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Friday, May 12, 2006

Most Profitable Adsense Web Sites: What They Do Different

Webmasters who own some of the most profitable Adsense web sites on the net know a thing or two that the rest of us mortals do not know.

How else would you explain the huge difference in Adsense earnings between two web sites with more or less the same traffic? Or to look at it from another angle, have you wondered how many of the most profitable Adsense web sites report an amazing jump in Adsense income over a very short period of time? What did they discover that made such a huge difference?

The answer to this question will disappoint most. We are usually looking for one magic key that revolutionized everything. The truth I that when web masters of the most profitable Adsense web sites talk about optimizing their sites for Adsense, what they mean is many small changes whose impact is discovered through numerous little tests that they constantly carry out. It sounds like a lot of hard work and actually it is. How else would you expect to create a most profitable Adsense web site? By using some mysterious magic formula? Or by sitting back and waiting for things to happen? Life is definitely not like that. The whole exercise calls for some effort on your part but it is all very much worth everything you will have to put into it because a most profitable Adsense web site can put lost of money in your pocket for years.
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