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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Order $5 articles - The Solution to your failing Website

One thing that many people don’t know about the World Wide Web is that the most used tool is the search engine. The search engines are what most people use when they want to get certain information on certain topics or products. It is only by fine tuning your website to the demands of the search engine that your website will begin performing well and get you the kind of traffic that you would want. This will then lead to a higher conversion rate and thus you will rake in the profits that you want.

So how does one fine tune their websites to please search engines?

Well one of the ways is by creating high quality links pointing to your website. Each website has a certain ranking according to search engines. A high quality link is created by putting a link on a highly ranked website pointing to your site. It’s that simple. But one has to be careful not to buy the links because if the search engine is able to identify the link as one that was bought (believe me…the search engines have a way of recognizing a bought link) you will be penalized.

Another way and the most important way of fine tuning your website is by having content. Always remember that whenever anyone is coming to use the search engine, they are coming to look for information. Content, content and more content is very important for your website. The websites that are highly ranked and indexed by search engines are so because they provide their users with information. This is why many websites could be performing poorly and the only solution to this problem is to have articles, in this case $5 articles.

I call these articles $5 articles because they attract both search engine traffic, have relevant links to your site and are also posted on high traffic article directories that will direct traffic to your site. This is killing 3 birds with one stone: search engine traffic, high quality links and article directory traffic. Great…huh!! More amazing is that you can get 100 of these articles in as little as 3 days…that means you will begin attracting traffic quickly…

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