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Monday, September 25, 2006

Adsense Money Making Truths The Gurus Will Never Tell You About

Read This Only If You Are Prepared To Hear The Brutal Truth

…If you would rather cling on to your pipe dreams that if you keep on doing the right things your site will one day deliver Adsense gold, then hit the back button quick and go elsewhere.

You have heard all the hype from so-called gurus about how they are making big checks from the Google Adsense program. A lot of it is hype, a little truth padded with so much "sweet nothings" being whispered into your ears while some very important facts and critical truths are conveniently left out.

Here for the first time are the truths that they always left out;

i) A vast majority of folks who regularly make thousands of dollars from Adsense every month own hundreds of blogs.

After some subtle changes Google made to the Adsense program late last year which mean that advertisers can quote different for Adsense ads that appear in search engines and those that appear in participating sites and blogs, the result is that advertisers are quoting very low usually around 10 cents for most, meaning that the days of big dollar clicks for participating sites are over. (Now you know why your Adsense revenue has dropped from the sky in recent months).

The only way anybody will make any decent money for 4 cents clicks or thereabouts is by getting a hell of a lot of clicks. The easiest way to achieve this is through numerous sites having numerous clicks happening.
Big Problem: How does an ordinary guy with no budget manage to build hundreds of sites? There is only one way to do it and that is by using special software. More and more big Adsense earners are using an increasing amount of software to help them get t their revenue goals and even more important, to be able to stay there.

ii) There is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be put into your blogs on a regular basis to earn big with Google. Again the only way it can be done is through software.

iii) The figure you see for a key word bid is not the figure that clients will pay. A lot also depends on the competition for that particular keyword. Many Adsense publishers make their decisions based on only this one figure with disastrous results.

iv) The clamp down on duplicate content has hit site owners and their Adsense earnings in a big way.

To go with this informative article I searched the market to see if I could find a single software package available that addresses all the critical issues that I have raised in my article, including enabling you to build hundreds of blogs without too much sweat (and more importantly without getting your blogs deleted by Blogger).

I found several. But one particular one really aroused my interest. I've been trying to figure out why this particular software I was looking at is the hottest seller in Modern Click, a CPA affiliate program. Modern click has over 200 different products that it is promoting. This particular product is number one.

The money-back guarantee from a well know reputable online CPA retailer is definitely a contributing factor. I then figured that if a lot of the people who are taking the software on trial were claiming the money back guarantee, then it wouldn't be Modern Click's top seller would it? Which means… (you guessed it) it must work. Click on the banner below to take a closer look at why this product is so successful including an option to watch a short video presentation that shows you what it can do.

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