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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Order $5 articles and explode you website traffic

There is one main reason why many websites don’t perform well especially when it comes to search engines. The reason is because they lack content. Let me give you a small description on how search engines work. I will use an example:

Let us say I am looking for information about relationships. When I type this keyword on the search engines, they will look for all the sites that have information about this topic. After it finds them, it categorizes them in order of priority i.e. the one with the most information about relationships will be highly ranked against another one that has a few sentences about relationship. The search engine also checks a few other things like inbound links, tags, titles and a number of other things. But the main thing is content. It is very hard to find a site without content ranked highly. Search engines always favor the users because they want to satisfy the users’ needs.

Another thing to note is that if your website is highly ranked for a certain keyword then you are bound to attract a lot of traffic to your website and this in turn means that you will have a high conversion rate. The hard part is how to be highly ranked. This can only happen if you have the relevant content on your website.

To be highly ranked and have relevant content on your website, you can order $5 articles and have them on it.

Why the name $5 articles?

Well, these are no ordinary articles written. These articles are well crafted according to the requirements of the client and the products and services that the website offers. The articles are written only after extensive keyword research is done. In addition to keyword research these articles are posted on well selected unique article directories. These article directories are unique because they have a high page rank (which means that you will have valuable inbound links to boost your site) and they also attract traffic as many people use them to get information. In this way you kill 2 birds with one stone.

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