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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Increase Your Current Adsense Daily Earnings Fast With This Amazing, Unique Technique

Do you log into your Adsense account every morning to feel pity for yourself? A few miserable cents or maybe a miserable handful of dollars on your best day? I can identify with that. I remember when I was like that not too long ago.

Well, today is the day you start to fight back. After reading the technique I am about to reveal to you, go back and put it into practice and watch your earnings climb steadily every day and don't forget where you read this life-changing tip.

You really should make more use of the resources available at your Google Adsense account because that is where it all begins. You must have seen the channels thing somewhere in your Adsense account. Use it to create channels that focus on specific pages in your blog or website that are giving you the best yield in terms of clicks and their value. You simply do this by keying in a specific url address when creating a new channel. This little, simple move you make will change everything for you, like it did for me.

Even if you have a false start here and there, ultimately you will start to narrow your focus on a couple of key pages in your blog or website. I suggest that you work on one at a time (although this does not keep you from continuing to identify golden pages and tracking them daily, to be worked on later). Really focus on increasing traffic to that particular page that is yielding gold for you. And it is extremely easy for you to do this. All you have to do is the following;

a) Create text links at the end of every post you create pointing to that golden page.
b) Write an article or two daily that points to that particular page and post it at a high traffic articles directory like (you can hire a writer to do this for you. More details at my blog). If you write the right kind of articles, this should give you very targeted traffic which will keep the number of clicks happening high.

Just try out this technique and you will be amazed at the results. Do make sure that you let me know what happens.

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