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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Free Content For Adsense Blog: The Best Place To Get Plenty Of Free Original Content

Unknown to most bloggers, there are actually plenty of sources for Free content for their Adsense blog.

Let's start with the most obvious. Lets start with those wonderful nice folks who visit your blog, some of them on a very regular basis. In one of my Adsense blogs a reader left a fascinating comment recently that opened my eyes to the potential of visitors as a source for lots of valuable free content to a site. They said that they had visited often but had never left a comment until a recent post that I had made provoked them to.

So an excellent way to generate lots of free content for your Adsense blog is by making controversial posts. Comments are indexed by search engines and are capable of attracting search engine traffic to your blog. This means that the more comments you have, the more traffic you are capable of generating at your Adsense blog.

This method of generating lots of free content for an Adsense blog was further emphasized to me when looking through the stats of an old blog that I had set up and neglected because it did not quite work out the way I intended. I was amazed to see some traffic being generated by the site. Curious I checked the log and saw that there was traffic being generated from search engines through spam comments left at the blog. Somehow I had omitted to set up the blog in such a way that all comments have to be moderated before they're published. I had been rewarded for this mistake with traffic from search engine. Not the kind of traffic that I was interested in, but the whole incident was a big eye opener on the power of plenty of comments at a blog. It can actually be very valuable free content for an Adsense blog.
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