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Sunday, May 03, 2009

$5 articles and High traffic conversion rate

Whenever anyone asks a web designer to create for them website, they would like to attract the most traffic and eventually turn the traffic into customers. The rate at which people who visit your site are turned into paying customers is called the conversion rate. For example, if 1 million people visit your site and 100,000 of them buy your products then the conversion rate is 10%. Let me make this example more interesting. Just imagine if you were selling your products at an average of $10…that would means that hypothetically you have turned all your traffic into paying customers. This means that you will start raking in great profits.

But wait! There is a catch…The biggest problem here is how do you get those million people to your website? That is the trick part. Once you are able to get the million then the profits will flow. ‘So how do you get the traffic’ you may ask. My answer: with $5 articles.

Why are they called $5 articles?

Well one reason they are called this way is because they each article written is worth that amount: $5. These are not just any articles written by any Tom, Dick and Harry. Anyone can write an article but these articles have a lot that has been put into them. The keywords and keyword phrases that have been used in these articles have been extensively researched and have been crafted in such a way that they can attract search engine traffic. Another important thing about these articles is that they are posted in article directories that have high page ranks and also that attract traffic. Through experience and working with various article directories, it is important to note that not all high page ranked article directories have high traffic. With this in mind, these $5 articles are posted on selected article directories that are able to give quality links pointing to your site and also generate traffic to your site because of the traffic the article directories receives. Another wonderful thing about these articles is that you can receive them in a short time: from 3 days to a week max.

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