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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why You Need Blinding Speed To Make Money From Adsense

The net is full of small tiny web sites and blogs with very little traffic whose owners log onto their Google Adsense accounts every morning hopeful for some sort of miracle.

It really is sad because while there is nothing wrong with dreaming of making big money, one cannot just dream without taking any concrete action or steps to make their dream come true. And logging into your Google Adsense account hopefully every morning (having done nothing new) does not quite qualify to be called concrete action towards making your dream of healthy Adsense revenue come true.

While miracles still do happen all the time in this world filled with skeptics, the truth is that you would be better off creating your own miracles rather than waiting for them to be instigated by outside forces.

There are a few basic truths about making money with Adsense which you will need to be aware of as a site owner or blogger, if you want to start generating some serious Adsense money. Incidentally, all these factors have to do with speed.

i) The Speed With Which New Pages Are Created At Your Site Will Impact On Your Adsense Earnings In A Big Way
The speed at which new pages are created at your site will have a direct and dramatic impact on your Adsense earnings. The number of indexed pages at your site will have a direct bearing on the amount of traffic you receive through search engines. The higher your traffic, the higher the chances of your Adsense ads being clicked. And of course the more pages you have at your site with Adsense ads displayed, the higher the number of clicks you will end up with.

Just try out this small experiment. If you currently usually make 1 post or so daily, change and start making five to seven posts a day. You should see an immediate difference in your Adsense revenue. Of course most of the impact will come over a longer period of time as your posts get indexed. But you can imagine how powerful it is bound to be if within a few days of doing more posts, you impact your Adsense earnings.

It is important to note here that it has been proven that traffic from search engines is usually the most ideal for Adsense ads and it is the sort that will always get you more clicks.

So the big question here, is how does one small site with no budget to hire teams of writers to rapidly create pages of content, ever hope to make any money from Adsense? We will examine this question in more detail later in this article and see how some smart bloggers and webmasters are solving this problem in a very creative way.

ii) The Speed With Which You Can Create New Blogs Can Make You A Fortune
I am not talking about splogs or spam blogs which annoy everybody (except those who create them) and which Google are ruthlessly clamping down on currently. Anybody can create hundreds of splogs (with nothing on them except keyword phrases and Adsense ads) within a short space of time. But few know what to do to be able to create hundreds of quality blogs quickly with quality useful content and the right keywords to get attention from leading search engines.

One strategy that involves creating new blogs quickly, used very effectively by bloggers, is to create blogs based on news and new developments that are bound to generate increased public interest in the days to come. When you do this, you have a head start on keywords and keyword phrases that you know will be extremely popular in the near future. This can mean hundreds pf thousands of hits from search engines.

But again, how does a small single penniless blogger pull this one off? There is a way that doesn't upset Google and it is being done all the time. More on that later.

iii) The Speed With Which Back Links Pointing At Your Site Are Generated Will Impact On Traffic And Your Adsense Revenue
Back links, we all know, are extremely important. The speed with which they are generated will directly impact on your traffic and ultimately your Adsense earnings.

Lots of back links or one way links pointing at your site, will not only bring lots of traffic, but will also improve your search engine rankings which will bring even more traffic.

Anybody who finds a way of to generate this quickly has the whole world at their feet. Keep reading and you will discover how others are doing it.

Solution: Key To Unlocking Adsense Fortunes
The solution and key to unlocking Adsense fortunes (and indeed any other affiliate program revenue) is in being able to speed up any of the three key aspects I have mentioned above. Site owners are coming up with all sorts of ingenious ways of doing this. Here are some of the most popular.

A few small sites and previously unknown bloggers are shining in the area of dramatically speeding up the generation of back links and are achieving some remarkable results. They are doing it with something called link baiting posts or content. Using astonishing skill they are able to create controversial content or useful resources for their industry that attracts hundreds of back links within a very short space of time. There are a lot of good articles available online that details how to create excellent link baiting posts or articles. Just go to your favorite search engine and search using the keyword phrase "link baiting article."

Here is something else that some smart webmasters are doing. It is a brilliant technique used to speed up the creation of pages at a site and it involves getting your readers and visitors to write most of the content. This is what discussion forums are all about, however the really successful ones I know use plenty of creativity. One particular one that I know illustrates the power of this idea remarkably. The site is The site covers mainly political issues related to a third world African country called Kenya. Naturally you would not expect any significant percentage of the population of such a country to web savvy. Yet this site by simply posting controversial posts from other sites and blogs that provoke debate has built up a colossal number of indexed pages very quickly and huge regular traffic as a result. How much better would the same idea work in a country where there is an Internet connection in most homes?

Yet another technique that has been used rather successful is the use of special software. Unlike creative techniques, software can help you achieve remarkably faster speed in all the three critical factors I have discussed in this article (you can for example check out the software below that is amongst the fastest selling on the net, by clicking on the ad). Software has always made work easier. The computer and even the web is really all about software and that's why folks like Bill Gates have gotten so fabulously rich. Software works and usually does exactly what it is supposed to do. Unlike other so-called miracle products available online, like ebooks that tell all and reveal ground-breaking secrets, software usually relies less on the ability of an individual to implement an idea and leans more heavily on the power of the software to do what it is supposed to do.

More than ever before, to make decent money from Adsense will require plenty of traffic and lots of clicks, so the techniques discussed here are quite important at the moment. Try hem out and see your Adsense revenues reach for the sky. Quit just being hopeful and start taking some deliberate action towards higher Adsense and affiliate program revenues.

Below I have selected two of the best software applications in the market today. One of them is already wildly popular (I won't tell you which one, because I don't want to cloud your judgement). Please study both carefully (it will only take you a few minutes and could result in thousands of dolars in profits for you) and see which one is the most appropriate for you and your current needs. Just click on each banner to go directly to a brief intensive explanation of what each software can do for you.

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Sherry said...

I have been visiting your site often and I just realized you are the author of Blinding Speed to Make Money, an article I used of yours on my Adsense-and-Affiliates blog. Thanks!!

Izwan said...

Hello Chris.

Could I take your article and translate it back into Bahasa Malaysia for the use of Adsense Tips?

Thanks in advance!

RB-UK said...

Hey Chris,

Found you when browsing Ezine Articles! This is a great article and I agree with all of the information. Not too sure about any kind of automated programs though, but the points about the speed and volume of content, backlinks etc were all great.

Keep up the good work, Ryan.