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Friday, May 19, 2006

Adsense Blog Spam: A Major Cause For Concern

Spam blogs are an increasingly disturbing phenomena online, more so because spammers use them a lot to generate Adsense revenue.

Adsense Spam blogs as the name suggests, are those blogs that have very little or nothing in terms of content and are set up mainly to attract and drive traffic in a certain direction. The vast majority of these spam blogs carry Adsense ads because the purpose of the spammers is to generate lots of Adsense revenue in this illegal and unacceptable manner. Many Adsense spam blogs are set up for the sole purpose of creating hundreds of links pointing to a target blog so as to improve its' SEO ranking with leading search engines. The spam blogs also contain links pointing to one another, designed to maximize their illegal traffic in the network of spam blogs.

This Adsense spam blog menace has mainly hit popular service providers who host free blogs., the most popular and host to millions of blogs has been the worst hit.

Adsense spam blogs are a growing menace and a very serious problem which is currently being fought off very aggressively by the folks at Not only do these blogs unnecessarily occupy valuable space and resources that would be better utilized elsewhere but they threaten every user's enjoyment of the World Wide Web. Adsense spam blogs threaten every online business' long term future if they are not severely and firmly dealt with.
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