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Sunday, May 03, 2009

How to attract search engines to your website with $5 articles

One of the most used tools on the World Wide Web is the search engine. With this tool you can get any information under the sun. Anything you would want to know about, just type it in the search engine and it will bring you all the websites that deal with the keywords used. So, how do you make search engines favor you above all the other websites.

The answer is quite simple: just give the search engine information dealing with a particular topic. Always remember that whenever anyone is coming to use the search engines, he or she is looking for information. There is something they are looking. If you want your site to be highly ranked and indexed by search engines then you have to provide it with relevant information. In addition to this, you should have you website properly optimized by having proper tags, titles and well selected keywords so that you can get targeted traffic. But the most important of all is content.

The difficult part in all this is how to come with content, if possible, in the shortest time possible. The hustle of sitting down and beginning to think about what to write and how to structure all the information becomes a problem. This means that you have to spend a lot of time coming up with content instead of concentrating on your business.

Well, why don’t you get people to do it for you with what I call $5 articles? When you order $5 articles for your website, you will not only get search engine traffic but also traffic from article directories that have high traffic. These kinds of articles are unique because they contain extensively researched keyword phrases that will attract traffic from search engines. In addition to this, these articles are posted on high traffic generating article directories which have high page ranks. In this way you get quality inbound links (which also help search engines in indexing your website highly) and also direct traffic from article directories. Another wonderful thing is that 100 of these $5 articles can be delivered in a minimum of 3 days…how great is that!!!

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