number of relevant links suddenly pointing at you. No other blog post in history that I know of has been able to make so much money so fast for a blogger.
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