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Monday, September 18, 2006

Search Engine Optimization Experts Favor The New Google Accessible Search

Many search engine optimization experts firmly believe that Google Accessible Search could soon be a major addition to Google’s primary search engine. And the way to take advantage of that is to make your web site or blog as accessible as possible. Naturally you may need some professional help here, but you may be wondering what Google Accessible search is.

Search engine giant Google has recently begun beta testing their accessible web search for the visually challenged. Initial tests by USWeb amongst other experts show that results are significantly better on Google Accessible search.

Accessible Search is available on Google’s experimental software site at So you can test out some search terms for yourself and see what you think.

What seems consistent with both the regular search engine and the new experimental Google Accessible search is that clients handled by USWeb, including USWeb themselves tend to always rank very highly in most relevant keyword searches.

Not surprising when you consider that USWeb are industry leaders with a proven track record in search engine optimization, USWeb will naturally optimize your Website to ensure that you achieve and maintain high rankings for your keywords and in the Internet's leading search engines and directories.