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Friday, June 16, 2006

Make Money Fast Jason Calacanis Secrets

It is really no secret that top blogger Jason Calacanis is a make-money-fast expert. The man in a controversial post (go to page advertising free ezine) revealed how he was on course to making a million dollars from Adsense.

However what many people are not aware of are the make money secrets that Calacanis uses to pull in such huge traffic and inevitably such high Adsense earnings.
There is one particular make money fast link generation technique that he uses that almost magically creates thousands of one way links pointing at his blog post in a matter of hours. Yes I said thousands. Yes I am aware that it takes most webmasters and bloggers years to accumulate 1,000 links. Years of sweat, blood, desperate emails and persuasion to get 1,000 lousy links pointing at your site. This guy does it in hours. No emails, no persuasion.

For months now I've been closely studying his moves to try and discover Calacanis make money secrets that he himself would never divulge. I have then tested some of these techniques myself with astounding results. I am still trying to perfect these amazing methods but what I can tell you is that here is a man who has studied human nature and what triggers high traffic to blogs and then he has thrown his emotions and feelings out of the window and fully concentrated his every waking hour to generating idea after idea in line with those principals.

The results speak for themselves and this blogger has been able to make loads of money very fast from Adsense and other direct advertisers at his blog.

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