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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Expected Results When You Find SEO Ghost Writer For Your Site

So you go out there and make a real effort to find a good SEO ghost writer. And maybe you do find somebody, so what happens next? What kind of results should you realistically expect from their work? What goals and targets should you give them? These are some of the many questions that go through the minds of webmasters and site owners as they consider using the services of SEO ghost writers.

There is a client I handled recently who had a problem that is common to many websites. The kind of service that they provide (data recovery) is the sort of thing that you only look for when you are in trouble. This means that conventional advertising does not work too well. Would you advertise good quality coffins to folks who mostly do not expect a funeral in the family soon?

However search engines are perfect because people rush to them to solve problems and find services and products. Currently the situation with this client’s site is that they are attracting a lot of traffic direct from search engines for keyword phrases that are highly targeted. Meaning that the people using them are actually looking for data recovery services and they need them right away.

The quality of search engine traffic has never really been fully recognized and appreciated by most people. Did you know that in some cases search engine traffic has a conversion rate of as much as 80 per cent or even higher for websites selling stuff? What this means is that 8 out of the 10 people who click through to the site from the Google search engine end up buying the product or service. The reason for this amazing and extraordinary conversion rate is simple. It is because folks using a search engine to look for something actually need it right away.

The person to get you into this happy situation where you start attracting valuable and highly targeted traffic directly from search engines like Google is a SEO ghost writer. Find a SEO ghost writer who can write captivating content based exactly on what people are searching for or are bound to search for in search engines. And naturally your ghost writer must be a fairly good expert in search engine optimization. I have seen cases where writers repeat a keyword phrase way too many times in an article and get an effect that is the very opposite of what they seek.

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