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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Article Marketing Secrets: Lazy Ways To Get The Volumes Of Articles Required To Win Serious Traffic Part 4

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If you happen to have a blog, this is one article marketing secret that can change your fortunes virtually overnight. More so if you have a blog where a few of your readers have left comments, you are in an even happier position to quickly create treasured content for your articles marketing campaign.

What you need to do is to highlight and cut blocks of text from comments left at your blog and paste them onto your word processor. Using the technique already described you will just need to write a brief introduction and then add a last paragraph and in most cases you will find that you have a 250/300 word article (sometimes longer) that would drive traffic like crazy to your site if posted at the right high traffic articles directory.

Many bloggers already use their comments section to generate ideas for posts and articles but you can do much more than that with the technique just described.

Yet another ingenious way of getting lots of content very quickly is to look for a low cost seo online writer to write 600 word articles for you at a reasonable fee. You can then order something like 100 articles at a time to get a good price per each article done. It will then not be too difficult to split each article into three, create an introductory paragraph or two for each of the 3 sections and voila you will have 3 articles from one. Meaning that from the 100 articles you will easily be able to create 300 good ones.

It is important to remember that simply because of the speed in which you will have created the content with links pointed at your site, you should be able to build traffic pretty fast using nothing more than articles and article marketing techniques.

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